Thursday, July 06, 2006

Freedom of Speech

Prior to my previous blog on Mr Brown's Voice , we have come to learn more about how controlled our media is.

Enough said, read about Reporters Without Borders on their standing with the Mr Brown issue. And how it is NOT illegal for the media and bloggers to express their own political views.

Are Singaporeans being 'trained' to be timid and obedient?

As a child, we have been taught to listen to our parents and never talk back to our elders. When we disagree with them, we are either scolded or beaten or punished.

And as an employee or a citizen, we feel like we are being 'threatened' and 'bullied' into doing what the higher authorities expect from us.

Is that why our students are not outspoken in class, as compared to those in other countries (eg: USA, Australia, etc)? Could this be that we have been 'moulded' into a submissive person? And we have been brainwashed into thinking that we are 'not supposed' to express our own views & opinions? Or else we face the danger of being 'exiled' or 'punished'.

We have been taught to keep our opinions to ourselves.

We do not dare to offer suggestions... nor question procedures.

We do not understand why certain things are being implemented... but we just follow blindly. Anything that The Boss says, we will do it. No questions asked.

Faced with these kind of upbringing & leadership, our individual growth is being restricted.

So, how are we supposed to grow as One People, One Nation, One Singapore?