Monday, December 31, 2007

Grouchy New Year's Eve
If We Were All Animals

I dunno if it's PMS or the lack of attention or wat.

But I'm definately feeling super grouchy today.


My boyfriend is not giving me enough attention this past whole week becuz he had to work long hours. Poor thing. But still. humph. I still feel like being a spoilt brat. I need constant attention.

I think if we were animals...

My bf would be a cat. Becuz he basically is independent and can look after himself. He doesn't need much attention. And if you give him too much attention on a day which he doesn't need attention, he'll snarl and scratch your face.

For me, I'm more like a little playful dog (omg, i'm saying that i'm a bitch). Towards ppl I like, I need them to come play with me and show that they love me. FREQUENTLY. Whereas for strangers and unfamiliar ppl, I hide in my own corner and refuse to play with them and do my own stuff.

I think my brother will be more like a sloth. ahahahaha. Not becuz he's lazy. But becuz he can practically stay in one same position and NOT move for hours (ie: in front of the computer). Plus that contributes to the fact that he has been gaining weight due to NOT moving.

My sister might be a bird. Just becuz she listens to her mp3 music ALL DAY and sings loudly ALL DAY. It's like this constant chirp chirp chirp . And even after you bash her on her head, she's like... chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp... SHUDDUP ALREADY... chirp chirp chirp chirp... *bash bash bash*... chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp... WHY DON'T YOU JUST GIVE UP... chirp chirp chirp chirp... *bash bash bash bash bash bash*... chirp... *BASH*... chirp... *BASH BASH BASH*... chirp.... *BASHHHHH*... chirp... *BASHH BASHHHHH*... ... ... chirp... ... ... and then... she gives one last chirp... ... ... before she... ... ... CHIRPCHIRPCHIRPCHIRPCHIRPCHIRP again... nooOOOOOOOoooooooOOOOOoooo!!! *stabs self*...
(ok... i'm just being dramatic. Actually Gina has a good singing voice, let's all persuade her to join Singapore Idol.)

I feel like having Salted Vegetable Duck Soup from this coffeeshop at Sin Ming.

So salty. So spicy. So yummy.

But I know my bf wouldn't want to eat there for lunch becuz he hates salty stuff. I think he's like allergic to MSG or something. He likes to eat bland tasteless food.

Nevermind. Later I try luck. See if he wants to go or not.

Furthermore, I'm feeling grouchy and PMS'sy. So I think he will let me eat what I want.

Thursday, December 27, 2007


I just realized that I have not blogged anything about Christmas 2007.

Unlike what I did for Christmas 2006.


I can't believe it either.

But this year is a quiet and aimless Xmas Party for 2 persons.

I can't believe Melson actually went to some relative's place with an actual turkey and mistletoe and christmas tree + gift exchange. He's so unlike the kind who would participate in any kind of loserish parties that involves aunties & uncles (omg, he might read this... err... just kidding!!!). Or maybe the reason why he actually went to this heart-warming (yeah right) party was becuz... ... IT WAS NOT EVEN A RELATIVE'S PLACE, but was in fact, some hot chick's party which he didn't want me to invade becuz he knows that I will ruin any chance of him getting laid. And thus, I was not invited.


And then there's John & Wenn who were like, "we cant go", "or maybe we can", "oh then again, maybe not", "ok we decided to go", "opps sorry cant make it", "oh wait now we can", "but then again maybe we wont join you".


Ok ppl, my mood is ruined enough.

Maybe I thought there would be something special, but there isn't.

Oh well, better luck next time.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Website on Personality Tests

Here's the link:

Some of the tests are freakingly accurate.

Department Annual Gathering 2007

Our very 1st gathering for HR & Admin Dept.
Yes, pathetically, our dept only has 4 ppl. And for this gathering, as my manager is on leave, it's only us 3 girls to finish up all the food. FOOOOOOOD! GLORIOUS FOOD!

We ordered Pizza Hut!!!

Although I was semi-ill from flu, but I was still determined to eat unhealthily today. Worked so hard for the whole of 2007, of course must enjoy now, correct or not?!?!?!? ENJOY FULLY THE COMPANY BENEFITS!!!
In other words... ... ...

Being girls and being VAIN, we took a few pictures before feeding our glutton faces.

(from left: me, Anita & ros)
(p.s: I know I look damn tut with that hairdo... plus looks like I nvr comb hair. Maybe cuz I had to activate the self-timer on the digicam & then RUNNNNNN to my picture spot & smile without panting for the photo shot.)

(Everybody saying, "YUM!!!!")

And so we feast and within an hour, the Department Annual Gathering of 2007 was over.

Friday, December 21, 2007


I just watched Asian Idol yesterday.

Of course it's the re-run.

I don't have the luxury of watching tv that often.


Hardy Mirza is so bad at singing and he... actually... WON?!?!?! *gasp*

Vocal not powerful enough lehhhhh...

But he does have a certain X-factor... some kind of shy, charming, boyish smile.

But still... omg... how can he win?!?!

There are other singers who were better (sorry, the truth hurts deep deep, i know).

I have to admit that the guy from India looks like some kind of Bollywood star with his shiny silver jacket and cockadoo hairdo. Watching him, makes me feel like planting a coconut tree at my void deck. Dance around in pure delight... shake my boobies left right... and make jerking motions with my head. Friggin entertaining.

Also, there's this other girl from either Malaysia or Indonesia. This big eyes-big mouth girl. Damn her voice is booming. She practically placed the mike on her forehead and still her voice can be heard 10,000 miles away. She's good.

And that viet girl doesn't really have such a hot voice, but she looks so cute when she's singing I LOVE ROCK N ROLL and that made me forget all about her not-so-hot vocals.

Hardy Hardy Hardy... ... quite a lame performance. Maybe he's super nervous or something.

But still he won.

Which is good.

Cuz he's Singaporean.

And I'm Singaporean.

So, still I congratulate him. But dear Hardy, please dance like Bollywood star, project your voice while mike is on forehead and look super cute while performing.

Then us Singaporeans will be damn proud of you.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wat's the Big Fuss abt Fann Wong's Boobs???

I heard my colleagues talking about it and ppl discussing about it in the bus / mrt / hawker centre.


And it got me curious. Cuz I don't watch tat much television. And I hardly flip the newspapers.

Thank god for blogs.

I read in Wenn's blog about Fann & her shiny boobs.

And I saw the video clip in IZ Reloaded's blog on how Fann Wong Shows Off Boobs at Golden Horse.

Then my expression was like.... (-_-")

THIS... is what the fuss is about?!?!?!?!?!?!


Not that I'm being sour grapes... cuz there's nothing to be sour over.

But but but... the boobs aren't that spectacular wat.

Ok, so they are shiny. And the twins have the exact same shape (which you don't really find on most girls, cuz ours are usually one slightly bigger than the other or of different shape). And her flesh looks taut. And her skin is flawless (ok, maybe just a tiny bit of sour grapes). And most amazingly, her nipples are light pink.

... ... ... ... ... JUST KIDDING!!! Her nipples can't be seen from anywhere. What. You think want to see Fann Wong's nipples so easy, is it. Later Christopher Lee get drunk and knock you down with his car ah.

So... wat's the big fuss about Fann Wong's boobs???

The one & only reason is just simply... ... it's BOOBS. Especially when it belongs to a famous celebrity. But seriously, as long as it's BOOBS, everyone gets interested in it. Women stare at boobs for their own comparison. Men get a reaction in their itchy dicks. And children want to suck on them.


If you look at Fann's boobs, they are squeezed into that shape by that dress.

If I wore a dress like that that squeezes my boobs into shape, I think mine is even bigger (slightly bigger, but still bigger lor).

If Fat Bastard from Austin Powers wore that tight dress that squeezes his chest fats into shape, he would have round bouncy boobs that are huge also lor.

Therefore, ppl should be talking about FANN WONG's DRESS... not her boobs! Everyone should be out there tearing into malls and searching for THAT dress, not oogling at her boobs. Once you've found that dress, *viola*... you can have boobs too!

p.s: ok, so I might be feeling a little sour grapes.

p.p.s: but I still believe it's the dress.