Monday, November 23, 2009

My Fear of Dolls
The Disappearing Hamster

Some time back, Annur & I got into this msn conversation of Dolls. It was becuz she put a friggin scary doll pic on her msn profile. Part of our conversation went like this:

Gni says:
tat msn profile pic is downright creepy... *hides profile panel*

annur says:

Gni says:

annur says:
why, its barbie doll in veil la

Gni says:
hv i ever told you that i have NEVER played with dolls even when i was a kid?

annur says:
i love dolls!

Gni says:
becuz i KNOW that they will wake up & walk abt in the middle of the night!
my mother also told me tat as a toddler, i hated dolls.

annur says:
such paranoia
so you never have any dolls ever?

Gni says:
they used to buy barbie dolls...
i'll play with it... then i'll stare at the faces...
and it blinked back at me

Dun laugh. It really did blink.

This was actually something which I had forgotten becuz it's been a LONG LONG LOOOOOOOONG time ago since i last played or owned a doll.

I dunno if Alvin still rmbr'ed this, but we used to be terrified of dolls - all sorts of dolls, even Barbie (who's chio & sexy).

Gni says:
so at night, before i sleep, i will lock them up in the playroom.
so they can't walk out of the room

annur says:
i dont know what to say
I soak my barbie dolls in a pail of water imagining them swimming in a pool. i think my dolls are more afraid of me

Gni says:
maybe you already killed them before they could walk abt to scare you
seriously....... dolls walk around at night.
and they blink when they know it's only YOU looking at them.

annur says:
no such thing laaaaa
they cant be as bad as dentists
im so sure of that

Gni says:

Ok, so now we know.

Gni is terrified of dolls for obvious & real reasons. And Annur is more terrified of dentists than walking dolls in the night. Such a brave kid.

My bad experience with dolls started when I saw them moving in the middle of the night. They looked lost & seemed to be searching for something. Me & Alvin were sharing a room when we were young. And I knew he saw them moving too. He always managed to see 'shadows' and 'blurry visions of human forms', so I'm sure he saw the moving dolls. But we both remained very very still & pretended to be asleep.

After tat, we never really played with dolls anymore.

Few nights later after my msn conversation with Annur, I was lying in bed and suddenly I rmbr'ed another weird incident. Occasionally this incident would also spark my curiousity becuz I never had the answer to this, so if you can manage to think of a logical explanation, please leave a comment. This is what happened:

Back in secondary school, I had a female creamy brown-white hamster (well, actually i had like 8 hamsters, but Gina killed like 6-7 of them). I put my little hamster in the balcony, trapped in a cage with a cute little running wheel & a small cosy hamster house.

One afternoon, I came back from school & went to check on my hamster, but it was gone from the cage.

I opened the latch of the cage & reached my hand in to open the roof of the hamster house. Nothing. No Hammy. So I thot tat a family member had taken Hammy out of the cage to play with it, so I went into the house to look. But nobody was at home. Then I thot that maybe Hammy escaped from the cage. But then I rmbr'ed that I had to open the latch when I reached in to open the roof of the hamster house, so she couldn't have Prison Break'ed her way out of there.

Did Hammy die & my family buried her?

But still, I did a quick search around the house to see if Hammy was running around.

Then when I returned to the balcony, I glanced over at the cage......................... AND HAMMY WAS INSIDE!!! She was right in the centre of the cage.

But when I got to the cage, she was curled up in a ball, her eyes were closed & her ears were standing. Something didn't look right. I poked her a bit & she rolled over.


She was gone. I buried her.

Now the thing that really bugged me was.......... where the hell was she when I returned home from school? The cage was not a complicated thing where the hamster could hide in secret corners. It's just a small rectangular cage. How could I not see Hammy in the cage?? And the latch of the cage was closed, so this means that Hammy couldn't get out of the cage. But let's say the latch was opened & Hammy got out. But how did she manage to climb back in & die? Even if she managed to climb back in, why would she want to do tat?? why would she climb back into her prison & die in the middle of it?


It has been more than 20 years, but occasionally I would still think of this.


What exactly happened to Hammy??????????