Monday, July 17, 2006

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Most Interesting Movie in Year 2006!!!

I love Jack Spa... ... I mean... CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow!!!

Johnny Depp is really an amazing actor. He displayed (extremely well, I shd add) how quirky & charming Captain Jack Sparrow is.

Plus, Johnny Depp is eye candy.

And sexy (though not as physically perfect as Brandon Routh)... ... in his own way. In fact, I think he has that X-factor sexy'ish quality about him... where you just can't get enough of him!

This movie is cute... and funny... and graphically mind-blowing.

I'm going to like... fantasize about Captain Jack Sparrow tonight.... hahahahha...

(even when he's twitching his dirty little plaited beard, he looks charming)

(The Battle of the Pretty Boys... ... quick! Pick a winner!)

(honestly, who can get away with dark eyeliner and a ridiculous-looking beard, but still look good??)

(even in that effeminate pose, you straight men will wish you were him)

(arrghhh!!! Sexy!!!)

In conclusion: I wouldn't mind being a pirate.

This is a farked up photoshop effort. I am ashamed of myself.

Forgive me, for it is late at night and I took 2 mins to get this done. I promise to do better next time.