Friday, July 28, 2006

Job Search (Part I) - Conclusion

In my earlier post, I mentioned that I went for a job interview in jurong yesterday.

Today, the lady called and offered me the job.

It was a tough tough decision to make.

First of all....

But on the other hand...
It'll be good to accumulate some HR experience! Besides, the pay is reasonable. And after a year or so, I can always look for something else nearer to home.

Gosh... this is like playing...

So, I had 3 options:


Ask the Audience

Phone a Friend

And I will go with... ...

(wat?! cannot meh? This is MY game... I can phone as many ppl as I want...)

Daddy said, "so far... dun take it."

Mummy said, "just say yes first. take it up first"

Woman who bakes delicious yummies said, "so far!"

Woman who loves dogs but has cats said, "so far!"

Shooopaman, "just take it up first and if you don't like it, just quit."

Ah Beng, "wats wrong with waking up at 6am? at least got transport!"

Mummy then changed her mind and said, "i think better don't take the job... so far... by the time you get there, you'll be too tired to work"

Well... my dear wonderful family & friends, I have decided to take up the job.

And I'm going to take the advice of Shooopaman.

"Take the job first. If don't like, then quit."

Mwahahahhahahahaha... evil...

Gosh... I feel so bad for the company.

But yes, that will be my final decision.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Job Search (Part I)



As you have read my previous post, I admit that I might have been a little delusional and thinking that I went for a job interview.

(well I can't help it!)

But I can assure you that the last blog post of mine was an imaginary senario that was inspired by true events... cuz I was looking at the newspapers and I see things like:

(Truth: Pls be old)

(Truth: We prefer Chinks. Same goes for 'Malay speaking environment' - we want ma ceks.)

(Truth: This is an yin place. We are man-haters... unless thou art man who looks like woman.)

Anyway, I can't believe that I actually applied for a job in Jurong. It's so far! But the job posting did say that they provide transport... ... and that beats taking public transport.

I sent in my resume yesterday.

And the lady called me this morning.


The interview is at 2.30pm and I think I have to leave the house at 1pm.

From my very short conversation with the lady, I have gathered these few minor but extremely important information:

There IS transport. Its pick up point is at Toa Payoh (ok not bad it's like 2 mrt stops away from my home). But it's at 7am... ... ... cuz working hours start at 8am (wow is that early or is that early?!).

It is a 5.5 day work week, with alternate Saturdays off (oh my god... why not 5 day work week?!)

The lady sounds like a very nice and polite person.

Well, I'm still going for the interview.

Becuz thy Man (or Woman) shall only taste the pleasures of life after He (or She) has gone thru the tortures of Hell. Therefore, thou shall not complain about 3 things (in case I get the job):

... ... ... shall not complain about waking up too early in the morning, which means I will have to forgo my favourite TV programs at night so I can sleep early... ... *sulks*...

... ... ... shall not complain about working on alternate Saturdays... ... at least it's better than working every Saturday... ... but still... ... ... *sob!*... ... *wail!!*...

... ... ... shall not complain cuz the lady sounded like my sweet grandmother (altho she might be a wicked witch in disguise)...

*looks @ time*

It's almost 12pm now... gotta get ready and step out by 1pm.

Pls pray and wish me good luck!!!

p.s: I have no idea why I was blogging in semi-Shakespeare. So pardon me if I had written it wrongly... mwahahaha...

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Truth about Politically Correct Advertisements
(and Hungry Ghost Festival)

I just got back from an interview.

The job advert was searching for a personal assistant. There was this one point that said:

In other words, the actual truth reads:

"the candidate better be old and aging, preferably with wrinkles and looking like a dried up prune. Because the wife was the one who put up the job adv for the hubby and she most likely would feel better if the candidate looks like a big loose sack of skin."

So when I turned up for the interview, the MATURE-looking interviewer took one look at me and she said, "You look very young. How old are you?"

Didn't you even look at my resume? My age (I believe) is stated there very clearly. Thus, I actually brought it upon myself to come up with a few conclusions:

The interviewer cannot be bothered to look at the resume, as long as the candidate is MATURE looking. Who cares if you're 8 or 18? As long as you look 58.

She's geniunely damn surprised and perhaps slightly bloody envious (which I doubt it) that I am so youthful.

The interviewer had seen my age (and obviously acknowledging that I'm matured enough) and decided to call me up for the interview (cuz I have sent the resume down 2 days in ADVANCE), but upon seeing this...

... she decided on the spot that I was too CHILDISH and IMMATURE. Is that it?!?!?!

Or is my face too fat?! (ok nvrmd this part... that's irrelevant and it just the insecure Smeagol talking)

But if a good 27 years of age is not MATURE enough for you, then wat is?? 47? or 57? Think of it this way, I still have a good long road ahead of me before I suck you dry out of that retirement fund.

Besides, I'm mature enough in thinking combined with a good burst of energy in this twiggy little body of mine.

Why would anyone actually WANT to hire an old prude anyway?


(allow me to be egoistic just this once, pls)

This is prejudice against young looking people!!!

So I look like a kid and play like an infant. But I'm a hard & serious worker. Plus, an extremely fast learner. Just becuz I look young, doesn't mean I'm incompetent.

And it doesn't mean I want to kiss your husband's fat saggy ass... nor suck on his wrinkled sac of balls... or m...

(ok Gni, that's too much... stop it now before you get a ticket straight down to Hell)

... ...

... ... ...

Wait a minute.

I... forgot something.

The interviewer didn't say that I wasn't hired... she just said that she'll let me know if I'm selected. So... the final decision isn't heard yet.

But I just know that the interview has blown... cuz she looked damn bored and uninterested the whole time. You won't believe this, but the interview only lasted for... ... 5 mins? No... lesser than that.

The second I stepped in and she made that comment about me looking young, she just sat me down... and said, "Ok this is basically a 5 day work week. We work 8.30 to 6. The job scope is to assist the boss in his appointments blah blah blah blah and blah blah blah. And we'll contact you if you're selected. Any questions?"

Is this even called an interview?

She didn't even ask me any questions.

It was more like a short (very short) briefing.

And that was it.

Bye bye.

Fug you very much for wasting your time with us.

Bends me over and kicks my firm little butt out the door.


Boy am I mad... if it wasn't for my good pal busy saving the world, I would have asked him to laser zap your saggy piece of leathery skin back to Krypton.

But since Superman is out trying to maintain world peace, I shall set loose the angry gnome on those who prejudiced against young things.




... ... ...


As I sit down here in front of my computer... ... and see what I just did on this blog post... ... ... ...

... .... ...

... ...


Maybe I deserve not to get that job after all.

Obviously not MATURE enough.

Besides, I don't even know if the Personal Assistant is for her husband... ahhahahhaa... ok... I'm just talking nonsense again.

Must be from staring at the sky... in fact, I don't even remember if I went for that interview this morning...


Did I really go to the interview today... ... or was I daydreaming about it?

I'm starting to think that Goodtime Girl has been whispering in my ear... about... things.

Oh shit... today is the first day of the Hungry Ghost Festival, isn't it.... .... ?!?!?!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Freedom is Mine (At Last)


Lastest Update.

Due to good conduct and satisfactory behaviour, the company has decided to release me earlier, instead of serving the full 1 month's notice period.

As you all know by now, I have resigned.

Time to move on to greener pastures.

So, officially, today... 24th July. I am a free man (or woman).

However, I suspect the company released me earlier by a week for the following reasons:

(1) They could see that I'm just waiting to leave.
(2) They read my blog, particularly this and this .
(3) They wanted to save money by not paying a full month.

Or... it could be that I was trying to clear my remaining leave... and right at the part where it says, "Reason", I put down:

Sick.... of working.... here from working too hard.

Dun look at me like that... ... the company doesn't believe in liquid paper. And I don't want to rewrite the leave form just cuz I'm on this Saving The Trees program.


Now, I'm vegetating at home.

I'm super bored.

I just watched a DVD. The movie Crash was filled with well-known actors... like Sandra Bullock, Ryan Phillip, Brendan Fraser, Matt Dillon, Don Cheadle and many more...

It's about how racism hits America like nobody's business. And how black men hates white men. And white men fears the black men. And how some black men wants to protect anything white. And some white men wants to do the right thing for the black men but ended up doing it cuz of fear. And how rich black men are disappointed in black men. And how white men thinks that everything bad is done by black men.

Ok ok... I know I'm making the story sound very boring, but trust me, it's not. If any movie can make my mummy sit there and watch it without complaining, then THAT is a good movie.

I'm too bright awake to go to bed.

And I'm too lazy to do anything else.

But I'm too bored not to do anything.

I think I shall go terroize my sister who is sleeping right now.
The Problem with Me

... is that I feel like Pepe Le Pew most of the time. A born romantic with an enthusiasm that knows no bounds... and an ego as big as the Effiel Tower.

Another similarity, is that we both don't get it.

Read this to further understand why I can never get it.

As for Pepe Le Pew, he doesn't get it that he smells really bad. He falls in love this kitty cat that has white stripes down her back... and he thinks that she's a skunk like him. No matter how she runs from him, he thinks that she's just playing hard to get.

However, Pepe & little ole me mean no harm.

We're actually sweet... loving... and kind.


Like I said earlier, I am...

"A born romantic with an enthusiasm that knows no bounds... and an ego as big as the Effiel Tower".

However, the only thing that's keeping my feet firmly on the ground and not in cloud nine... is cuz... deep down inside, I am a Smeagol.

A timid, insecure person. Very frequently, doubting myself... ... and wondering if I'm ever good enough or have I done enough.

When that insecurity gets too much to bear... or temper flares, Gollum appears. This spiteful, revengeful demon that has been living in my shadows... ... only surfacing when the mind is at its weakest.

Read this on how evil I can be.

And this on how I love humiliating & torturing ppl for my own sick pleasures.


Talk about multiple personality disorder.

(woooooo... that arm looks toned... all that working out at the gym finally paid off)

Editor's Note: This is not the time for Pepe Le Pew to emerge... ... DOWN BOY!




5 mintues later.... ....

Due to forgetfulness caused by senility....

Before I end this very lame blog post, I'm thinking if there is a strong resemblance between Smeagol / Gollum and me.

I mean.. .... ... We both have big heads... big googly eyes... high cheekbones... and of course, the same scrawny body with long long fingers and those Ronald MacDonald trademark big feet.

errr.... hmmmm.... is that why people on the streets point & scream at me...???

Nahhhhh... it can't be....

How alike can we be?

I'm cute & lovable...

Smeagol is like... ... gross... and replusively skinny. I may be thin, but I don't think I'm THAT replusive.


There's only one way to find out...

I wonder.... ....

..... ... ...

... ... ...


...... .... ...w. ... .w...... no...... it can't be... ...

.... ..... ......

... ..... ..... .....

OMG !!!!!


Friday, July 21, 2006

Bad Experience in a Taxi

I know, somewhere along the line, you are going to ask me what makes me want to blog about this in the first place.

Well... obviously, I have encountered something today in a taxi, right? Ask stupid question...

Anyway, I believe that I speak for all of us Singaporeans when I say that...

#1 bad experience
... for all of us are the INCREASED PRICES. This is going to be a continuous bad experience each time we raise our hand to flag that stupid taxi between 7.30am to 9.30am and 5pm to 8pm.

Peak hour $2.00 ?!?!?! You siao ah you! I can eat 'Zup Cai Peng' for 2 bucks, ok?!?! On top of that, I still have to pay ERP and that starting fare of $2.40!!!!

Pathetic and sick people like me have to go to the hospital for check-ups early in the wee wee morning (like today)... and not only have I got to pay a bomb at the hospital, I even have to suffer the high-priced taxis.

Hello... not as if your taxis has champagne or Vogue magazines to read.

#2 bad experience
As if the increased pricing for taxi charges wasn't enough, I had to sit in a taxi with an merciless uncle who cannot control his gas problem! Wat the fark lor...

I was day-dreaming and looking at the sky when suddenly, I was brought back to reality by this 'rotten egg' smell. I knew it wasn't ME... so who the bloody hell could it be. Of course the stupid taxi uncle lah!

So being the nice little bitch that I am, I discreetly wind down the window a little so that I can get some fresh air.

But guess WHAT.

That moronic uncle turned around and said to me in mandarin, "Xiao Mei, can help me check if all the windows are up?"

(O_O) !!!!!

(-_-") !!!!

... ... ...


First of all, uncle, thank you for calling me XIAO MEI.

But are you trying to get yourself charged for murder in the 1st degree by releasing the Silent Killer on me?!?!?!?!

For the amount of taxi fare that I have to pay as a consumer, the least you can do is provide me with FRESH, SCENTED (and I don't mean nasty smelling) air, right?!?!

This is the worst time of my life...

In the end, I told the uncle that I needed some fresh air becuz I'm sick.

(yeah... sick from your smelly fart)

Seriously, doesn't he know that he has just released the Silent Killer?!?! I guess as you grow older, you become less aware of things... ... but that smell... .... *bleah*....

... ... this is definitely going to be added into my list of Childhood Trauma.

Now, everybody.... say, "YEEWWWWWWWWWWW"...

*snaps a picture*

Thursday, July 20, 2006

MSN Conversation
The mission to arrive at the speed of light

Every thing that I do, I do it quickly becuz I'm a firm believer in efficiency and I hate to waste time. I hardly dilly dally around... and prefer to get things done fast. At times, even my boss is impressed with my speed & accuracy at work.

But sometimes, I wonder if people start thinking if they should try and push my 'speedy gonzales' capabilities.

This msn conversation is a good example of my friends getting too accustomed to my speed:

Friend: So we meet at Braddell mrt on Saturday. After your work.

Me: Ok. Wat time?

Friend: 12.30pm

Me: WHAT?! I knock off work at 12.30... then you ask me to reach Braddell at 12.30. You think I move at the speed of light ah. I'm fast, but not THAT fast.

Friend: Oh ya hor.

Me: ... eh wait... maybe I can make it.

Friend: really meh? ask for time off ah? Your boss so good.

Me: ... maybe superman is free that day.

Friend: na bei

Monday, July 17, 2006

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Most Interesting Movie in Year 2006!!!

I love Jack Spa... ... I mean... CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow!!!

Johnny Depp is really an amazing actor. He displayed (extremely well, I shd add) how quirky & charming Captain Jack Sparrow is.

Plus, Johnny Depp is eye candy.

And sexy (though not as physically perfect as Brandon Routh)... ... in his own way. In fact, I think he has that X-factor sexy'ish quality about him... where you just can't get enough of him!

This movie is cute... and funny... and graphically mind-blowing.

I'm going to like... fantasize about Captain Jack Sparrow tonight.... hahahahha...

(even when he's twitching his dirty little plaited beard, he looks charming)

(The Battle of the Pretty Boys... ... quick! Pick a winner!)

(honestly, who can get away with dark eyeliner and a ridiculous-looking beard, but still look good??)

(even in that effeminate pose, you straight men will wish you were him)

(arrghhh!!! Sexy!!!)

In conclusion: I wouldn't mind being a pirate.

This is a farked up photoshop effort. I am ashamed of myself.

Forgive me, for it is late at night and I took 2 mins to get this done. I promise to do better next time.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Daggers in my Back


Don't touch my back. It hurts from all the daggers in me.

As you have read from my previous post , I have to work every single saturdays instead of alternate saturdays.

Now, we have a mini meeting every saturday... which is full of crap and useless information.

In a small little company, I have to say that it has the worst case of backstabbing.

It is like... the battle between the boss & her pet.... against the rest of the company.

Pet tells boss about gossips and rumors (irregardless whether they are true or false).

Boss listens and believes the Pet.

Boss & Pet slowly try and get back at everyone.

Everyone starts to feel resentful.

Pet is super lazy & she doesn't take responsiblities for her own actions. She makes everyone do things for her, then she presents the results to Boss. Boss sees results. Likes Pet more. Thinks that Pet is the rock of the company.

But Boss doesn't know that Pet is incompetent.

Boss continues to trust the Pet.

Now, everyone dislikes Pet but still pretends to be her friend becuz they don't want to be backstabbed by Pet.

I guess it doesn't pay to be competent at work.

What's important is the ability to kiss some serious ass... and lick the boss's boots until it's nice & shiny.

Sorry I have to say this... but it really is a dog eat dog world out there. Everyone is just running around... clawing at faces... trying to be Number 1.

I just want to complete my remaining 2 weeks in this hell hole. And I can gain my freedom back. And I get my life started in another job. And I can go back to being a cow ... then I can be happy and fulfilled again.

I used to be a workaholic. I aimed to be the best in everything (cuz I'm such a perfectionist). Used to be responsible & diligent.

But after a year in this company, I slacked off so so much. I became so so lazy... just like the Pet. But the only difference between me & her, is that I still do my work & I do not take ppl's credit. However, I tend to do my work slowly now. And I do not offer my help around anymore.

I feel that there is absolutely no motivation to do that. There is just so much grievances that I have, but I shall not spill it out here... ... cuz I'm tired of feeling that injustice has been done.

My Sibey Sian Face

Monday, July 10, 2006


(Leftie so lonely without the Rightie)

Seriously, wat kind of crap did I get myself into?!?!

And I really mean... literally. What. Kind. Of. Crap. Did. I. Get. Myself. Into.

Is it a cat's? Or does it belong to a dog?

I was on my way home... and out of nowhere... there is this piece of crap in the middle of the road.

And I just stepped right into it.

I know I know... you must be thinking, "you stupid bitch... don't you see where you're walking?!"


i DON'T. Okay?! Happy now?!

Give me the benefit of the doubt that I'm blind, alright? Or at least, still 20% blind in the Right Eye .

Besides, I like to daydream when I'm alone. And that includes:

1. Lying in bed before I sleep (pls dun think dirty thoughts)
2. Staring at the sky
3. In the bus / mrt / taxi
4. Driving (opps, shouldn't be saying this)
5. Showering (again, pls dun think dirty thoughts)
6. Walking
7. (to insert everything else that I do alone)

No wait.

*thinks carefully*

Oh. I made a mistake. I wasn't 100% daydreaming (forgive me for I am aging and getting closer to senility).

I was actually reading my new issue of First magazine which I bought earlier on. And right in the last page (titled The Lust Page), was a picture of the sexy sexy hot hot Brandon Routh aka Mr Superman.

I was in the midst of lusting at him when I stepped into the incriminating piece of crap.

I have a feeling that it is God's subtle way of telling me that I should leave my fantasies behind closed doors.

*ponders about it for awhile*


*takes the magazine into my room & throws it on the bed*... now wait there for me, Superman.

(see how delicious he is by just lying there in my bed? Watch & grovel, girls. He's mine for tonight.)

Anywayz.... for now, please grief with me.

This is the 2nd item that was ruined and it was indirectly linked to work (cuz I was on my way home from the workplace). I'm telling you... that piece of stubborn shit was really Mission Impossible to clean. In the end, I just threw the sandals away. Plus it really stinks.

The 1st item destroyed was my Beloved Pair of Jeans , which was ruined at work too.

I'm sad.

The workplace is not a very happy place for me.

I will have to go Charles & Keith tomorrow to get myself a new pair of sandals.

And when I find the cat / dog that left the piece of smelly & stubborn crap in the middle of the road... ... ... ... I am going to... .... buy a big bag of food for it.

Cuz it could be a car that run me over instead of that piece of shit.

Mental Note to Self: No more daydreaming (or fantasizing) while walking on roads.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Temporary Suspension of PalliativeDrug

I don't feel very funny these past 2 weeks. I guess you can tell from my previous few entries.

I'm serious.

And boring.

And unentertaining.

I apologize.

I haven't been feeling myself lately.


Becuz of a few reasons... like:


I'm having the worst case of PMS. That explains the evil thoughts in my previous blog entry - Demons Living in my Shadows .

(... *hissssss*.... (say this with demonic voice):- "I feel like a Chucky"...)


My Samsung HP and its partner-in-crime (the PC software) have decided to go on strike by rendering themselves incompatible with each other.

My patience is starting to run out.

I feel like they are really asking for it - a terrible beating.

I am thisssss |---| close to smashing them against the wall and watch the fractured components burst out of its body... ... and lie twitching on my cold, hard floor.

Due to a gadget-malfunction, I have to apologize again... for not having an abundance of graphically repulsive nor goofy pictures in my blog.



My days at work are crawling like the world is on a snail.

It first started when I WANT TO APPEAL !!! Then it led to my FREEDOM . But alas, freedom will only be mine after I serve my 1 month's notice.

Now, every waking moment is a torture cuz I still have to do brainless, unfulfilling work for 3 more weeks. I feel like my brains are turning to mush in this company. I hardly use any brain power at work. My job is so... simple. There is no need for urgency... no need to run around like a mad woman. It's just boring.

I want my company to just torture me. Just give me something that allows me to use my brain and think!

Why can't the company just make me work like a cow?! Just squeeze my milk dry!!! Tug at my nipples until they are sore & achy... till they can produce no more milk!!!

(... yum yum... is it me or is the weather HOT HOT HOT???)

*sigh*... anywayz...

No challenges = No job satisfaction = Do not look forward to go to work = Come home feeling like an aimless Zombie = end up being a boring & humourless blogger (or in my case, I also tend to become evil & sadistic).

Melson said that my psychotic behaviour is due to my lack of boyfriend.


He told me that I need to get myself a boyfriend.... FAST.


*looks @ him*

I totally agree.

At least when I feel like I wanna smack somebody... ... or turn around & bitch slap somebody, I can just... ... play with my boyfriend, so that I will not turn into a physically abusive person.

Hmm. Since I don't have a boyfriend now, I guess I have to start thinking of several kinky ways to play with him. For now, my imaginary boyfriend will be called Mackie (until I find a real one).

Example of Kinky Play:

When I feel bored, I shall go visit Mackie at his work place. And I will bring a bottle of freshly-squeezed orange juice for him.

(awwwwwwwwwwwwwww... so sweet of me..)

I will lovingly crush some LSD tablets into powder form & put it into this bottle of juice.

And I'll make him drink it.

Then 10 mins later, I shall watch gleefully as he sits on the office photocopier machine to photostate himself naked.



Anywayz... the purpose of this blog entry is to tell everyone who reads my blog, that I will not be blogging for some time.

I thank all of you who actually gives a damn about reading my life which I have mindlessly put it in my blog for all to read.

I have decided to admit myself into an asylum & receive proper treatment for my psychotic nature that is becoming more & more disturbing these past 2 weeks.

I'll see you all again next week.

... *pause*...

... which is like... 2 days later.

... *waves*... I'll see you soon. Dun forget about me. Becuz I won't.

I'm going to take an afternoon nap now...

... and dream about more kinky ways to torture*cough*... I mean, play.... with Mackie.

("ohhhhhhhhhh... Mackieeeeee. You wan a glass of milk? It's freeeeshhhh"... *snickers evily*...)

Friday, July 07, 2006

Demons Living in My Shadows

Basically, I'm 70% kind-hearted most of the time.

80% bitchy.

90% soft-hearted.

95% forgetful.

99% crazy.

And 100% pure evil.

Whenever somebody does something to piss me off, I will turn into the most evil being on earth... and all these cruel and vicious images will start to play in my mind... like a movie.

Seriously, it's easy to piss me off. But it's hard to keep me pissed.

I'm a quick-tempered person.

I'll probably get mad for like... 15mins max. Then my 95% forgetfulness kicks in. And soon, I get distracted by something else.

However, within that 15mins, I turn into something that even the Devil will feel proud.

Example 1:

Stupid bitch pissed me off by being so lazy & fat... that she can't even stand up and look for information herself. Keeps asking me to do stupid things. Keeps making mistakes & have to clean up her shit for her.

So I start to ignore her. People notice. And they tell me to be nice.

I asked them sarcastically, "nice? how to be nice? I can't think of anything to talk to her abt."

And they suggest, "you can ask about her kid."

I pause for a second and I think to myself, "hey... that's a good idea."

There are several things that I can ask about her kid... like:
"how's your kid? weather is bad these few days. has she fallen sick yet?"
"how about her IQ? children are fast learners these days. she called you bitch yet?"

Example 2:

Irritating arse is being unreasonable. Everything he does is right, everything that he doesn't like will be judged as wrong. He belittles people when he himself knows nutz.

I just want to hang him outside my 12 storey block. And push him out the window... where everyone below hangs their laundry out on bamboos. As he falls, he hits and break each bamboo... .. and finally lands on the concrete ground. Enough to hurt. Enough to break. But not enough to kill.

Hell hath no wrath like a woman scorned.

I'm evil and I'm going to Hell.

But you know these are just fantasies.

You know I'm still nice, right?

... ...

... ... ...


Thursday, July 06, 2006

Freedom of Speech

Prior to my previous blog on Mr Brown's Voice , we have come to learn more about how controlled our media is.

Enough said, read about Reporters Without Borders on their standing with the Mr Brown issue. And how it is NOT illegal for the media and bloggers to express their own political views.

Are Singaporeans being 'trained' to be timid and obedient?

As a child, we have been taught to listen to our parents and never talk back to our elders. When we disagree with them, we are either scolded or beaten or punished.

And as an employee or a citizen, we feel like we are being 'threatened' and 'bullied' into doing what the higher authorities expect from us.

Is that why our students are not outspoken in class, as compared to those in other countries (eg: USA, Australia, etc)? Could this be that we have been 'moulded' into a submissive person? And we have been brainwashed into thinking that we are 'not supposed' to express our own views & opinions? Or else we face the danger of being 'exiled' or 'punished'.

We have been taught to keep our opinions to ourselves.

We do not dare to offer suggestions... nor question procedures.

We do not understand why certain things are being implemented... but we just follow blindly. Anything that The Boss says, we will do it. No questions asked.

Faced with these kind of upbringing & leadership, our individual growth is being restricted.

So, how are we supposed to grow as One People, One Nation, One Singapore?

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Mr Brown's Voice

My usual no-life entertainment at home is to either:

(a) Watch endless TV.
(b) Blog mindlessly.
(c) Surf for entertainment news.
(d) Read blogs.

Today, it was (d).

And I happened to be visiting Mr Brown. As we all know by now, Mr Brown is one of our very own famous bloggers in Singapore... besides, Xiaxue & Kenny Sia.

In Mr Brown, he has put up a post on a column which he had written in Today Newspaper on Friday 30 June, about the increasing standard of living for us Singaporeans. He had written it in his own point of view and it is hysterically funny to read about having a 'contactless cashcard chip embedded into your forehead'... and how we can 'just stand there and hear your income beeped away'.

However, when you peel off the layers of humor, you see certain truths in his column.

And you wonder,
"Is Mr Brown speaking up for those of us who choose to keep our heads bowed and voices soft?"

To make it more exciting than ER & CSI combined, Mr Brown's voice has actually received a reply on Monday 3 July in Today newspaper, by K BHAVANI the Press Secretary to the Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts.

Not that I'm taking any sides.

But Mr Brown IS entitled to his own opinion and views. And if he is to be questioned as to why he would write such a column, then my question will be, "why did Today print out the column in the first place?"

However, on the other hand, it is also understandable that people will respond to a person's opinions and views (eg. the government). It is fair to let the other party voice out their side of the story too, isn't it?

It's like I tell my sister that orange is an evil colour... and that the world should be built on a pink theme. Well, that's just my opinion.

But my sister is also entitled to rebutt back and tell me that orange is a sunny colour and it makes people happy. And that pink just makes people sick. Now, THAT is HER opinion against my opinion. And that is interaction, no?

So, now I'm wondering why people are taking it so hard on both sides.

To Mr Brown's readers, just read the opinions of the government and well, take it easy. I understand why the government is concerned with Mr Brown's voice. However, I do not wish to elaborate on this.

To the government & its supporters, I hope that you can put yourselves in us mere mortals' shoes and understand just how tough it is to slog our lives away for that measly sum of money which we call salary.

We do not get big fat paychecks. Some of us even work in companies that do not even pay out year-end bonuses. Every thing is increasing, except our bank accounts. And it is just HARD.

You want baby boom? Don't let working parents work too hard for their children's education. Seriously, even I do not want kids of my own. I can't even support myself comfortably. How can I bear to bring another human into this world to suffer with me?

Therefore, all we ask for... is some understanding on your part. And that 800 bucks from Progress Package? Well... how long is it going to last? If I work 5 days a week & spend $5 a day on food & transport, that'll be $100 a month. So this $800 from the Progress Package is going to help me for ONLY 8 months. And we're ONLY talking about food & transport. After these 8 months, can I get another $800 again?

Well, since we are already bringing out laundry out to sun. Why not have a forum where Singaporeans can post questions / opinions / views? And the government will reply to them.

On one hand, we get to voice out.

On the other, the government can put our doubts to rest.

Nevertheless, I am certain that this is not the end of the Mr Brown's Voice Story.

Monday, July 03, 2006

... ... ...

Sometimes, I just feel that I am really...

(read this post to understand why I can never get it)

It's like... even though others just take advantage and are constantly being mean, I just continue to be nice.

I blame it on my soft-hearted'ness.

Sometimes, I tell myself...
"Just STOP it, you stupid bitch. Can't you see that nobody cares? Stop being soft-hearted... just let them die! Don't help! Don't keep trying to make things better! They don't care! Can't you just get it?!"

Shouldn't there be a time when I will finally get it and just ignore them?

And when they ask for help, I'll just ask them to go screw themselves... cuz I know that they will just take me for granted again.

And I shd stop talking to meanies... cuz I know they cannot be bothered cuz they're just too self-absorbed with themselves.

It's like... I can just die on the streets and people will not even realize that I'm gone. Then one day, when they read the morning papers and realized that I'm dead, they will shrug and continue to eat their breakfast.


... ... anywayz... ...

Ignore what I have just said.

These past few days, I am delusional. And full of self-pity.

Last few days, I had a sad sad dream. I dreamt that I was having breakfast with mummy. And I was chatting with her... and telling her about what's going on at work... and abt my friends.

I even told her,
"Mummy, I know you and daddy are home all day. So I have subscribed to this online DVD rental thingy... so you guys can watch DVDs when you're bored."

However, throughout our conversation, she looked uninterested... with downturned lips... and was flipping the newspaper... not even giving eye contact.

Then after a while, I got pissed. I mean, if you don't have interest in what has happened in my life, at least have the basic courtesy to acknowledge what I'm saying... or at least, just LISTEN. Don't be rude mahh... correct or not.

But then, the girl-who-doesn't-get-it started to emerge from my body. I refused to give up. And I just kept trying to talk to her... and trying to build a bond between us... bring us closer to each other. But she didn't even bother to say, "hm" or "uh huh". And again, I tried and tried. I asked her about her stuff, and again, she just gave a cannot-be-bothered one word reply.

Soon, I woke up from the dream, I actually pondered over it for a while. I was so engrossed in the dream that I believed that it had really happened.

I thought to myself,
"How can someone who is blood-related to you... can be so cold & unfeeling? Whereas a stranger whom you meet in school or at work, can take interest in your life... comfort you when you're down & lend a patient listening ear when you need somebody to talk to."

And the more I thought about it, the more pissed I got.

Then suddenly, I was like... "eh? I think I was dreaming".

I blame all of these on PMS.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

DVD Rental Website in Singapore

For those who loves movies (and have no life, like me)... there is this really interesting website in Singapore where you can rent DVDs from.

This DVD rental website was recommended by a friend, Evan. You can check out her website HERE , filled with mouth-watering desserts and updates on new goodies in our local market! You can exchange baking & cooking receipes in her blog too. However, if you're trying to lose weight, please avoid her blog... cuz each time I surf there, I tend to crave for something sweet. Not to mention, she's an excellent photographer. When I first visited her blog, I thot I had gotten the wrong website addy... and instead, stumbled into a website that was designed for a cafe.

As for the, I just subscribed to it. Still trying to test it out. And there is a WIDE variety of movies there. Seriously.

You can subscribe to different plans according to your needs.

I even found this movie called The Experiment, which Melson actually recommended. Wow. Great. This means I don't have to run around looking for the movie. And even better, I don't have to buy it.

In fact, the website claims that they will send the DVDs to you by Singapore Post and you'll receive them in your mail... and it take about 1 to 2 working days. Which is great. Cuz we don't have to wait too long.

After watching the DVD, you can return it anytime you want. There are no deadlines. No fines. And all you have to do, is return those rented DVDs in a pre-paid envelope that will be sent to you when the DVDs first arrive. And after that, they'll send you the next few DVDs which you have requested.

Sounds very interesting, right?

Saturday, July 01, 2006

What is This World Turning Into?!?!

At work, most of the ppl just fend for themselves... with the never-ending backstabbing & bullshitting & ass-kissing.

Outside from work, ... well... I don't even want to talk about it.

Why does it feel like I'm the only person in the world who actually help others without expecting anything back in return?

Why must everybody else be so damn calculative?!

I'm not saying EVERYBODY is like that.

But definately 95% of the human population has this mentality:

"The other person must treat me nice first. The other person got to do things for me first. THEN only I will 'measure' whether it is worth it to help you or not."

What the hell is wrong with mankind?!

Whatever happened to humanity? And people-to-people relationships? Or trying to build bonds among one another?

This world might as well be built on a giant calculator, where profits are made. Let everything be some sort of a business transaction. Cold and meticulous.

I admit that at times, I can be selfish when it comes to certain things and situations. For example:

Sorry, but I will not share my man with any other bitches.

I will not spend money & time on people whom I dislike.

I do not entertain & help people who only want to take advantage of others.

I will not buy tissue paper from the elderly who curses death upon people who do not buy from them. I don't care if you're old & dying, but it's a matter of principles and pls remain polite & gracious throughout your remaining life.

So, I was thinking... ...

Why must human make each other miserable & helpless?

Surprisingly, the answer to my question... ... actually lies in an episode of Criminal Minds (Channel 5 - Every Tuesday - 11pm).

This is the very enlightening conversation between these 2 behavioural experts:

Dr Spencer Reid:
"How does a serial killer actually find so many ways to kill his victims??"

Jason Gideon:
"By the simple fact that humans are born to hurt each other."

Well... wat can I say... except... *applauds*...

Sometimes, we learn the darndest thing from television.