Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I was on my way home from work when my sister msg'ed me.

Gina: jie wat time will you reach?

Me: around 6.30pm. why?

Gina: we are waiting for you at food junction now... later meet here. cya.

Me: oh ok. then i will reach at 6pm. later after dinner, i need to buy makeup for kor's wedding. kiss. see you later.

Gina: but you can use my makeup if it's not too cheap for you haha! k cya. i mug in the meantime.

Me: haha! well.................... it's only becuz i dun wan to kenna your zits.

Gina: I GOT WHAT ZITS?! i should be more concerned with yours, can! the big permanent resident near the tip of your mouth.

Me: HAHAHA! it's cured, ok?! your face so oily. later my face also look like kua2 li2 (translated: cooking wok).

Gina: my face is not oily lor! ahem ppl tell me i have good complexion, can!

Me: Right........ you kw some ppl will praise your flaws becuz they wan you to keep flawing? then when you wear something nice, they say it makes you look repulsively skinny so you'll nvr wear it again? this is the perfect example............. 'GOOD' complexion.

Gina: ................... i go and jue2 jiao1 with them right now. how dare they lie to me! omg means you also think the same say cos i rmbr you praise my complexion!

Me: i nvr praise your complexion. i just said that it was better than last time. Honest is me. btw, you kw this conversation could be much shorter if i had just told the truth.......... which is that my makeup is more than 5yrs and i need to buy some anywayz.

Gina's reaction to anything is always so funny.

so good to disturb.