Thursday, July 27, 2006

Job Search (Part I)



As you have read my previous post, I admit that I might have been a little delusional and thinking that I went for a job interview.

(well I can't help it!)

But I can assure you that the last blog post of mine was an imaginary senario that was inspired by true events... cuz I was looking at the newspapers and I see things like:

(Truth: Pls be old)

(Truth: We prefer Chinks. Same goes for 'Malay speaking environment' - we want ma ceks.)

(Truth: This is an yin place. We are man-haters... unless thou art man who looks like woman.)

Anyway, I can't believe that I actually applied for a job in Jurong. It's so far! But the job posting did say that they provide transport... ... and that beats taking public transport.

I sent in my resume yesterday.

And the lady called me this morning.


The interview is at 2.30pm and I think I have to leave the house at 1pm.

From my very short conversation with the lady, I have gathered these few minor but extremely important information:

There IS transport. Its pick up point is at Toa Payoh (ok not bad it's like 2 mrt stops away from my home). But it's at 7am... ... ... cuz working hours start at 8am (wow is that early or is that early?!).

It is a 5.5 day work week, with alternate Saturdays off (oh my god... why not 5 day work week?!)

The lady sounds like a very nice and polite person.

Well, I'm still going for the interview.

Becuz thy Man (or Woman) shall only taste the pleasures of life after He (or She) has gone thru the tortures of Hell. Therefore, thou shall not complain about 3 things (in case I get the job):

... ... ... shall not complain about waking up too early in the morning, which means I will have to forgo my favourite TV programs at night so I can sleep early... ... *sulks*...

... ... ... shall not complain about working on alternate Saturdays... ... at least it's better than working every Saturday... ... but still... ... ... *sob!*... ... *wail!!*...

... ... ... shall not complain cuz the lady sounded like my sweet grandmother (altho she might be a wicked witch in disguise)...

*looks @ time*

It's almost 12pm now... gotta get ready and step out by 1pm.

Pls pray and wish me good luck!!!

p.s: I have no idea why I was blogging in semi-Shakespeare. So pardon me if I had written it wrongly... mwahahaha...