Thursday, June 29, 2006

(and my lil sister - The Guru)

Yes. Today will be known as my Freedom Day.

I have officially resigned due to extreme du lan'ness.

Please read my previous blog entry (here) to know what I'm talking abt.

And today, Satan pissed me off again. Asking me to do his personal stuff. He wanted to look for a flat and asked me to print a "FLAT WANTED" notice for him.

As I was rushing my ACTUAL work, he asked me to do his personal stuff... and worse, he asked me to amend and amend and amend AND AMEND the notice over and over and over and over for him.

I really want to tell Satan:

Please lahhh... this is just a stupid flyer. You think people will look at it so closely meh?? And do you think that if somebody wants to sell you their flat, they will observe the font size and the colour and how EQUAL the left, right, up, down margins are????

Do you think they will think... "oh I hate this colour, it's too striking. Actually I want to sell my flat, but I don't want to sell it to this guy who uses bright blue."

Do you think they will use a ruler and measure the left and right margins and think, "damn this is not the perfect flyer, it's more to the left. I don't want to sell my flat to him. Humph."

(@_@) *ROLLS EYES*

Just a simple flyer and Satan wants to make it until like some kind of designer brochure.

Really oh my god lor.

So I just simply cannot tolerate this anymore. BUAY TAHAN LIAOOOO!!!

Me. A Poly Graduate. Intelligent. Street-Smart. Responsible. Initiative. Fast-Worker. Team-Player. Creative. Cute. Independent. Witty. Skinny and Hairy.

How can I be reduced to working in this brainless and illogical working enviornment?

How can I contribute fully and show off my greatest potential for the world?

Therefore, I just resigned.

I believe there is a more productive place out there for me. Some other place where efficiency is seen. And people can grow and learn more things.... develop new skills... and make this world a better place.

By the way, my sister is The Guru.

She actually taught me this method of rebutting people. And I used it today on Satan.

Here is what happened:

Satan: So did you print out the "Flat Wanted" notice for me?

Gni: No. I have other work to rush out. The architects are already chasing me for the quotations.

Satan: No. This is no good. Printing only takes a matter of few seconds.

Gni: Ya. But after printing out, you want me to cut it for you also right? So it'll take more than a few seconds lor.

(Satan wants to print on A3 paper. Each A3 paper has 21 pieces of notices. He wants 4 sheets of A3. So that's like... 21 x 4 = ... err.. you do the maths yourself.)

Satan: No no... do it now.

Gni thinks to herself: What the fark for? I got proper work to do and he's asking me to do his personal shit. Fine. Just do it and get it over with. Fark. Must cut those individual pieces NICELY and NEATLY somemore... or else he's going to ask me to redo. Siao. Stupid flyer but machiam want to make it like some designer brochure. Bo liao. Fark! Waste my bloody time.

(After printing and cutting the notices CAREFULLY and EVENLY and EQUALLY, 10mins gone liao.)

(Gni goes into Satan's office and hands him the neatly cut stack of paper.)

Satan looks accusingly at Gni and says: So you actually FORGOT to print the flyers, right.

Gni thinks: No, I didn't forget. I just didn't want to do your stupid shit.

Gni says: Ya. I forgot.

Satan: ... ... ... *speechless*... ... ... o.. ok, go out and do your work.

So... yeah... if somebody you dislike, accuses you of something... or they just want to pick a fight, just let them win. Just admit everything and let them win. Cuz they actually expect you to defend yourself or argue back. But when you just admit it, they will not know what else to say back.

My sister is really The Guru... in being sibey guai lan.

I must learn more from her.


The Guru says:

Oh my god.

That last picture really deserves a terrible beating....

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sexy Sexy Brandon Routh
(and I will say it again... he really deserves to have 2 sexy's)

... if you do not who he is by now... ... ...


... I have done a little intro on him in my previous blog here .

Now... ...

Drool over the NEW SUPERMAN!!!

And lick your lips...

And fantasize...

And swoon some more...

And then wish that you were that girl he's hugging...

(Hi I'm Rachel and he's my sexy sexy bf... so don't you bitches even THINK about it! He's MINE! MINE! ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL MINE!!! We've been together for 2 and a half years already... and that's becuz I give him good sex!)

Seriously... how can a hot guy like that... be with a girl who looks so... err... plain???

Gni says: YES!! There is hope for us geeks!!!

So does this mean that Brandon Routh is not a superficial guy who goes for sexy hot females with supermodel bodies??

Wow... I love him more now.

Maybe he could be my Superman.

*dream on Gni dream on*

Anyway... as you know, women love bad men... like Wolverine in X-men.

Superman is no bad ass.

He's like the goody-2-shoes with that dorky streak. But it helps that Brandon Routh is Superman. Cuz he's SEXAYYYY... and it does make the movie.... you know, not so dull.

Gni says: Did you know that Nicholas Cage was supposed to take the part as Superman?? I mean... that... half-balding old guy?? No offence. I love his acting and he's a GREAT actor. But... Nicholas Cage as SUPERMAN?!?!?! I really cannot imagine. But thank God, Bryan Singer has the brains to change and pick Brandon instead.

Let's hope we see more of Brandon Routh (also known as BJ - by the way, why BJ?? doesn't that mean... err... nevermind - to his friends) in other movies.


This is such a bimbotic blog entry.

Monday, June 26, 2006


Why must this happen to me... ... on a MONDAY?!?!?!?!??!!

If you were working, would you prefer to work:

(a) 5-days a week
(b) 5-days a week + alternate saturday
(c) 5-days a week + every saturday

OBVIOUSLY is (a), right?!?!??!?!

Sad for me, I'm working on a (b). However, I can still take it... and mind you, I am NOT a lazy employee. In fact, anyone who hires me should thank their lucky stars... cuz I work my ass off and I hardly have any complaints... and I never indulge in office politics... and I'm so nice to everybody!!!

So... ... ...


Unfortunately, Satan has spoken its most evil words on this very day. And now, I have to work on a (c)... with effect from 1st July 2006.






Shouldn't people change for the better?!?! So why is this company changing for the worse?!?!

This is going to create so many unhappy people in the office now.

How in the world am I going to have my Friday late night programs now?!?!

And I can no longer wake up late on every alternate Saturdays!!!!

Do you know the reason why we have to work on alternate Saturdays??

Becuz Satan says,
"productivity is not good, so everyone must come back to work on ALL Saturdays"

Do you want to know what I want to say?

I want to say,
"fark you, muthafarker.

you don't give us bonus.

you don't give us incentives.

you pay us peanuts and make us work like dogs.

you want us to stay back and work overtime, but you don't pay us overtime.

you keep making stupid mistakes and I have to clean your shit up,
but when I make a mistake, you bitch about it.

you want me to teach you stuff that even my little kid sister knows,
but when I do not know how do something, you ask me why I don't know and said, "you shd know how to do it, if you don't know, then why we hire you for"

well, fark you, you son-of-a-bitch...

first of all, you hired me as a Project Co-ordinator to do admin stuff.
You didn't hire a Maid to wash your dishes after you eat your snack.
You didn't hire an IT technician to fix your computer when it breaks down.
You didn't hire a Graphic Designer to create websites & brochures for you.
You didn't hire a Cleaner to vacuum the floor.
You didn't hire a Video Editor to farkin edit your stupid home videos.

And if you think I know how to do all of the above, then why are you paying me so farkin little?! You should pay me twice more than what I'm getting now.

You bloody cheapo.

You're too cheap to hire an IT technician to fix your computer.
Too stingy to get a proper graphic company to do your company website.

You ask for so much, and you give NOTHING in return.

But have I ever complained???

Have I ever refused to do what you tell me to do, even AFTER you insulted my intelligence???

And PLEASE, I'm much smarter than you can ever be.

So don't call me stupid, okay?! You farker.


Sunday, June 25, 2006

Decision to Get a New Mobile Phone

Ever since I bought my 1st Samsung HP, it's been nothing but a piece of crap.

(The SGH-D500C Samsung Slide Phone)

It's seriously all Beauty and no BRAINS... and I can't believe that it's an Award Winning gadget.

(Award Winning my ass!)

I bought it this year and within a month, it got sick 4 times and I have brought it to see the incompetent doctor 4 times.

As if I wasn't fed up enough, the stupid software that synchronizes the HP with my PC is also nothing but useless and irritating and unstable and just.... .... boils down to serious frustrations and wrath and in turn, causes me to break my #1 Year 2006 resolution which is:

Stop being known as the Vulgar Bitch who looks like a geek.


I have officially given up on trying to grit my teeth and bear with this stupid thing.

So I'm now deciding on getting a new one... with a BETTER camera function (yeahhhh).

I have my eye on this upcoming candy bar model from Sony Ericsson.. the K800i.

(... woooooooooooooooooooo...)

(... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...)

As you can see, it has got a 3.2 megapixel camera & Expandable Memory Slot (Memory Stick Micro) & it's an mp3 player, with Bluetooth & Infrared & USB.


I know it's going to burn a hole in my pockets.

I think it's going to cost like... ... ... one thousand dollars.

Well... I guess there's only one thing to do now... in order to own that K800i.

*prays to all the gods that money will fall down from the heavens and into my room*

Excursion with McMeller (Part II)
Silent Hill & My Discovery about Mel

In case you haven't read Part I, read it HERE .

And if you haven't guessed it already, Mel and I DID watch Silent Hill.

I've already watched the movie with my sister the first time round... and after the movie, we were like... (question mark question mark question mark question mark).

However, as I watched it again the SECOND time, I actually got a better idea of what the movie is about. Well, I've never played the game... and I doubt it will offer a better explanation. I think it helps to watch the movie with a more analytic mind (ya lah Melson.. talking about you lahhhh).

And hey, the 2nd time round was even better than the 1st, due to the following reasons:

(1) The Cathay smelled better than Yishun Golden Village.
(2) The seats were so comfy in The Cathay.
(3) Sound system was FABULOUS. Sharp & clear.

Gni says: Mel was so impressed with the place that he vowed to watch all future movies there.

(4) I was able to concentrate better (without my sister's endless clawing on my arms).
(5) I was able to notice other details instead of the very hot female deputy.

Now, I am confident to exclaim that...


It started with this little Sharon. Sleepwalking and standing at the edge of the cliff. Just about to jump. Screaming about wanting to go to Silent Hill.

Mother Rose rushed to her rescue before the little bitch jumps to her death.

And knowing that her daughter has serious psychotic issues, she chose not to take her to a psychiatrist... instead, Rose decided to bring her to Silent Hill to 'find her identity'.

But honestly, if your child draws scary Death pictures, sleepwalks and screams about Silent Hill, would you bring her there???

Anywayz, they arrived at Silent Hill. Got into an accident while hot policewoman chased them into the town. Rose blacked out. When she woke up, Sharon gone. (GOOD...)

Rose runs into Silent Hill, looking for her daughter.

(or maybe according to this screen shot, she kinda like... walked there leisurely)

Then just as Rose was sight-seeing around the town, there was this loud blast of siren.

Gni says: This is when shit happens...

Soon, hundreds of coal babies came from nowhere and demanded milk from Rose.

(Rose: but but but... I don't have enough to feed all of youuuuuu!!)

Then she blacked out again. When she woke up, no more coal babies.

Surprisingly, she didn't freak out and continued to sight-see around town until she met...

(Rose: damn... you look like Death)

(Stinky Woman: .. no.. I just smell like Death. Wahhh... you got big boobs... can I have some milk?)

Anywayz, Rose started to have a friendly conversation with stinky woman. But she started to freak out when stinky woman tried to snatch her necklace.

I guess burglary is always scarier than coal babies...

So, Rose ran back to car. Tried to start engine.

And this was when the really hot policewoman appeared.

(Blondie: You called for a hot cop?)


The Hot Cop.

She was so tough and sexy at the same time.

Actually she reminds me of those strippers who will dress in fantasy clothings... like nurses, doctors, students... and yes, hot cops included.

When you watch this movie, you cannot miss the Mummy Nurses. Nurses who looks like mummies... you know, the bandages and all.

They look like they're in MTV or something, man. The hour glass figures. The way they tap-danced in high heels and shake their booties. Yeooww... ssssexay...

Seriously, watch Silent Hill. It's a darn interesting movie with fantastic CG effects... not to mention, too many hot chics walking around (dead and alive). The storyline is great, if you understand it.

Anywayz, after the movie, Mel and I walked (yes, we WALKED some more) to this nearby 24hr Kopitiam to discuss more about the movie.

And this was when I made a discovery about Melson.



This is what Mel (aka McMeller aka Melicious) had in approximately every 2 hours:

1 Hotdog Sandwich + 1 Reg drink + 1 piece of Chicken while watching Scary Movie.

1 Hawaiian Pork Chop + 1 cup of Camomile Tea at Cafe Cartel Dhoby Ghaut.

1 Reg Popcorn + 1 Reg drink while watching Silent Hill.

1 bowl of Chicken Macaroni + 1 can of Jia Jia Herbal Tea at 24hr Kopitiam.

If you haven't noticed, he actually ate at every destination.

Every 2 hours.

OH...!!! I forgot one very impt thing.

I just have to add it in my blog.

Back when we were at the Box Office in The Cathay, there were these screens on the wall for advertisements.

And while Melson was looking at the movie sessions, I went closer to take a look. And on some of the screens, there was a sign saying,

"Tap Card Here"

And I was thinking to myself, "What card?"

So I went to tell Melson about it and he, too, went to take a closer look.

Then he asked, "What card?"

And after pondering for a while, he... ... ...

... ... ...

... ... ...

... ... took out his EZ Link card and tapped it on the screen.


I dunno whether to laugh or wat, man... .... ...

I can never ceased to be amazed with this guy.

He can be so intelligent on one hand.

But on the other hand, he can be so... (pls fill in the blanks).

Hahahahhaa... and there you have it...

Just another excursion with McMeller.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Excursion with McMeller (Part I)
Scary Movie 4 & Our Journey to The Cathay

(The 4th sequel to the most spastic movie ever made in history)

I actually watched this movie with my sister becuz we got conned by the bits of trailers which were actually funny. But... I don't understand how can Melson put me thru the torture of watching it... AGAIN.

Yesterday, Friday 23 June, I must have been... The World's Most Accomodating Person.

I met Melson at Orchard Cineleisure and we were looking at the 9pm sessions... wondering what to watch.

Mel: I dunno why... but I want to watch Scary Movie.

Gni: WHAT?! I watched it already.. and it's very very stupid!

But did he listen?


To me, I was like...


Still, we watched it (and anyway, he offered to pay for it). I hate to say this, but some parts were still funny to me.

Anyway, I'm really bored today and I was indulging in my favorite pastime... which is... to stare at the sky again . I'm wondering about the sick sick reality that some humans actually take pleasure in really weird shit. And I don't care... but I'm going to use the screen shots from Scary Movie 4.

Example of Masochism:

Seriously, I can never get how some of us walking Planet Earth can actually LOVE receiving pain. You can read more about Sadism & Masochism HERE .

Other forms of 'pleasures' which I will never understand:

(shoving things up your arse)

(and ppl who think that crap is the most delicious dessert in the world)

And there's Bondage:

And also, Role-Playing:

... ... ...


After the movie, we were like... walking and walking from Somerset to Orchard. And then we took a train from Orchard mrt to Dhoby Ghaut.


In the first place, we could have just gone from Somerset to Dhoby Ghaut lorrr.... which is like... 1 stop. But we JUST HAD to walk to Orchard first... then take a train back to Somerset and then Dhoby Ghaut...

... we were so aimless.

We stopped at Cafe Cartel for supper and then hiked over to The Cathay to see what the new building looks like.

Basically, it's empty except for a few shops.

Then we went up to the cinema to take a look... and wow.

The place has a lounge and coffeehouse... and it's so spacious!

There's even this circular lobby just in front of the Box Office that, for some reason, made me very excited. I even have the urge to put my hands up in the air and twirl around the area... ... ... anywayz... ...

After our short tour around the place, we made our way home.

We just had to take the lift down... cuz it was just TOO RETRO!!! It was decorated in these big... round... metallic... dangling... thingy. And there's a small LCD inside the lift that shows advertisements and movie trailers and stuff.... ... I know I KNOW... ... it's so WHOOOAAAAAA!! or maybe it's just me...

When the lift door opened at the ground floor, Melson stepped out first while I was still engrossed with the LCD. Then Melson was like, "okay... let's go watch another movie"..



Then I stepped out of the lift and walked towards him...

*heavy rain*

Oh. Ok.

And AGAIN, we went up to the Box Office to see what movies there are to watch.

Mel: Hey... my gut instinct tells me that it's going to be Silent Hill.

Gni: omgwtf... I watched that already lor...

Mel: Can lah... let's watch Silent Hill.

Gni: But that's going to be the 2nd movie you're going to make me watch for the 2nd time. Pick something else. If you pick a movie that I've not watched yet, I'll pay for it.

Mel: But there's nothing else... Silent Hill lah.

... to be continued...

(... SIBEY DU LAN!!!... makes me wanna turn around and bitch slap somebody..)

YES! My blogtic (as opposed to topic) is stolen!!

By my sisterrrrr!!!!


hahahaha... damn her... I was about to blog about our dinner date at the Thai Express and she beat me to it!!! She sneakily posted a blog about the dinner while I was out with Melson for a movie (well... actually 2 movies, but I'll blog abt that in my next post)!


But still, you can read about our dinner date HERE (just click on it for the link) and look at those goofy pictures we took. You can read the comments which I have left for her... and feel free to leave a comment for her too.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

IT Master in the Making

Just last week, I got conned by Mr Knows-Nothing into doing some stuff for my blog. Please... feel free to read abt him HERE .


But... eventually, I still managed to find my way around and got my Flickr to start... and the Technorati thing to work properly.

Thanks to my guy pal's wife - Wenn . She gave me some links and taught me how to get myself started.

And thanks to my sister - InsanelySane . She helped me with my HTMLs... hehehe... and she's like.. 10 years younger than me.

P.S. to Baby Sis - But you DO know that when I tell others about it, I'm going to say that I was the one who taught you, right? ... unless they are reading this blog...

Anywayz... I just have to say this again.

It's always interesting to learn new stuff!!!


Time is of the essence... and most of the time, I do not have time for myself. Even though I surf the internet all the time, but learning all about IT is definately in the least priority... cuz they come in text form most of the time and I just dislike reading... hahaha...

... that is... unless somebody comes out with a video clip that I can watch...

Then again, when I am coped up at home for 2 week and I can't get out of the house, I seem to take the time to reorganize myself... and put some attention to the things that I hardly care abt.

Right now, I'm having a hard time trying to download and install the driver for my Samsung HP.


But I'll figure it out somehow... either that... or I'll just buy a new phone (not Samsung, cuz the software is so not user friendly!). I know I know... I'm taking the illogical easy way out.

Or maybe I'll just get a bluetooth dongle... and ask my friend how to transfer data from hp to bluetooth dongle that connects to PC. Now, THIS would be more efficient... and also the easy way out.

Dear god...

... give me strength...

OH fug it.

I'll just figure it out tmw.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Updates on Alvin's Trip

As in my previous post, my brother has gone ahead and lost his viriginity to Philadelphia.

After a few days there, he managed to get internet hooked up at his gf's place and we chatted online.

He was ranting on his encounters when he was on the way to his gf's place.

"3 crimes in a night."
"On the way to 40th street."


Alvin said that there was a guy found dead in the car. Another guy dead on the street. And a robbery ongoing.

"There were cops everywhere."
"And a sky searcher."

A SKY SEARCHER?!?!?! Now that is something which you only can see in America!

I mean, I feel sorry for the people who suffered the consequences of crimes. But sometimes, it's important not to take things too hard. When you gotta go, you gotta go.

But then, my brother went ahead and told me:


Black men gathering around the sky searcher and... ... HIP HOP?!?!?!?!

Sometimes, you just gotta hand it to the Americans.

They ARE an interesting bunch of people.
Visit to the Eye Clinic

The charming Dr JT has said that my eye is recovering really well. In fact, I look normal now.

... all the better to see you with, Doctor...

And he's such a witty man! I think I'm in luvvvv...

Here's part of our conversation:

Dr JT: ... here take a seat right here and put your chin on this...

*does exactly as I'm told*
*Dr JT looks thru this telescope thingy*

Dr JT: ... wow... looks very good... you're recovering very fast. Beautiful... ... *turns and looks at me*... if I don't say so myself... *laughs sheepishly*...

Gni: ... *laffs*... Well, you really did an excellent job.

Gosh. Is it me... or is he extra charming today?? I always love humourous ppl... makes me laugh and makes me happy.

So I guess I shall be making plans soon! Time to indulge in pure entertainment! I'm feeling so claustrophobic the past 2 weeks... coped up at home. Sob.

I also found out that my ex-classmate - Vanessa - actually had the same doctor when she went for lasik!!! How small is this world?!

Annur and I had this msn conversation. Here's a snippet of it:

So you see... I wasn't kidding when I said Dr JT is charming and sexy.

By the way, there is no 'something' standing near the lift.


But I got you staring at that area for some time, didn't I?


You can read about my adventures of surgery:

The Beginning
The Journey

Monday, June 19, 2006

OCD & Blogivitis

Today shall be the last day where I blog my life away.... well... almost.

In case you guys don't read my blog (cuz you don't love me and hardly feel the need to kiss my ass), these past 2 weeks I have been at home on hospitalization leave. This is due to my quest for X-ray vision, I have undergone satisfying pain on the the date of the Devil's number and have survived with minimal damage (gross pictures for you to gloat over my misfortune).

And in these 2 weeks, I have managed to self-develop an addiction to the internet & blogging.

At a young age, I was terribly excited whenever I watched Discovery Channel on cable (and sometimes, for the wrong reasons but... err... we don't wanna go there yet cuz I don't want ppl to think I was already sick at a young age).

But then daddy decided to cancel the subscription cuz his kids were starting to get weird.

Then as I grew older into teenagerhood, I was always curious about life sciences and psychological behaviors and practically everything else. It's like... sometimes I sit and stare at the sky , and I start wondering about things like:

... the formation of maggots by evolution of micro-organisms
... the Bermuda Triangle
... the sick bastard who farked a monkey and brought AIDS into the human civilization
... the way CSI uses science & technology to solve crimes
... do toys come alive at night?

The older I get, the more I crave for information and stories to excite the measly boring life that I have.

... and hell, the internet has always been a very very good friend...

It's always interesting to learn something new everyday...

... except that ever since I started on the working life, I hardly get the time to read or surf cuz of work & family & friends.

... so many things to do... so little time...

And then... I suddenly get 2 weeks to indulge in my OCD (Obsessive Complusive Disorder).

It's like... I feel that if I don't surf the internet for news or search for solutions or be in touch with the latest movies, the following will happen:

... the sky will fall
... Earth will be thrown out of its orbit
... the color PINK will no longer exist
... nobody will love me anymore
... everybody will laugh at how silly I am (if they're already not laughing at how I obsessed over the internet & blogging)

The beginning of OCD
& Blogivitis (my blogging disease)

And may I remind you that I had an operation on the right eye... and it's not completely healed yet (yes yes until this very day) cuz I'm still getting blurry vision and a chronic headache.

But nooooooo... it didn't stop me from staring at the computer screen 12 straight hours a day or more. Thus, discovering all the juicy & wonderful facts & fiction thru the internet.

... you see how serious my OCD is...???

But alas, all good things must eventually come to an end.

I shall be returning back to work tomorrow... and work with the spawns of Satan.

So, for those of you who actually reads my blog, I would like to thank you all for taking an interest to listen to my blogful of crap. I hope you enjoyed it. Really.

Did you??

... getting insecure here... which is another disorder of mine... but we'll leave that till the future blogs...

Editor's Note: What is wrong with this girl?! She needs to seek professional help.

However, I shall not blog as much as these past weeks... cuz...

Firstly, I have to slave away to aid Satan.

Secondly, friends & gym takes me away from my OCD.

And lastly, I somehow feel the addiction (and in all honesty, it's worse than quitting smoking)...

So, I have to eventually cure myself of OCD & Blogivitis (which in the first place, have inflicted upon myself).

The future Bionic Woman, with X-ray vision
(in the right eye only)...

... I'll be back...
(and no, I didn't steal the line from Mr Terminator, he paid me a lot of money to use it)
a Pixar film - Cars (Part II) & Nacho Libre (Part II)

Remember my first blog on Cars ?

Now guess what?

According to the Los Angeles Times, it's actually #1 the movie box office!!! So I guess, there are people out there who thinks that cars are cute. Or maybe they watch it for the sake that it's a Pixar film (ohhh mighty god of all animation & everything cute, yes, cars included now). Read this article here .

And you know what? My other blog on Nacho Libre , the semi-gay movie actually came out second in box office!


... what in the world... ... ... are the AMERICANS WATCHING?!?!?!?!?!


Anywayz, I'm looking forward to watch The Lake House starring Keanu Reeves & Sandra Bullock. It's actually a remake of the korean film - Il Mare starring Jeon Ji-Hyeon (the My Sassy Girl & Windstruck actress) and Lee Jeong Jae (whom I don't really give a damn abt).


Maybe I'll watch CARS after all... ... but a big BIG maybe.

... but that will be after I watch the Silent Hill movie...

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Nacho Libre

Starring Jack Black.

I was surfing (as usual)... wondering what new movies are up & coming... and I hate to say this... but this really caught my attention.

HOLY FLYING.. ...?!?!?!?!?!?!

This must be the weirdest poster in the entire history...!!!

And worse... he has to bring his gay friend along...

Need I say more?

I just want to... ... I dunno...

Wonder how Singapore can make us pay $7 to watch a movie like this?

Is this movie suppose to be entertaining???

Anywayz.... you can find out more about Nacho Libre here. If you're really bored, that is.

On one hand, how can I forget Jack Black in School of Rock ? or in Shallow Hal ?

So entertaining.

Then I look at Nacho Libre... so unattractive to watch.
IT & Blog Idiot

Seriously... wat am I doing?

I've been blogging for almost a year, but I honestly do not know how to do additional stuff and such.

So, my friend was telling me how to do funny stuff with my blog.

And I listened to him cuz it's always fun to learn something new. It's like... all these web-savvy people are like seriously intelligent... and I hope to be thought of one too.

So he told me to go to this Technorati thing and do complicated stuff in it. And I dun even know the difference between HTML and HoT MiLo.

... He sounded like such an expert...

But then... look at this.

Come on... wat the fark is this, man?

Is it supposed to be like that??


Gosh... this feels like...



WOIER@*R@O IH@*@%$#@!&**JSDKFS%*@%*#!


Ok... so I was wrong to believe in him.

Now, I'm just in search of a better master to teach me all about HTMLs... and adding items & tools & cartoons & moving objects into my blog.

As for Mr Knows-Nothing, he just laughed in my silly face & said, "actually... I also dunno"

WHAT THE.... .... ...


Now I'm stuck with this... this...


... ... somebody pls take a gun & shoot me in the face...

<-- damn farked face...

Saturday, June 17, 2006

NEW MUTANT for X-Men!!!

Nope. It's not X-Men IV.

Ok ok... I confess.

I was TOO bored. And as I was sitting in my recliner, staring at the gloomy sky... ...

(... just imagine this is me in 40 yrs time... gosh... I'll never let myself be this way! Now, we know how old ppl get senile.... .... .... THEY STARE AT THE SKY TOO MUCH!!!)

Anywayz, I was wondering about human beings... and how difficult it is to please us. It's like... we want EVERYTHING.

Me & my baby sis were at MacDonalds for lunch... and one of our topics was:

Is the perfect man so hard to find?

So, I thought about putting myself in a man's point of view and wonder if they are also looking for the perfect woman.


What will she be like?

The perfect woman for a man, will be a mutant.

I shall call her - The Trinity.

Gni says: ... whoaaaa... is it me... or do I actually hear holy music in the background??

The Trinity will be able to morph herself into 3 different types of beings. Each one with a different personality.

In science, we call this SCHIZOPHRENIC... it's like a psychological disease. A person with split personalities.

But wat the hell... I'm still doing the mutant thing.

(Galadriel in Lord of The Rings)

The Angel - pure & chaste... sugar & spice & everything nice. She cooks & cleans... and will never throw her hissy tantrums at you. She'll wait for you to come home from work... and gives you that angelic smile when you step thru that door. Looking at her is like a breath of fresh air.

(The Devil in Bedazzled)

The Devil - Can you say HOT?! She's fiesty & passionate. Brings out the inner beast in you. Looking at her, you want to hurt her bad. She is so rebellious that the devil may care. She gives you naughty little ideas... and tempts you with the poison apple. Yes... take a bite... you know you want to...

(Someone... Somewhere... in the unknown)

The Girl-Next-Door
- silly & goofy. She can be your best friend. The sister you wish you never had. You laugh and play and be yourself around her. Tell her secrets & talk about everything in the sun. She pouts & tugs at your sleeves when she wants her way... ... gives you a hug when you're feeling the blues. Yeah... you know you want to take her home.

That's for the men.

But you know women want the same thing too.

A good & responsible guy who can be bad, but doesn't cheat nor flirt with other women... someone you can share your life with. A simple, happy life.


That will be heaven.

Anyway, I know what you're thinking at this point...

You must be thinking...

I know you want to ask...


Gni says: ... ... the skies have given me a sign. Actually I see some shapes in the clouds.. and they're starting to form words & pictures for me... :-D

And I know you want to say to me...

"You must be either very brave or stupid to put your picture next to Cate Blanchett & Elizabeth Hurley. They're gorgeous and you're......................................... (fill in the blanks yourself)."

Gni says: ... ... err... charming?


Friday, June 16, 2006

Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Model Search

Yummy swimsuit models here!

And it's on Channel 5. Every Friday at 10pm.


And today's episode is down to 4 girls... where one girl will leave.

Guess what?

They let go of the girl with the huge'est tits and best bod.


And this girl who doesn't have boobs... got in to the next round.

The judges actually said, "Yeah her boobs aren't outstanding like the rest. But I'm sick of having boobs in my face all the time... there's gotta be something more tasty than that."

WOW... there IS a God.

And there is hope for small-boobied girls!

*takes off shirt and runs the street nekkid*


*grins gleefully*

Yeah... so I'm not blessed with the devil's assets.

But I guess I'll manage.


Virgin No More

... wat?


Virgin no more.

My little brother is officially no more a Singapore virgin.

He will be leaving the country for the VERY FIRST TIME (sibey exciting, mannnn)... flying off to USA Philadelphia at 6 the next morning. Going there to visit his gf.

Awww... isn't it sweet?

Except that we all know he'll be going there to have wild & crazy sex.


Alvin says: ... eehhh... shhhhhhhh... I told you not to blog about my sex life, dammit. And hasta la vista, baby... but I'll be back. Damn these shades are cool. Can I keep them, Sis?

Gni says: ... no, you cannot. I bought it. It's mine.

Alvin says: ... pleasssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeee... kissy kissy for you...

Gni says: Fark lah.... talk to the hand...

Alvin says: .... NOW i'm mad!!! I'm going to hunt you down & terrify you with my gnome faces!!!!!

Gni says: ... shit that's scary! But not if I camouflage myself first... *grins, feeling very happy about oneself*...

Mother says: OI!! How many times must I tell you not to smile like a cow whenever you put on facial mask?!

Gni says: ... sorry, mummy... :-(

Alvin says: ... *gloats*...

Anywayz, this is so exciting. And worrying at the same time.

I know I know... he's already 24 and there's no reason for me to worry anymore. But damn it lahhhh. He's still my baby brother.

I've been looking out for him ever since we were little kids. And it's just hard for me to get out of that habit. In fact, it's just hard for me to not look out for ppl whom I care for.

People like...

(Mommy & Daddy!!!!!!! I wuv you!!!)

(The Manly-Ah-Beng Big brother John... whom I've known for 14yrs. Responsible husband & doting father to 5 cats. Always caring towards his friends. Whenever I'm down, he'll cheer me up. Always fun to have around. Always someone I can count on. Always will be my best friend!!!)

(The Charming & Imaginative Past-Life Brother Melson... whom I've also known for 14yrs. Always full of wise cracks & goofiness to share. I miss those late night chats downstairs my block... can always count on you to solve mysteries & ponder over life with... ahhahaa... damn our hectic lifestyles, ya...)

(The craziest little Muslim girl you must have in your life! I've known her for 4yrs since Poly and you can never believe how funny she can be... becuz she comes across as this innocent, soft-spoken, Mickey Mouse girl... but the stuff that she says is SHOCKING... hahahaha... and yeah, we both love PINK. And I can't wait to see her in Australia!!!... hopefully, november, ya?)

As for my brother, I just fussed over his luggage.

Right after he packed his stuff in, I made him take them alllllllll out again. I just HAD to look thru what he packed... to make sure if he has got everything right. And to wat I expected, there were some boo boo's... so, we joked and laughed about the things he packed... and did not pack.

Gni says: ... wat the hell will he do without a sister like me... how can I let him go overseas on his own?!?!?!?!

Then I fussed about whether he got enough to spend.

And gave him some to spend... just in case. I know he was touched... and yeah, he knows I love and care for him.

In my next life... and my next next life... and my next next next life... and my next n.... alright alright you get the idea..., I would still love to keep my siblings.

(JAG - Jeanie Alvin & Gina. You know you love us.)

Sigh... I'll miss my brother. It'll be weird to be at home without him.

All his sarcasms...
All the horny jokes...
All those nights watching TV programs and cracking jokes about them...
All the talks we had at dinner time...

He'll be there for 2 months.

With his gf.

And as how we would say it...

May the juice be with you!!!!

*** ------------------------ ***