Thursday, July 20, 2006

MSN Conversation
The mission to arrive at the speed of light

Every thing that I do, I do it quickly becuz I'm a firm believer in efficiency and I hate to waste time. I hardly dilly dally around... and prefer to get things done fast. At times, even my boss is impressed with my speed & accuracy at work.

But sometimes, I wonder if people start thinking if they should try and push my 'speedy gonzales' capabilities.

This msn conversation is a good example of my friends getting too accustomed to my speed:

Friend: So we meet at Braddell mrt on Saturday. After your work.

Me: Ok. Wat time?

Friend: 12.30pm

Me: WHAT?! I knock off work at 12.30... then you ask me to reach Braddell at 12.30. You think I move at the speed of light ah. I'm fast, but not THAT fast.

Friend: Oh ya hor.

Me: ... eh wait... maybe I can make it.

Friend: really meh? ask for time off ah? Your boss so good.

Me: ... maybe superman is free that day.

Friend: na bei