Friday, July 07, 2006

Demons Living in My Shadows

Basically, I'm 70% kind-hearted most of the time.

80% bitchy.

90% soft-hearted.

95% forgetful.

99% crazy.

And 100% pure evil.

Whenever somebody does something to piss me off, I will turn into the most evil being on earth... and all these cruel and vicious images will start to play in my mind... like a movie.

Seriously, it's easy to piss me off. But it's hard to keep me pissed.

I'm a quick-tempered person.

I'll probably get mad for like... 15mins max. Then my 95% forgetfulness kicks in. And soon, I get distracted by something else.

However, within that 15mins, I turn into something that even the Devil will feel proud.

Example 1:

Stupid bitch pissed me off by being so lazy & fat... that she can't even stand up and look for information herself. Keeps asking me to do stupid things. Keeps making mistakes & have to clean up her shit for her.

So I start to ignore her. People notice. And they tell me to be nice.

I asked them sarcastically, "nice? how to be nice? I can't think of anything to talk to her abt."

And they suggest, "you can ask about her kid."

I pause for a second and I think to myself, "hey... that's a good idea."

There are several things that I can ask about her kid... like:
"how's your kid? weather is bad these few days. has she fallen sick yet?"
"how about her IQ? children are fast learners these days. she called you bitch yet?"

Example 2:

Irritating arse is being unreasonable. Everything he does is right, everything that he doesn't like will be judged as wrong. He belittles people when he himself knows nutz.

I just want to hang him outside my 12 storey block. And push him out the window... where everyone below hangs their laundry out on bamboos. As he falls, he hits and break each bamboo... .. and finally lands on the concrete ground. Enough to hurt. Enough to break. But not enough to kill.

Hell hath no wrath like a woman scorned.

I'm evil and I'm going to Hell.

But you know these are just fantasies.

You know I'm still nice, right?

... ...

... ... ...