Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Truth about Politically Correct Advertisements
(and Hungry Ghost Festival)

I just got back from an interview.

The job advert was searching for a personal assistant. There was this one point that said:

In other words, the actual truth reads:

"the candidate better be old and aging, preferably with wrinkles and looking like a dried up prune. Because the wife was the one who put up the job adv for the hubby and she most likely would feel better if the candidate looks like a big loose sack of skin."

So when I turned up for the interview, the MATURE-looking interviewer took one look at me and she said, "You look very young. How old are you?"

Didn't you even look at my resume? My age (I believe) is stated there very clearly. Thus, I actually brought it upon myself to come up with a few conclusions:

The interviewer cannot be bothered to look at the resume, as long as the candidate is MATURE looking. Who cares if you're 8 or 18? As long as you look 58.

She's geniunely damn surprised and perhaps slightly bloody envious (which I doubt it) that I am so youthful.

The interviewer had seen my age (and obviously acknowledging that I'm matured enough) and decided to call me up for the interview (cuz I have sent the resume down 2 days in ADVANCE), but upon seeing this...

... she decided on the spot that I was too CHILDISH and IMMATURE. Is that it?!?!?!

Or is my face too fat?! (ok nvrmd this part... that's irrelevant and it just the insecure Smeagol talking)

But if a good 27 years of age is not MATURE enough for you, then wat is?? 47? or 57? Think of it this way, I still have a good long road ahead of me before I suck you dry out of that retirement fund.

Besides, I'm mature enough in thinking combined with a good burst of energy in this twiggy little body of mine.

Why would anyone actually WANT to hire an old prude anyway?


(allow me to be egoistic just this once, pls)

This is prejudice against young looking people!!!

So I look like a kid and play like an infant. But I'm a hard & serious worker. Plus, an extremely fast learner. Just becuz I look young, doesn't mean I'm incompetent.

And it doesn't mean I want to kiss your husband's fat saggy ass... nor suck on his wrinkled sac of balls... or m...

(ok Gni, that's too much... stop it now before you get a ticket straight down to Hell)

... ...

... ... ...

Wait a minute.

I... forgot something.

The interviewer didn't say that I wasn't hired... she just said that she'll let me know if I'm selected. So... the final decision isn't heard yet.

But I just know that the interview has blown... cuz she looked damn bored and uninterested the whole time. You won't believe this, but the interview only lasted for... ... 5 mins? No... lesser than that.

The second I stepped in and she made that comment about me looking young, she just sat me down... and said, "Ok this is basically a 5 day work week. We work 8.30 to 6. The job scope is to assist the boss in his appointments blah blah blah blah and blah blah blah. And we'll contact you if you're selected. Any questions?"

Is this even called an interview?

She didn't even ask me any questions.

It was more like a short (very short) briefing.

And that was it.

Bye bye.

Fug you very much for wasting your time with us.

Bends me over and kicks my firm little butt out the door.


Boy am I mad... if it wasn't for my good pal busy saving the world, I would have asked him to laser zap your saggy piece of leathery skin back to Krypton.

But since Superman is out trying to maintain world peace, I shall set loose the angry gnome on those who prejudiced against young things.




... ... ...


As I sit down here in front of my computer... ... and see what I just did on this blog post... ... ... ...

... .... ...

... ...


Maybe I deserve not to get that job after all.

Obviously not MATURE enough.

Besides, I don't even know if the Personal Assistant is for her husband... ahhahahhaa... ok... I'm just talking nonsense again.

Must be from staring at the sky... in fact, I don't even remember if I went for that interview this morning...


Did I really go to the interview today... ... or was I daydreaming about it?

I'm starting to think that Goodtime Girl has been whispering in my ear... about... things.

Oh shit... today is the first day of the Hungry Ghost Festival, isn't it.... .... ?!?!?!