Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Accumulated Weird Dreams

Dream 1

I was at home and spotted a few cockroaches!!! I HATE COCKROACHES!! Just looking at them gives me goosebumps! I quickly grabbed a can of Bygone and aim it at one of the yucky creepy thing and SPRAYED!!!!


... but somehow, that cockroach had a very hard protective shell, so even Bygone couldn't work. In fact, it looked like one of those hissing cockroaches from Fear Factor... ... ewwwwwwwww!!!

Then suddenly, scene changed.

I saw Gina (dunno why her) had caught the cockroach with her BARE HANDS... and then she was brutally stabbing the cockroach in the body with a sharp twig...

*sudden enlightenment*...

i kw why i dreamt of her doing that now!

My sister used to stab live crabs in the gut to kill them off when she was in Primary School. The rest of the family were just too kind-hearted. It's like we all wanted to EAT FRESH CRABS, but nobody had the guts to kill them...

Then Gina snipped off one of its legs with a scissors (i dunno wat for... maybe to keep at a souvenior). But I told her that the cockroach will take a much longer time to die!!! So I told her, "just kill it quick so it's not suffering"... ... and in a spilt second, my sister pinched off its head with her bare fingers.

*disgusted shocked face now*

After this dream, I had never looked at my sister the same way again.

Dream 2

I was at some shopping centre. In my dream, it was at harbourfront, but it looked NOTHING like the real shopping centre at harbourfront.

I was there with my boyfriend and some of his friends. They said that they're going up to 2nd floor to look at some car accessories.

So, I walked around on my own, but feeling bored, I went to look for some gossip magazines. For some reason, I couldn't find a single decent magazine around! I was looking for 8 days or Cleo or First or something interestingly readable, but NONE. In every 7-11 and bookstores and provision shops, they ONLY sold car or IT magazines.

I was so disappointed.

Just as I was walking out from a 7-11, I saw an ex-bf just walked past me. I didn't feel surprised or scared or anything, but I suddenly wondered if he was stalking me. *shrugs*... oh well...

I gave up looking for magazines becuz OBVIOUSLY i couldn't find ANYTHING, so I decided to go look for my bf and his friends. I went up to the 2nd level to try and look for a shop that sells car accessories, but as I walked past this hair saloon.................... I SAW MY BF & HIS FRIENDS IN THAT HAIR SALOON, CHATTING HAPPILY WITH SOME SLUTTY-LOOKING GIRLS IN THERE!!!

Damn furious!!!

When I walked into the hair saloon, they all looked up at me and had that 'uh oh... kenna caught' look on their moronic faces which I so want to farking beat them up! Then I screamed at my bf, "SEE!!! I KNEW I SHOULDN'T HAVE TRUSTED YOU WITH THESE PEOPLE!!! ALL THEY KNOW HOW TO DO IS TO BRING YOU TO FLIRT AROUND WITH GIRLS!!! I JUST KNEW THAT YOU WILL BE EASILY INFLUENCED!!!! YOU JUST LIKE DOING THINGS BEHIND MY BACK!!!"

sooooooooooo sooooooooooooooooo disappointed in him...

All of the sudden, while I'm in that stage between dreaming and waking up (and of course, still feeling furious), I heard my popo (mummy's mummy) telling me that I haven't been visiting her in such a long time and that I should go see her.

And then I woke up... wondering why I only heard popo's voice talking to me & wondered if it is a sign that I should REALLY go and see her....

I was still feeling angry & hurt about my bf chatting up with other girls. Felt like calling him straightaway and scolding him for cheating behind my back (so what if it's a dream?!?!)... ... but then again, when I looked at the time, it was 9am S'pore time......... so it should be......... 4am in Yemen. Ok. Maybe not such a good idea to call and scream at him. I can just scold him for it when he returns to S'pore on 1 June.

So what if it's ONLY a dream?!?! The dream HAD to be a sign!!!

Dream 3

I suspect this dream was actually connected to the previous dream.

I dreamt that I was a professional ballroom dancer (dun ask me why such a boring dance... it's a DREAM) and I danced with this guy becuz since my bf dun care about my feelings, so I shouldn't care about his feelings anymore also (so childish, i know).

Then as we ballroom danced around the floor, this guy said that he liked me and I was secretly pleased. While dancing, i twirled and twirled and twirled in circles until i was feeling dizzy.

... then the alarm on my hp rang, and as i opened my eyes, it actually felt that i had twirled one too many times... ... ahahhahaa... i was feeling giddy and dizzy lying in bed........... but yet....... i have..... to..... pick.... up.... the hp.... to stop.... alarm......

......... but the whole room was spinning so badly that i couldn't grab hold of the hp properly and it got tossed further from me... ... so i had to get off the bed to reach it.... ... but..... so.... so dizzy...... i landed on my butt....


It's amazing how my mind works while it's asleep.

No wonder i always wake up tired.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Irritating Habits
Multiple Mood Disorder

Some ppl hates ppl to cough w/o covering their mouths.

Some dislikes ppl to whistle at night (yeah... i dun understand this logic either).

Other dun like ppl to pick their nose / fart / scratch armpits in public.

My bf don't like it when I chew my fingernails (not toenails, mind you).

But you know what I hate?

I hate it when ppl invade my personal space / stuff.

I think it's becuz I have this 'caveman' syndrome. I like to keep my personal things. PERSONAL. MINE. AND NOBODY ELSE'S. ONLY FOR ME.

I draw this little circle where I put my family, friends, bf, favourite things inside. And I hate it when outsiders bully ppl in this circle or touch MY things that are in this circle. Simply becuz...






So the logic is very simple.

I am not selfish. I am not stingy.

I just need to KNOW that you want to touch MY stuff (that applies to MY bf also... slutty bitches better hands off MY guy). and if anyone wants to bully / take advantage of MY family & friends, then they better be ready to suffer the wrath of me.

Today, this colleague of mine has this habit which irritates me.

She seems to HELP herself to my personal stuff.

Last month, she used my fork as a screwdriver on a dirty cabinet, and i had to throw it away becuz i can NEVER put that thing in my mouth again, you kw what i mean??

Then today, she helped herself to my scented wet tissues to clean a dirty dusty desk. and she did it behind my back. it was only when i returned to my desk, i saw my cabinet wasn't closed properly and i was worried that someone went thru my personal stuff which was inside the drawer (like my bag/wallet/ID/atm cards/food stuff/etc etc).

so since she's sitting just beside me, i thought she would happen to see the culprit who messed around with my drawer.

i asked her, "did anyone open this drawer???"

... and she said, "oh ya me. i took your wet tissues to wipe the desk."

... and i was like WHAT THE *TOOT*?!??!?!

Is it me, or is it she super no manners???

i mean, it's not that i'm selfish or stingy or anything. but just becuz you KNOW my stuff is there, it still doesn't give you the RIGHT to go thru it and HELP YOURSELF to it. that's why there is the term - PERSONAL stuff. it's SUPPOSED to be personal!!!

i really wanted to faint.

but as straightforward as i am, i just told her it's personal stuff and she cannot just help herself to it. at least JUST say you want something.

then she jokingly said, "so stingy one..."

WHAT THE *DOUBLE TOOT*?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

the problem is, the wet tissues are bought with my OWN money. and you cannot keep asking me to give you wet tissues, becuz to me, i will think that there are OTHER things you can use to wipe the damn table... ... ... like GO TOILET AND GRAB SOME TOILET PAPER AND WET IT AND USE THAT TO WIPE THE BLOODY DESK. (ok, that was what i actually straightforwardly told her too, but her reply was 'LAZY MAH'). excuse me. just becuz you LAZY, it still doesn't give you the RIGHT to use MY things. just becuz you LAZY... ... what kind of excuse is that.

and if you keep asking me for wet tissues to wipe your mouth / hands after eating, i will think that you can also use OTHER methods to wash yourself... ... ... like GO TOILET AND USE SOAP AND WASH YOUR FREAKIN MOUTH.

i mean, if you keep asking wet tissues from me, then i will wonder WHY CAN'T YOU GO AND BUY SOME WET TISSUES FOR YOURSELF?

like i said, it's not that i'm selfish or stingy... ... but DON'T BLOODY TAKE ADVANTAGE OF PPL!!!!!! correct or not.

luckily i'm not that kind of ppl who bears grudge on others.

for me, i am angry that something like that had happened. but i'm not pissed at her directly. anyway after i straightforwardly told her that it's not right, she also understand that she has to respect me.

she's a funny bubbly person. but sometimes, she really has irritating habits.

but i'm not perfect either.

i chew my nails and i have a super quick temper, coupled with a bold daring personality & a wicked mouth. i know i offend ppl sometimes, becuz anything that goes into my head, will come out from my mouth without any filtering first.

like i said it's QUICK temper. not bad temper. i get emotional easily. happy, sad, angry, moody, excited... ... but the emotion comes & goes easily too. maybe that's why i don't bear any grudges on anyone. or maybe it's due to me being forgetful.

it's like... HAPPY HAPPY (few minutes later, feels PMS'y)... MOODY (then sees something interesting)... EXCITED EXCITED (but then turns around to see someone touching my personal stuff)... RED HOT PISSED FURIOUS (start venting out the anger by telling the person off)... COOLS DOWN (notices something funny)... LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH (turns around and tells the person whom i just told off to look at that something funny)... ... SERIOUS MOOD (goes back to work then starts thinking about how unfair life is)... ... MOODY (starts complaining)... ... then HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY (becuz getting off work in 10mins)... ... then when reach home, DANCE AROUND EXCITEDLY IN THE LIVING ROOM (just becuz it's the weekend)...

i might have some kind of mood disorder.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

3 Pleasant Surprises

Today is a good happy day.

Firstly, my bf FINALLY for the VERY FIRST TIME showed that he was worried about me.

=D !!!

He actually expressed it in an irritated and 'bu nan fan' (translation: impatient) tone.

=D !!!

And all these while, I thought he was bochap with anything that I do. And I had the impression that he dun care if I live or die.

=D !!!

I think it's quite fair leh. Becuz all these time, I was the one who acted like a spoiled brat while he keep doing playful unboyfriend'ish stuff.

And tonight, he finally got a SMALL LITTLE TASTE of what he had been inflicting on me.


=D !!!

And now, I know HE DOES CARE ABOUT ME!!! At least he cared enough to call my house to look for me. hahahaha...

Secondly, I met up with a friend who had disappeared for more than 1 yr. Finally, that ku ku agreed to meet up & never give excuses like "BUSY LEH". And glad that we had so much fun & jokes... just like before.

Shit. This means that we nvr grew up.

More amazingly, we had managed to TRY to keep in touch with a long lost friend. And so far, it is turning out ok. Well... we were young & rebellious. Then there were mistakes & misunderstandings. But since it has been THAT long. Maybe it's time we forgive & forget.

3 pleasant surprises.

But my job still sucks.

I just sms'ed my boss earlier. I told her that our dept definitely need a temp. One person really cannot do so many things. Company has grown twice its size within 1 year. 2 times bigger, but still a 1-man-show. Cannot like that, right? How to work efficiently? And becuz everything is becoming so unpleasant, more & more ppl are going on MC / AWOL / leave... plus have to handle so many complaints from staffs... and all these add up to too many paperwork. We're talking about 1 person handling over 100+ employees, you kw. And FULL SPECTRUM of HR.

At least if I leave the company, I can say that I have done the impossible.

But sometimes, really hard to hang on without support.

Nobody will thank you if you sell your soul to the company and ruin other aspects of your own life like health, family, friends, etc.

This is true, ok.

So workaholics, you better take care of other areas instead of just work. There are some ppl whom I have interviewed who actually told me about how their work has led to divorces + kids who don't talk to their own parents + getting cancer but still never take time to heal properly. It's just depressing to interview these ppl, but yet, it's also a wake up call for me.

I hope I dun turn out to be one of these unfortunate ppl. But it's hard not to work overtime in my company becuz somehow, we are being discriminated for going home on time. I have a no-life job.

If you want to have a life outside job, then you have to tahan the sarcastic remarks lor. And then ppl think you're so free, they give you MORE work.

Life is tough.

Therefore, it's the little things in life that I will appreciate more. And that makes my day happier. For today, it will be the 3 pleasant surprises.

I have to remind myself that life is still worth living for.

Even if I have to leave this world, I know I still have had good fun times.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

My New Acer Laptop

Actually, it is my 1st laptop.


The Acer Aspire 6920G.

Super dupee nice, right?!?!?!?!?!

My bf offered to pay half of the cost. SO SWEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTT!!!

The actual price is $1,998. But if you pay in full in cash, then it's $1,900 + free optical mouse + 160GB harddisk (but the harddisk still have to go and collect from Funan & while stocks last). So, I'm going to go collect the harddisk tmw morning. HOPEFULLY STILL HAVE STOCK!!!

Now, daddy is configuring the laptop for me. I CAN'T WAIT!!! Finally my personal laptop.

I can practically surf porn in my room in peace & quiet now + close the door = privacy!

How great is that?!

The laptop has great specs, reasonable price.

And first time I see laptop come with remote control, ok?!?! Great for watching dvd & probably even TV (function still yet to be discovered becuz i haven't messed around with the laptop yet).

16" screen. Damn bloody clear. Good resolution.

nVidia dedicated 512MB graphics.

Excited liao.

Daddy, configure faster lehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I hope the laptop dun kaput on me. Somehow things around me get damaged easily. But I swear I have been gentle with all these electronic stuff lor.

Ok. My next blog will be done on the new laptop.

Must test out its performance too.


Thank you, my boyfriend!!! MUACK!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Wrong Information
Operation Desert Storm

I am chatting with Dummy on MSN.

He said he read my blog and claimed that I gave wrong info.

He said that he is in Republic of Yemen. NOT Saudi Arabia.

But I'm 100% sure that HE WAS THE ONE WHO TOLD ME SAUDI ARABIA before his trip.

I was thinking, "aiya... no need to amend my blog... nobody will know anyway".

But he insisted.

Here is a PrintScreen of our MSN conversation:

For posting this up... ...

... it's for blog entertainment sake...

but... ...

... ...

... ...



Since it's Labor Day and I have nothing better to do, I think I'll just blog.

Anyway, this is going to be a short post...

This is where Dummy (if you dunno who this is, read previous blog on Labor Day) is now...

Actually there are other pictures, but those are in another laptop. I'll post more pictures next time. I told Dummy that since I cannot travel to Saudi Arabia with him, then he has to take lots of pictures and let me see what that country looks like.

Labor Day Family Outing
Other old pictures

Today's Labor Day!!!

1st May.

My bf is in Saudi Arabia now... only will be back next month around the 2oth. And since he's away, he has LENT me his car to abuse. Oh yeah...

My family has decided to take advantage of this incredible offer... ... and we DROVE TO CHINATOWN FOR LUNCH!!!

It was at Mirama Hotel at Eu Tong Seng Street.
(i think i remembered the hotel name & road name correctly... sorry, getting old)

We ate at...

It's like BUFFET LUNCH aka Eat Until You Vomit.

Quite nice.

Before food,

see me & gina's lips so pale... due to over-hunger...

And while eating & waiting for food to be served, it's PICTURE TAKING TIME!!! The whole bunch of us cam-whore shamelessly in the middle of the whole restaurant...

trying to make SUPER FUGLY faces... but seems like only I succeeded...

mummy very happy with photo-taking... daddy just want to eat...

Alvin & Catherine... so in love...

And becuz everyone was so hungry, we ordered A LOT of food...

free flow shark fins, crabs (black pepper, chilli crab, steamed), prawns (steamed, fried with butter, etc), mushrooms, herbal chicken, duck... etc etc...

After food, we cam-whore some more...

... eat until damn full...

Alvin went to get desert, but when he saw that the picture was getting taken, he quickly walked over in double-quick time, just to get a 'quan jia fu' (translation: full family pic)...

... so in order to fulfil Alvin's greatest wish, we agreed to take a proper 'quan jia fu' (translation: full family pic)... but i dunno why, daddy always has to have that out-of-place expression..

... we got the busy waitress to help us take another pic... this time, plus Catherine!

Leaving the restaurant, we cannot resist taking MORE pictures...

Smokers' Favourite Sign

The Young Ones

Shameless Posers

Naturally Shameless Posers... ... ... BLASPHEMY!!!

Yo Mama's Posers

more Yo Mama's Posers

... walking back towards the car, i took a picture of Alvin & Cat in the mirror... ... now THAT'S how the professional papparrazi works, okay?!?!
watch & learn, buddy...

On the way home... as the Toyota Rush can only sit 5 passengers, Alvin got banished to the boot... ... but he did say that sitting there was very comfortable...

Alvin pretending to be a kidnapped victim with his hands tied behind him... ... but for some reason, we all felt that this pic looks damn porno...

We all had so much fun. It's been a long time since we last went out together. So glad I have family who are fun!!!

And of course, my parents did say that LUCKY my bf lent us the car... or else we would have eaten opposite my house... AGAIN.




I found some random old pictures stored in the digicam.


eeeeeee... what's that???? let's take a closer look...


The result from getting scratched by Twinkle when I was trying to give him a bath for the very 1st time... ... ... yup... ... the 1st time is always painful & uncomfortable. But 2nd time onwards, he enjoyed it till he 'fan bai yan' (translation: roll eyes upwards until can only see eye whites due to extreme pleasure)...

Recently, I had this fainting spell at this shopping centre when I was alone. And somehow I ended up in the Staff Break Room at the MRT station. The MRT staffs were all very kind and concerned. They gave me biscuits and Milo... and let me rest in their break room until I was feeling better.

But then I saw something... ... and I just KNEW that a picture HAD TO BE TAKEN.

... now we know... ...

During Chinese New Year, my bf bought a bottle of green tea. But after a couple of weeks, everyone forgot about the half opened bottle. And one day... we found 'foreign objects' floating on the top...

... machiam like a water lily leaf floating on a dark pond...

me... double eyelids... and a huge zit...

And I know I have not posted up any pictures from my recent Bangkok trip during the CNY... but here's something funny from that time...

very innocent textile store...

Melson very amused and insisted on taking a picture...


And also, from a temple in Bangkok...

scary message on a ticket...

Here's a pic of Dummy (insider joke between me & bf)...

him wearing a skirt... or towel

That's all folks.

I no longer have blogging stamina.

but I believe this blog is long enough... hehehehehhehehehe...

Till next time!!!