Wednesday, October 07, 2009

(i'm being serious this time)

Desperately need to buy a few dresses to attend a few wedding dinners.

Why people want to hold wedding dinner??? Now I have a big problem. Most of the dresses are tubes. I hate wearing tubes becuz:

1) I'm skinny.
2) Tubes are for girls w huge breasts.
3) Whenever I wear tubes, these weird flesh at my armpit area starts to bulge out. Basically I'm a skinny girl with fat armpits. Why? I dunno. Somebody pls help me.

The only ways to rectify this problem with tubes are to:

1) Eat till I explode, but I probably still will remain skinny. Damn these skinny genes.
2) Get breasts implants.
3) Get liposuction performed on my fat armpits & transfer the fats to my boobs. hey.. that's actually a good idea!


Should I go to Far East? Wisma? Ion Orchard?? Vivocity? Suntec?


Which places will contain the most stores that carry these kind of dresses?

Serve me right for not shopping like other girls... now I'm stuck in a situation. At the very least, I need to find a nice dress by 17 Oct!!! Becuz that's when Alvin & Cat take their indoor wedding photos... and our whole family will be there for a Family Photo! =D

That bf of mine is invited to the shoot too. But what if we break up?

(can hear ND going, "SIAO AH")...

Watever lah... the most I will cut out a photo of my new bf's face & paste over his face.

Why dun I have any nice dresses for weddings & photo shoots?