Monday, November 24, 2008

Bargirls in Sleazy Pubs

I wonder why some girls act like cheap sluts. Don't they have any respect for themselves & ppl around them?? And why must this only happen to my relationship all the time?

Sometimes I wonder what my bf has been doing behind my back to attract all these kind of girls who likes to touch other guys (esp guys who are already attached).

Yesterday, my bf brought me to a wedding dinner. And this female colleague (who can be considered to be an auntie) came over to our table. One guy praised this woman that she looked very nice in the gown. And she smiled happily. Then my bf had to open his honey-dipped lips and join in the praise by saying that she looked very nice & should wear that to work. And then this woman laughed loudly... .... ... ... and placed both her hands on my bf's shoulders and squeezed continuously like she's having a great time massaging him. I narrowed my eyes. Then she placed her hand on my bf's back and rubbed it all over before leaving to socialize with another table.

What the fark lor.

Both guys praised her, but she has to touch MY bf. He praised her dressing & she gave his shoulders & back a massage. If he praised her looks & body, is she going to give him a full body massage + 'special' service?!?!?!

This woman is considered to be some high-ranking employee in the company, but she behaves like some cheap bargirl in a sleazy pub. But then again, she's in sales... ... so that explains the cheap slut behavior.

Sometimes, I wonder why these things happen so frequently to my relationship. Is it becuz my bf is not behaving himself and that's why these girls have the habit to being physical with him?

You know how these things work.

It is how you behave with others that makes other ppl behave in a certain way with you.

For myself, I make it a point not to get too friendly with the males around me. Even my male best friends do not go all touchy-feely on me becuz they respect me and my bf. They know it is wrong to put their arms around me or hold my arm or laugh & lean on me.

It's like some guys will joke & tease me, but they never put their hands on me. But these same guys can joke & tease another girl, and they will touch that girl / put their arms around her / touch her shoulder / hold her waist.

So why the difference? I believe it is the signals that me & that other girl give out. Even other friends said that the other girl seems like an 'easy' target, so the guys are always feeling her up. I think this is just sad. If you're a girl & guys touch you, it doesn't mean that you're pretty & popular, it just means that the guys just want to get a cheap thrill out of you. and that's why I dont' see a reason to let other ppl see me in a bad light, so i choose not act like some Free-For-All kind of girl.

But for my bf, it seems that there are a number of girls who can touch him freely & easily. And this makes me wonder what he has been doing behind my back. Has he been teasing girls a lot? Has he been giving out signals that he's attached, but it's also ok to flirt with him? Has he been TOO friendly with other girls? Or are these girls just so willing to thrown themselves at my bf... ... even when i'm just sitting beside him??? Then it makes me wonder... ... why these girls actually DARE to touch another girl's bf in front of the gf? Aren't they even slightly afraid that the gf might splash water on them... or slap them... or throw sarcastic remarks? And further wondering... ... could it be that my bf somehow gave them some unspoken signal that it was ok for them to do this in front of me?

I might be thinking too much. But this is NOT the 1st time that this kind of things have happened before my eyes. And I'm starting to doubt the whole situation.

And seriously, on that wedding night, both guys gave her praises... ... but she had to touch ONLY my bf and NOT the other guy. Why leh? Why is this so? And that other guy has been working with her in the company longer than my bf has, so this woman should be closer to that other guy, right? and don't tell me that within the 1 year which my bf has been in this company, he & this woman have gotten so close to the point of getting his shoulders & back rubbed in front of his gf?????

I mean... ppl give you praise, good lah! you happy, then happy lah! why must go and rub ppl's shoulders & back for wat?!


I know sometimes my bf can get a little too friendly with ppl. To give him credit, I think he might have UNintentionally AROUSED this woman somehow... ... becuz I know how he likes to tease ppl... ... male & female... ... taxi-drivers, waitress, aunties selling meepok, uncles selling chicken rice, etc etc... ... ... so it is also his own character that causes him to automatically have no control over himself when there is a chance to tease ppl. But I always tell him, if he teases the wrong ppl then they might get the wrong idea. And this woman proved my point.

And once again, I'm quite irritated that my bf didn't do anything about it AGAIN. This is not the 1st time that ppl has done something inappropriate in front of us. Even HE AGREES that it is wrong. But he still never do anything to stop it.

Some of you might think that I am over-reacting. This is not the issue of a woman rubbing my bf's shoulders & back. But it is the issue that she has got no respect for the gf who was sitting beside him. And if she can do this 1 time, then she can do it a 2nd time & 3rd & 4th... and she will continuously do this just becuz she CAN. *feeling very cross now*... What?! You want me to watch you touch my bf, then you lagi happy, is it? Prove that my bf likes you to touch him, is it? Making me feel like I 'lose face' becuz my bf never reject your touch, is it?

So farking pissed off. Stupid bitch. You so damn bloody fat & saggy, maybe I should go over to your husband and rub his shoulders & back as well. Huh? How would you like that? He probably would prefer a young girl like me to touch him instead of you. So what if you have gigantic boobs? They're just squeezed together by the fats surrounded the rest of your tubby body. Old enough to be somebody's mother & still behaving like a bad influence. And don't you dare give me the excuse that you're just giving my bf a FRIENDLY MOTHERLY touch, okay?! becuz I KNOW it's not motherly. Mothers don't squeeeze & rub their son's shoulders & back all over.

Don't let me catch you doing this a 2nd time.

Or you will regret it.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I Like to Move It Move It

He likes to move it move it.


She likes to move it move it...

We like to......... MOVE IT!!!!

:-D !!!!!!!!!!

Me & my bf wanted to watch Tropic Thunder, staring Ben Stiller & Robert Downey Jr, but the Eng Wah cinema in Suntec doesn't film it. Bastards. So, we watched Madagascar 2. I thought it was really entertaining.... but the kuku bird thought that it was slightly boring. Maybe he didn't get the jokes in the movie. Or maybe he didn't spot the funny bits that were happening around the main cartoon characters (must be his failing eyesight due to his age). But I still felt that the movie was ticklish. I would recommend watching it.

After the movie, we went to this one Hong Kong restaurant to eat at East Coast... ... I think it's called C. Nai or something. John brought me there once & I thought it was rather nice. So I thought of bringing that kuku bird to try out the food. And he thought it was nice too! However, I felt that their food was all TOO tasty. Becuz I felt damn parched while eating their food.

Then when we got back home, I got pissed off with his friend who disrespected me over & over again. Although it happened like... 3-4 months back, but I will never forget the way he persistently tried to get my bf to be interested in other girls RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE!!!

If there is ever a chance of forgiving him, it will be to beat him up very badly until he dies. Then on his dying breath, I'll tell him, "i forgive you. i forgive you for disrespecting me repeatedly."


sad to say, my bf behaved very unreliably during that time. he knows that what his friend did was too much, but at the same time, he's afraid of offending that asshole. so in turn, he offends me... and i was quite hurt by this. but after time has passed for so many months, i thought to myself that nobody is perfect. everyone has their flaws.

even i have my own flaws. my flaw is that i aim for everything to be perfect, but in this perfecting process, i tend to seem very controlling & bad-tempered becuz i keep forcing everyone around me to be perfect.

but don't think that i only want this perfection in others, becuz i also strive to be as perfect as i can be. i know i have a bad temper, so i always try to control it. and in the end, becuz i became TOO tolerant and OVERLY good-tempered, other ppl try and take advantage of me... ... until it reached my breaking point, i snap back at everyone... and everyone was like, "woah man.. wat's up with her."

NOTHING IS UP WITH ME! What's up with YOU?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

so... ... ... i guess this means that nobody can ever be perfect even if you tried.