Friday, June 27, 2008

Little Dark Secrets

I think we all have one.

Something which you keep it from certain people & hope tat the secret does not come & bite you in the ass.

I know ppl who cheated on their partners.

I know ppl who have done downright weird & freaky stuffs.

Or those who have committed a serious crime but were never caught. Yet.

I used to have my own dark little secret.

But now, it's not so dark anymore. And neither is it a secret. It is now considered the past.

Some of my friends have played around behind their partners back, but the funny thing is... ... ... they always get bitten back in the butt. Why? I think it's becuz of KARMA lah, wat else.

I totally believe in karma.

If you used to be a playboy, then one day, you'll fall so deeply in love with a girl, but you'll never get her.

If you used to be such a whore, then men will TREAT you like a whore for the rest of your lives. And no matter how much you try & turn over a new leaf, you'll never ever find a guy who will respect you anymore.

If you used to touch other girls / visit hookers, then your own gf / wife will one day turn around and cheat on you with other men as well.

Then what can the world say, except.................


And yes, i hate to admit it, but I also have received my karma.

Maybe a little too much.

I hope that maybe SOMEONE UP THERE can see that I have 'paid my debts'... and maybe have a little mercy on me.

Please let me have a pleasant life.