Monday, September 07, 2009

Pre-Birthday Blues
+ Hungry Ghost Festival 2009
+ Mindless Rantings (yet again)

Can't believe I'm about to turn 30. THIRTY.

Maybe that's why I haven't been updating my blog for like... 5 months. *depressed from getting older every year*... aiya, heck lah... not as if there are many readers. i'm not xiaxue or kenny sia. only ppl who are very bo liao will read my blog... becuz i'm very bo liao. SERIOUSLY! i have been reading my past blog entries & i find myself so childish. blogging abt things that i dun mean & things that are absolutely rubbish (which makes me wonder why would my friends keep asking me to update my blog.. dun tell me they like to read nonsense?!?!).

What I had written previously since year 2005 has been pure lameness. Reading back, I dun even find it funny at all. It's just one big rude abrasive vulgar'ish piece of shit (damn i cursed again). Ok. Since i'm turning 30 in a few weeks' time, i vow to be more grownup/serious and blog only about what i have eaten or done today.

Today, I finally eat the Salted Veggie Duck Soup which I had craved for since 1 month ago. It's a little dirty coffeeshop somewhere in Sin Ming. Then I went home to watch the recordings on Heroes Season 3 & Criminal Minds Season 4. I also recorded a few episodes on Lost Season 5, but haven't gone abt watching that. After that, i got so sleepy that i napped till about 5pm today.

wow! i feel more serious already!

this makes me more determined to be a proper grownup. I guess I have to come up with some resolutions for my big 30... like a New Year's resolution.

1) prevent aging by all means - already noticed that i have 'lao3 ren2 ban1' (old spots), wrinkles and freckles + saggy skin

2) stop being vulgar - stop saying fark/cheeby/knn/bastard/shit... it's not good for my image... ...whatever that is.

3) stop having violent thoughts on torture & pain - in other words, stop watching movies like Saw / Hostel / Final Destination... and stop reading books by Richard Laymon...

4) stop making sex jokes - so that certain friends will change their minds about me being perverted.... ... except for those who grew up with me & love perverted jokes... ... i'm sorry, but Peter Pan has to grow up sooner or later.

5) try to fix my biological clock - so that i will feel the urge & desire to have kids... no actually, i have to get over my fear of having a living thing grow inside of me. *have been traumatised ever since the movie - Alien - was screened*...

6) rmbr family & friends' birthdays

7) take care of Twinkle no matter what & spend more time playing with him + send him for grooming becuz he looks like a vagrant now...

8) stop ranting continuously about useless things in my blog

9) visit por por next CNY - i haven't seen her in 2 years!

10) stop making jokes that will make ppl think that something serious is going on - or maybe i should just stop joking altogether...

I wonder how many of these resolutions am I able to accomplish.


As it's the Hungry Ghost Festival, I'm starting to experience weird stuff & dreams again. It's like some kind of psychological thing. This year, I dreamt that I was involved in some kind of robbery / muder / arson thing with this group of guys. They stole from this neighbourhood, then trapped the ppl in this wooden hut and set the whole place on fire. Then this little boy managed to find his way to the door, but this evil gangbanger spotted him trying to escape, so he led the boy back to the fire. I could hear the boy screaming & crying out in pain. In the dream, I get this feeling that 'somebody' is trying to show me what happened in the past.

AM I JUST A MORBID PERSON or is something strange really going on? however, being the un-superstitous person that i am, i still dun really believe in all these spiritual stuff. there's always a logical explanation. but then again, why do i feel scared when i watch horror movies? i guess it's the tempting fact that there MIGHT be such things around us. so i hv come to a conclusion tat i'm a SELECTIVE superstitous person.

I dun believe that anyone can be possessed by spirits. however, i sort of believe that some ppl can sense or see spirits (explain how i know what my friend's dead grandmother look like even though i have never seen her before & how i know what clothes she was buried in). BUT! i dun think that these spirits can physically harm you... unless proven otherwise. i think humans are more vicious than spirits. i'm always more wary of humans.

my bf always wonder why i dun trust him. despite him not having much activities, doesn't like to go drinking, hardly socializes with his friends except for Sunday morning football... ... i still dun trust him completely. always leaving a small portion on the fact that humans hurt humans. it's a fact. it's like once you trust a person, you lose control. and if that person betrays you, you will feel like it's over. i guess that's where the saying comes about, "never put all your eggs in one basket". this saying was probably thought of by a very cautious human being. like me! or somebody who has gone thru a once-bitten-twice-shy situation. and i know my bf is cheatin on me with Glenda & Isabella at work!!! he's always hanging out with them... I HATE YOU FOREVER!!! .............................. (i shd really stop making unserious jokes that have a serious impact as stated in Resolution #10... or else everyone is going to ask me what's going on again...).

p.s: Glenda = Glen, Isabella = Iqbal... and both male. anywayz... HUMPH! but i still rmbr that old auntie massaged your shoulders... ANGRY! so wat if she's in her 50s?! *mental note to self: pluck his armpit hairs when i get home*... FEEL THE PAIN! (there goes Resolution #3 too)

BTW, gina is getting super studious! she just got into NUS and majoring in Psychology. finally all those insightful analysis of the Lau family's behaviors of some senguine or psycho or some mind freak thingy, she has made herself useful by pursuing something that she's interested in. now she's so busy with her studies that she hardly bugs us with her analysis of our personalities / behaviors / characteristics. maybe some day, she'll be able to find out why i always dream of violent / gory / murderous things... like cutting ppl up, jumping down from high-rise buildings, people killing people, people hurting people, dead people, flying humans, etc etc............ YAY! Free psychiatric treatment!

Also.......... ALVIN IS GETTING ROM'ed ON 21 Sept 2009 in Mandai Gardens!!! With Melissa!!!! (who's Melissa?)... *sees Catherine reading the name Melissa & almost calling Alvin to demand an explanation before she realizes that it's a lame joke i'm trying to make on her*... ... my brother getting married!!! the holy mother of all nature actually lets my unsociable hermit brother gets himself a gf. *sprinkles sparkling water everywhere*... oh, and their wedding dinner will be held in Jan next year.

I still have random pictures. I'll be posting them up soon.

p.s: i think i ranted mindlessly again (i shd cancel Resolution #8). maybe change it to: Resolution 8... to blog on more light-hearted, meaningful & decent stuff like rainbows & fairies or World Peace.

Now that I reach the end of my blog post, I'm wondering why ppl actually have blogs? i asked my bf if my blog is very bo liao & stupid cum childish. He said that ppl who blogged abt their daily activities are boring (he's so nice, right? always humoring me even though deep down inside............. I KNOW YOU WANT TO AGREE THAT I'M BO LIAO).

But like the very 1st blog post, it's just a palliative relief. In real life, you can never be who you are unless the other person can accept you for who you are (like my bf, family, John & Melson... becuz they are equally sick). So it's only in my blog that I can let my imagination run free.

It's like when I take a taxi, I would daydream abt me reaching behind the taxi uncle & strangling him. Then imagine the various ways that he would react. Would he step on the brakes? Would he hammer down even more on the accelerator? Would he lift his hands away from the steering wheel to pry my hands away from his neck?........ But DO YOU THINK i would tell the taxi uncle what I just daydreamed abt? He probably would jump out of his moving taxi to escape from me.

But I did scare my bf once. I can't rmbr what it was. But he was showing me some youtube videos on the sightings of ghosts. Then after that, he went to the toilet to pee. And while he was away, I imagined what it would like to be possessed by a ghost. And out of curiousity, I waited outside the toilet for my bf. When he stepped out, I gave him this blank eerie stare & said something like, "wo3 deng2 ni3 hen2 jiu3 le2" (i waited so long for you). Then he was like *stunned shocked speechless*. I laughed. But he didn't think it was funny at all. He thot that after watching youtube ghost videos, i got possessed.

Speaking of this, I do rmbr that Melson can do a very very good impersonation of a female long-haired ghost sitting at the void deck. THAT was freakishly scary. That made me scream. After that, we talked abt ghosts in lifts... and somehow it led to somebody shitting inside a lift. I haven't seen Melson in so long.

Anywayz... I will post another SERIOUS blog post by end of Sept (i hope this post is serious enuff for serious readers... YES I HAVE RECEIVED COMPLAINTS FROM MOTHERS!!! does this mean i'm famous enuff to have fans?). =D

Time to sleep!