Monday, September 29, 2008

Rude Rude Man (Part II)

What?!?!?! There is a PART II????

no no no.... beside sleeping & eating on the bed.... and laying his greasy head on the comforter, he didn't do anything else. YET.

This is just my own rantings.

i don't know why i'm so affected by this.

i mean.... is it normal for a person to get super frustrated over wat this moron did? or am i just suffering from OCD (Obsessive Complusive Disorder)?? i know i wash my hands more often than a normal human being, and i insist that ppl borrow things & put them back in its original place, and i don't like to share food / drinks with ppl whom i feel are 'dirty' & 'unhygenic'.

now, i'm beginning to wonder if the problem lies with ME or HIM.

I'm in doubt becuz it seems like everyone else is treating me like the bad person...... it's like saying that I'm overreacting and being too harsh on the guy. Nobody dares to speak up. Nobody dares to tell him off. But my bf did say that he will come back from Yemen & have a talk with that moron.

And my parents did feel the anguish for me. Especially my mother becuz she totally hates ppl who takes full advantage of other ppl's stuff.

I mean, if YOU feel that I am overreacting or being too bitchy about this thing, then YOU imagine that YOUR bed is being abused. Imagine that this happened to YOU.

Anyway, I'm getting really tired.

Everyday, I'm at home and I'm DREADING the day I have to go over to my bf's house. I really DREAD stepping into the room. I'm wondering everyday, "what other rubbish am i going to find in my bf's room... on my bf's bed. what other rubbish is that farker going to leave behind while the owner of the house is not around".

i DREAD it.

Sick feeling in my stomach.

It is damn disturbing to know that another man has dropped his HAIRS on the bed that you share with your bf.

It is super disturbing to know that another man has slept & sweated in the bed that you share with your bf.

It is also disturbing to know that this asshole has closed the door while he is inside your bf's room.

When my bf comes back from Yemen, I am going to wash EVERYTHING.

I have to try to get rid of all the residue of that guy.

I have to try to make the room & bed privately ours again. Now, it feels like the room is not a master bedroom, but becomes a PUBLIC room. Anybody can come in & shit on it, then leave it in a mess.

This sucks.

i wish that asshole will go bald by the end of this year.

Friday, September 26, 2008


i didn't accidentally type 2 'rude'.

it is exactly how i feel!!!

that man is super dupey rude!

i really hate ppl touching my bed. you know beds are like some sacred haven where you have your rest & eternal peace.

but this guy???? when the owner of the house is not around.... .... this TENANT goes ahead and lies on other ppl's bed... as if he is goldilocks... *PUI AH*... but even worse.... he was NOT FEELING WELL (flu or cough or some stupid viral shit) when he laid on the bed... and i bet he had SWEATED his sick juice on the bed... .... he ATE some snacks on the bed......... and drop his Hansel & Gretel crumbs on the bed.... .... ..... watched tv thoughout the night & then fell asleep on the bed with the tv on.... ....

how disgusting is this?!?!?!?!?!

YOU TELL ME?!?!?!?! sweat, dirt, grime, crumbs, sick juice, slimy hair....



And that night when i had to sleep at my bf's house (yes, he is away in Yemen & i slept over at his house so that i can send his mother to work in the morning.... i'm soooooooooooo nice, right????????????????), i felt damn bloody pissed off. the bed was tidy & neat when i left.... but when i went home for the weekend, that asshole went ahead & had his fun on the bed.

i know what some of you are thinking, "it's your bf's bed wat... not your bed".

YA. but i SLEEP in it??? i COVER MY BODY with the BLANKET / COMFORTER. i LAY MY FACE on the PILLOW.

do you know how INHYGENIC it is?!?!?!

somemore, my bf's mother always complain that that asshole's room is very smelly becuz of his sweat smell.

so now, you imagine........ this smelly farker comes & have his fun on YOUR bed.

how would YOU feel?!?!?!

but me being me, i just HAD to confront him. HAD TO. but seeing that he is sort of like my bf's friend / housemate / tenant, i still had to be not-so-harsh on him. so i gave him my not-so-pissed-off-cum-stern look, and i said to him, "did you have fun on andy's bed last night???"
and this idiot actually started to shake his head & deny, but i told him, "there were tit-bit crumbs all over the bed".
and you know what he said to me, "oh... ya. then go & vacuum the bed lor".

(O_O) !!!!! *deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep breathssssssssssssssssssss*

VACUUM THE BED?!?!?!!?!?

VACUUM THE BED?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!

who the fark is he!??!?!?! a pig?!?!?!?!? likes to roll in the mud & bake its sweaty body in the sun & create even MORE sweat then only shiok, is it?!?!?!?!??!

he never even offer to change the bedsheets / pillow cases / bolster cases / wash blanket / wash comforter......

and he somemore TELL ME to go and VACUUM THE BED?!?!?






anyway, of course i snitch on him & told my bf all about this in an overseas call, plus sms.

and my bf said that he will come back & talk to him.

aiya.... listen first. whether or not he tells that idiot...... or HOW he talks to him....... will be another story.

my bf might say, "MY GF doesn't like you touching the bed..... MY GF ah, not me..... is MY GF don't like.......... ya lor, she very particular........ yes yes, i agree she is too much for confronting you on whether you had fun on my bed....... sorry sorry......... i will tell her off...."

(O_O) ........................ you think my bf will say that?? hmmm... maybe not. but at least my bf has to support me, right???? becuz he himself also told me that he doesn't like ppl to lie on his bed. but maybe he paisey to tell his friend not to take advantage of his house.

if you think this is the end of it, it is not.

the FOLLOWING weekend, he didn't lie on the bed. but he sat on the floor & utilized the tv (btw, this is MY 30" phillips tv... i bought it for $1000, 2nd hand from my parents.... to put in MY BF's room... so that he has a bigger tv to watch)....................... but he also LAID his stinky greasy hair on the comforter which was folded neatly on the bed.

(O_O) .................... *deeeeeeeeeeeeeep breathhhhhhsssssssss again*...


it's only like.... a little bit better.

100% better would be HIM NOT TOUCHING THE BED AT ALL.

and i dunno why he has to come into the master bedroom to use the master bathroom to shit & smoke...... he can jolly well do that in the common bathroom in the kitchen.

and worst of all, he is not even paying that much rent to my bf..... only like... $250 or $350, i cannot remember.

IDIOT, right!??!?!?!

take advantage of other ppl, right!??!?!?!

he paid so little for room rate, but uses the house like condo facilities!!!

switch on all the lights.... tv on whole day.... internet modem on whole day & night.... uses the master bathroom to shit & smoke.... switch on aircon when he sleeps (even my bf & his mother don't even switch on the aircon)... treats my bf like his driver by asking my bf to send him to work... uses the master bedroom for tv watching becuz can lie down on the master bed.... and many many more other disgusting habits......

i can't even sleep peacefully in my bf's house anymore............. knowing that i have to lie down on a bed with some guy's body sweat & smell & greasy hair particles....


Sunday, September 21, 2008

New Eyebrows

Another victim of mummy.

Me, "gina... you look like LA PI XIAO XIN!!!"

Gina, "hahahahha... really meh?!??!"

Gina, "but I still look chio, right?"

Me, "..... sure".

It's called Creative Eyebrows.

I feel your pain, man. When I was her age, mummy took me to go TATTOO my eyebrows... and in those days, it was old-fashioned tattoo technique (oh shit... now my secret is out!!! did i just unintentionally revealed intentionally that my eyebrows were tattooed???)

And now, they call it Creative Eyebrows.... wow..... and you won't believe it. It actually already looks.... MORE natural than the old-fashioned tattoo.

Me, "and guess what?? i just permed my hair too!!.... just kidding... i just hot thong'ed it"

I look damn auntie lor.... ... i was about to take shower, then decided to play with my hot thongs which were buried in the cupboard for a long time.

Anyway... look out for updates.

Don't worry, Gina.... I'm sure they'll look better in a week or so.

... she's going to kill me for posting these up....

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Did I mention I got promoted?

On 1st July 2008, I was promoted to HR Exec.

Basically, it's more work & responsibilities now.

And sometimes, I feel so tired. Brain tired.

I especially dislike this person at work. She likes saying this in a really sarcastic way, "if you don't want to do, then don't do lor".

In the first place, she was giving me HER work to do & it was assigned to her by the GM. And I merely told her that I'm not going to do that part becuz I am very busy, so I'm just going to do the photos part which my HR manager told me to do. And then she gave me this black face & stinking attitude and sighed, "if you don't want to do, then don't do lor".


Just becuz she cannot finish HER work, doesn't mean that she can dump it on me & then treat as if it's MY fault for not helping her. First of all, she's frustrated at work. That's fine. But don't vent it out on ME. And secondly, DON'T EVER..... EVER show me attitude. I will take it the 1st time... then the 2nd time... maybe the 3rd time... but if this stupid attitude continues, don't force me to attack you back the 4th time. There IS a limit to MY tolerance.

My motto is very simple. How you treat me is how I treat you. If you treat me like a fool, then don't expect me to do favors for you.

But on the other hand, when I try to be understanding towards her farked up attitude, I can sort of .... REALLY understand what & how she is feeling. This is becuz I have been feeling the same frustrations as work. The company is expanding too quickly. People are overworked & underpaid. It sometimes feels like you're being punished or exploited. And then during the times when you are MOST busy & facing TOO MANY frustrations & WAY TOO MUCH work pressures, the company adds more pointless unimportant jobs to your workload & still expects to you fulfil it.

Come on.

I have more impt things to do... ... like... ... ACTUAL operational work. I know the stupid lobby slides are considered as work too, but seriously... ... NOT AT THIS TIME. Not at a time when everyone is hiring & leaving & complaining & political fighting & figuring how to stablize things.

At the time like this, how can the company tell the staffs to go take happy pictures & take pictures of new staffs... then put into some kind of creative powerpoint slides, so that ppl can view them in the lobby tv.


Me & some colleagues feel that these lobby slides are really a waste of time. And at some point, when the company gives us pressure on these minor little details, we feel that it is superbly unreasonable.


I even have to bring work home!

I have to work on weekends!

And I am sick! And not eating well! I lost 4kg!

I really need a good long break from work. Just stay home, watch DVDs, go swimming, get a tan, go to the gym, eat more, sleep better.... .... ...

But for some reason, I'm still working in this company. Everyone told me to quit becuz they all see how stressed out I am & how I'm falling sick all the time.

Even when I'm having a high fever, I still go to work... ... in order to clear the urgent matters & then go see the doctor in the afternoon.

And even when I'm on MC & at home, I'm not even resting becuz I am so stressed out that I had forgotten to do something impt at work & I'm going to fark up something.

Then I have gastric for like 2 months, but I tolerated with the pain until my condition worsened. And when I went to see a specialist, apparently there was hemorrhage & something else.

I am so stressed out.

I need a good long break away from work. And then maybe I will FINALLY be able to nurse myself back to good health.