Friday, October 27, 2006



It is.

Becuz you know why?

They are a bunch of super intelligent people who has an eye for talent!!!


EAT YOUR HEART OUT for I have FINALLY won something in my extremely boring life!!!

I was surfing the Cathay Cineplex website and for the first time, I went to take a look at the Promo Section.

Then I saw this:

Me thinks to myself: why not? I'm at work. I have nothing else to do. besides, it looks like fun.

Plus I've never won anything in my life... partly because I'm not competitive by nature.

I'm more like... ... "oh you want my bf? If he agrees to leave with you, then take him. He's yours. I am not going to fight with you".

But, I have obviously made full use of my wit, charm and sex appeal when I wrote the entry on why I deserve those tickets...

... becuz today, I got THIS in my email!!!

I shamelessly am going to say this again. I had written to them on why I deserve to win those 2 preview tickets to the movie Material Girls, starring Hilary Duff & Haylie Duff (yes, they are real-life sisters... ... ... ... i think... ... ... hmmm... ok I'm not too sure, but who cares about them when we can talk about me).

Well, I'm not going to TELL you what I wrote. It's a secret (hahaha).

... ok ok... truth is, I didn't expect to win and it never crossed my mind to save what I wrote for the contest. But I can guarantee you that I wrote a whole lot of stupid things, but I bet it was funny... or I wouldn't have won. YEAH! TAKE THAT! I WON!

Besides, now that I got started on being...

Singapore's Next Top MODEL Kiasu

I'm just going to keep the winning formula to myself and continue to be kiasu and enter all kinds of contest and win all the freebies to myself.

But then again, maybe I was the ONLY one who entered the contest.

That's why I won.



This means that, technically, I am still not competitive by nature... ... simply becuz there is nobody to compete with me in the first place.




*feels like running wildly around the neighborhood*

Now, the only thing left to do is to decide who to give these tickets to.


Did you think I was going to keep it for myself?

My child, the fun of it was the thrill of wondering if you're going to win the contest. Since I've already won it, it's only (naturally) KIND and GENEROUS of me to give these tickets away.

I know.

I'm a saint.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

"Is Sex Necessary?"

This was the heading that actually made me look at it twice.

I mean, come on. Who wouldn't.

I was blog surfing today and I happen to read IZ Reloaded.
You can look at his blog HERE .

And this is an extract of his "Is Sex Necessary" entry:

"... there is little or no risk of a woman's overdosing on sex. In fact, she says, regular sessions can not only firm a woman's tummy and buttocks but also improve her posture."

I was thinking to myself that this is not very convincing. A woman can actually firm her tummy and arse by going to the gym.

I read on:

"Women who abstain from sex run some risks."

Yeah right...

Then the next sentences:

"Dr. Winch has a middle-aged patient of whom he says: "She hasn't had intercourse in three years. Just isn't interested. The opening of her vagina is narrowing from disuse. It's a condition that can lead to dysparenia, or pain associated with intercourse. I told her, 'Look, you'd better buy a vibrator or you're going to lose function there"."

Holy crap!

I don't care if this is supported by evidence or not, but losing function down there is not funny! Especially when pain is involved!

Oh woe is me who is single and pure!

Good thing I told my friend from Australia to get me TWO dick-shaped dildos.

Firstly, I just had to get them after she told me the dildos were PINK (god i love pink). Then, I was thinking of giving them off as presents to a few horny little children. But after reading this, I think I better keep one for myself (so god forbids that I will lose function down there).

Alvin, in case you're reading this, I was planning to give one to you. But now, I have to reconsider.

It's really a toss up between my brother and my wild-turkey galfriend who is getting married next year... .. or a certain friend of mine who has a lot of cats (opps).

Well, girls...

Start to get that machinery working again!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Alvin's Blog

If you have been reading my blog, I guess you'll know who Alvin is.

If you don't, you should be ashamed of yourself. Becuz he is none other than my sarcastically intelligent 3-years younger brother (but i insist he looks older than me by at least 5 years).

And EVERYONE should remember his face, so you don't accidentally step into his path and suffer under the wrath of his quick-witted sarcastic humor (but really there's nothing to worry about becuz he hits like a girl and scratches like a lil bitch).

You can read about him and see his pictures in my previous entries.

But becuz I know you all are too LAZY to surf my blog... ... I'll just make it easier for you.

Just click HERE to see my very 1st blog about Alvin just cuz I hate his sexy pout. Damn. I'm telling you, he pouts prettier than me.

And then there's a little bit about him HERE about Fugly Children & Psycho Killers.

A few months later, he sent me a picture of him thru MSN (i was at home, he was in NUS dorm). And holy shite, I never knew hair could defy the laws of gravity. See the amazing hair HERE .

Then I blogged about my brother not being a VIRGIN anymore. Read his experience HERE . Yup. He's a big boy now.

Following that, the weird incident he encountered in the USA. Read it HERE .

Another pic of my gnome-faced brother HERE .

Ok... there's more of him, but I'll just stop here. NO point making the arrogant little squirt happy by knowing that I'm blogging SO MUCH about him.

You can find his link on my blog. On the right hand side. Under my Fellowship of the Crap. Under LazyBug (that's him). Or if you're too lazy to search, you can just click HERE for easy access.

But I should be SO HONORED to finally know that I'm NUMBER 1 in his life.... ... in terms of weirdness. Becuz I've always pride myself as being #1 in everything.

Extracts from LazyBug's blog about ME (of course):

"will take special care to ensure that she will be the only woman in this blog with her name in CAPS WHY? THE SAME REASON SHE’S NUMBER 1!! For 1 obvious reason… She’s MY SISTER~~ or brother… I can never tell with that phantom dick she keeps talking about."

I say: ... awwwwwwww... how sweet is he to let the WHOLE WORLD KNOW about my PHANTOM DICK. But that's ok, cuz I've blogged about his Freddy Kruger and his pair of (growing) man boobs. I swear his chest is bigger than mine. THIS IS SO UNFAIR!!!

"Did I mention my elder sis JEANIE grabbed our cat by the tail and slammed it in the wall over and over and over and over JUST LIKE AN ENERGIZER BUNNY! Energizer bunny = sister…"

I say: ... I swear I don't remember any cat!!! All I remembered was a whole lot of loud, high-pitched meowing... but I thot that was just Alvin having sex!!! Ok ok... errmmm... I don't think I slammed the cat in the wall OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER. I think I just slammed it OVER and OVER (pls note the TWO over's only). That's it. I swear. NO WAIT!!! What am I talking about?! I shouldn't be admitting a crime I didn't do!!! We never had a cat!!! My brother is lying!!! If there is proof that we had a cat... ... and... ... if there is proof that I really slammed our cute orange cat (wait a minute, how would I know the cat is cute and orange if we never had a cat) into the wall, then I must plead temporary insanity. I probably blacked out and didn't know what I was doing. Or maybe I was sleepwalking and dreaming of making roti prata.

But... ... I seriously give Alvin a standing ovation.

I think he's got the blunt end of crude humor in our family.

It's like... he's sarcastically funny even when he's trying to be sweet and nice.

I pity Cat. No. Not the cute orange cat that I was accused of slamming into the wall becuz I thought I was making roti prata. Here, I am referring to my brother's gf who is called Cat.

... hmmmmmmmmmm... suddenly, I think I know why I think of roti prata whenever I see Cat... ... ... *ponders*... ... NO! I refuse to believe that I had tortured animals!!!

I wonder how does Cat take my brother's weird sense of humor. Or maybe she likes him BECAUSE he's so weird.

... I guess this is known as the unavoidable nature of women's nurturing instint.

I feel so compelled to send a cry of help.

Somebody please save my Addams family.

"Houston... we have a problem..."

YES!!! I finally got a chance to say what the astronauts say when they're in need of SOS.

Monday, October 23, 2006


I was totally grounded at home during the Deepavali weekend and I didn't even try and get out of the house.

Mummy was punishing me for being such a naughty girl cuz she thought I wore her bra.

... geez mom... wat makes you think i wanna wear your bra... it's not Victoria Secrets, man...


Just kidding.

But 10 years ago, mummy really did ask me if I took her bra.


I was doing a movie marathon on Sunday. I watched like... 3 movies straight.

The 1st was Tristan & Isolde.

2nd was Murderball.

Lastly, it was this korean flick called My Girl & I.

All 3 movies made me ALMOST want to cry. But, I didn't cuz it would be so hurtful to my pride if I actually shed a tear during a movie. That's my lifelong challenge. To not cry during sad movies.

Tristan & Isolde were so in love. But it's like the Romeo & Juliet story. They came from a family of rivals. And then, in the end, Tristan had to die.

DAMN IT! Why can't the old hag of a princess die instead?! Tristan was so hot!

Murderball is basically about a group of semi-paralysed guys playing wheelchair rugby and challenging other semi-paralysed guys from other countries. Some of the guys were actually cute! But it's all about bad accidents and sickness at a young age that bound them in a wheelchair.

So sad.

But these people never gave up.

They even had hot-looking girlfriends... and they have kids. Yes. They can still erect, ladies & gentlemen. Although they are semi-paralysed in wheelchairs, they can still function 'down there'. And in this documentary, there is even a VIDEO that shows you how these disabled men have sex. Holy shite, man. I will be traumatised for a long long time.

However, it is their never-dying spirit that is very enlighting. You see people committing suicides just becuz they cannot take the life that they are having... but you look at these disabled men, and they are still having so much fun... and so much fighting spirit that it actually puts a normal able-bodied person to shame.

My Girl & I is such a sad, sweet korean love story. It's about this dumb, but cute guy (the actor from My Sassy Girl) who fell in love with his pretty bombastic classmate (the chick from Full House). Then this pretty girl went ahead and asked him out for a date, which is shocking becuz he's like... err... how do I say this... ... .... DUMB?! But they got along very well... and he was really sweet and innocent and pure. But then this girl suddenly had leukemia and was going to die. And the process of these 2 young kids going thru the death was so... ... SAD. Then 10 years AFTER her death, the guy is still in love with her... and still thinking about her.

It's so moronic.

OK! I GET IT! She's a hot babe. But get over it, man! 10 years is WAY TOO LONG.

For me, I only allow myself to be sad for a month. MAXIMUM a month. Life is too short to be too sad for anything. The world still moves on without you. Nobody will care if you're still moping around in misery.

My logic is... ... Time WILL heal all wounds. And since it's going to heal, why not sooner rather than later, right? It's going to heal anywayz... so might as well get better sooner.

However, if I end up like those guys in wheelchairs... ... ... errmm... sorry, I'm not that mentally strong. I think if I ever wake up and find myself paralysed, I will just... roll me and my useless legs into the sea and just die.

... ... wait a minute... ... ok, maybe not into the sea... ... cuz I think drowning is a terrible way to die. I can't even hold my breath for like... 30 seconds.

Maybe I'll roll myself in front of a moving bus and just let it run over me...

... ... or maybe not. I don't want to end up being even MORE paralysed... ... cuz then, I won't be able to move to kill myself again.

I think I'll just... go into a deep sleep by using car exhaust fumes.


You see how affected I am by watching sad sad movies?!?!

However, my sister is such a freak. After watching My Girl & I, she went into the room and sort of reminisce over the film in her sick little mind.

I actually saw her lying on my bed... and then I was like, "why? not feeling well ah?"

Then she was having this dreamy-eyed look and she replied, "the movie is so nice lah!".

And I was like, "wat the fark?! It's a sad sad movie! It made me feel like shit now. I hate it!"

And she was SMILING and said, "noooo... it was such a nice movie. I like it".

Omg... she seriously needs to see some kind of psychologist.

Either that, or she needs somebody to torture her REAL BAD.

Anywayz, an old woman came to my house that afternoon too. She bought like this vegetable pancakes for us. I didn't want to put it in my mouth cuz I think she might have poisoned it.

I had always believed that...


Thursday, October 19, 2006

My 1st Gold Class Experience
the World Trade Centre

In case you don't know what Gold Class is... ... ... it's a grand cinema theatre with FIRST CLASS treatment.

Golden Village at Vivocity and Great World City has these Gold Class theatres.

The tickets are like $25 each.

But I'm telling you... it feels like royalty.

Firstly, there are not many seats in the theatre. Probably around 16 to 20 seats. And these are like those recliner sofa beds. Gosh it's so comfy. And in between, there is a small coffee table.

Me and my friend went to the one at Vivocity.

Since we haven't had our dinner and "World Trade Centre" starts at 6.40pm, we decided to get our dinner from GV (cuz no outside food is allowed in GV and we are law-abiding citizens) and watch the movie at the same time.


You know, that coffee table has a CALL button! How cool is that?!

You can just BEEP the staff in to assist you. They come in with the menu (that serves wine and food and appetizers) and take your orders and serve it to you hand and foot.

... so this is what it feels like to be kings and queens...

And you know how theatres can get really really cold. BUT NOT TO WORRY! Cuz there's even a blanket for you, folded neatly on the recliner!!!

After my virgin experience in Gold Class, watching movies will never be the same for me again. It's like an addiction. Once you get started on it, you can never stop. But at the same time, it's too damn luxurious (and too goddamn expensive) to be watching Gold Class for every movie.

This totally makes me want to work harder towards becoming...

Singapore's Next Top Millionaire Billionaire.

And I shall achieve that with my great big hopes & dreams of buying the whole of East Coast Park and turning it into Happy Village (read it HERE).

In the meantime, I shall just indulge in extravagant movie experiences... ... maybe once in a month or something. Or maybe when there is a good 2 or 3 hour long movie. The longer the movie, the more encouraged I am in wanting to watch a Gold Class... ... cuz those seats are just too damn comfortable.

One word of advice:-

Unless you're earning enough to live comfortably, never go Gold Class cuz you'll get hooked on it like a drug addict to crack.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Fun-Filled Be-Belate-lated Birthday

In case you're wondering (from my subject-heading) if I'm starting to stutter, I'm NOT.

... although I do tend to stutter when I'm sleepy AND excited at the same time... ...

I went out with Melson to celebrate my be-belate-lated birthday last SUNDAY!

I know... it been 2 weeks since my birthday has PASSED. But it's so nice of my friends to still remember to celebrate it with me!

:-D <--- super super super happy face!!!

Well, I could put up a picture of me being super happy, but I think I'd rather not.

Cuz then I'll just look like a stupid smiling cow.

Plus, my farked-up teeth has always been bothering me since my milk teeth unleashed itself from my gums. And actually my teeth have been a big issue for me... ESPECIALLY these days. I think I'm getting more vain as I get older.

I used to think that my dracula teeth are unique.

But now, I just want to get veneers. However, 1 veneer costs like $500 - $800. And I think I'll need like.... 10 of them.

holy shite, man!!! it's too expensive to look good these days...

It'll be nice if the Tooth Fairy can actually pay up. Cuz when I was younger, I charged her $300 for a milk tooth and until now, she hasn't given me a single cent. I firmly believe that all fairies are liars now.

Anywayz, Melson and I went to the all-new VIVOCITY!!!!

Well, just in case you have no idea where Vivocity is.... *looks @ my brother with disapproving eyes*... ... it's at Habourfront.

I tell you... it's a DAMN BIG SHOPPING CENTRE.

I felt like I was in KLCC cuz there were too many shops and too many people.

We went to eat at Earle's Swensons (which in short, it's Swensons, only better).

And the food that is SUPER YUMMY!

Sorry, no pictures. We were so excited and overwhelmed by Vivocity that we forgot to take pictures.

... but I think I can still remember what I ordered.

I love the drink - Lychee 'something'... ... ... hahahaha... ok, I'm not too good at remembering things, but as long as you see a Lychee 'something', it's THAT drink. And Melson drank like... 4 glasses of water cuz he claimed that he was so parched from thirst.

And then, there's the sourdough bread that is SUPER delicious. I know... it's just bread, but if I say bread is good. Then it's REALLY good.

I also had the WHAM! BAM! YAM! ice-cream (YES! I can remember this one).

But Melson ordered some coconut ice-cream with pineapple stuff and that was icky for me. Don't ask me why he wanted that, he's just weird that way.

For food, there is that steak thingy that Melson ordered and he made me break my oath of not eating cows cuz he convinced me that it was REALLY REALLY good. So I looked at the piece of cow (i think it was rib-eye or something), and decided to put the replusive dark meat into my mouth... ... ... and... ... ...

MMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!! can I say this again... BOY IS IT YUMMY!!!!

... hmm... i'm starting to think that i have a limited vocabulary when it comes to describing delicious food... ...

And from this, you MUST know that it is REALLY REALLY good... becuz I don't like to eat beef. One reason is becuz I think that cows look kind... especially when they are chewing grass in their sloppy wet lips and cute round teeth.

Whereas other edible animals like chickens and fish and crabs... ... ... are like... ... errmm... ... well, chickens look stupid. Fishes look like they don't care about you, so it's ok to eat them. And crabs just look delicious.

Oh! And I don't eat lambs cuz I was born in that year. So, I believe it's barbaric to eat your own kind. On top of that, lambs have stinky meat.


Suddenly, I feel compelled to clarify that I'm not stinky.

... anywayz...

Another animal which I hardly eat will be pigs. Becuz they look sweaty. And I think it's their noses too. It's like... HUGE. And you can see into their nostrils... which is so bad... cuz we all know what kind of DIRTS are in nostrils.

Hmm... I'm drifting away from the topic.

Ok... so after lunch at Earle's Swensen, we walked around the Vivocity and there were TOO many things to see. And I have a feeling of shopping addiction creeping in me again! NO! This is bad. NO MORE SHOPPING TILL NEXT MONTH!

Then we sat down at Starbucks and I have to say that the Mango Frappacino is SO YUMMY!!! Melson had some boring black coffee and a tiny shot of water.

... that's it... if i mention the word YUMMY again, i have to go back to school...

Then all hell broke loose cuz the sole of Mel's shoe came off. So we had to go find him some SUPER GLUE!!! Good thing there was a Vivo Mart that consists of some natural-product marketplace and Guardian Pharmacy and Giant Supermart... wow.... yes, it was impressive.

Supa Glue rescued Mel's shoe.

We then bought 2 mineral water from the marketplace that sells natural products... cuz Mel was complaining that he was PARCHED from thirst again.

... wat is WRONG with this guy?! He seriously needs to see a doctor...

Then we dragged ourselves over to Golden Village for our movie. And there, Melson bought like... Green Tea (cuz he was SO VERY THIRSTY) and some sugar nuts... and a jumbo hotdog.

The movie Scoop was... very normal and there were too many loopholes. It was like... Woody Allen decided to write the story using boobs (as in Scarlet Johanssen) and no brains. But yet, it was entertaining at the same time. Maybe becuz Scarlet Johanssen has a goddamn huge bouncy chest... and Hugh Jackman was so sexily tall.

After that, Melson sent me home (how sweet of my dear dear friend... cuz male chivalry is dead in these modern times).

On the walk home, we JUST HAD to stop by the 7-11 near my home, and he bought yet another bottle of drink (cuz he was so damn parched from thirst... i wonder why...).

When I reached home, I took a shower and believe it or not, my thick bushel of hair dried in 10mins in front of a blowing fan. That process usually takes about 40mins.


The weather must be too warm.

... ahhhhhhh... NO WONDER Melson was so thirsty...
... ladies and gentlemen, the PARCHED mystery has been solved...

That night in bed, I told my sister of my big plans to buy over the whole of East Coast Park and turn it into a huge entertainment stretch.

This biz will be co-owned by a group of my friends too.

And how we will contribute to Singapore by giving the government money to buy reclaimed land.

And how our East Coast Park will have a hospital built on our plot of land cuz we support awareness in sexually transmitted diseases.

And that my entertainment biz will have extremely good staff welfare... cuz the top 10 earners will be given branded products, like LV and Gucci and Prada.

All the management team will be getting a 5-figure salary, with all expenses paid for.

Also, once a month, we will get the team of cosmetic surgeons from Extreme Makeover to come down and give our staff a makeover (but must make bookings cuz we can anticipate that it will be a very HOT and POPULAR trend).

But I guess my sister was too JEALOUS to listen to my hopes & dreams... cuz she told me to shuddup and go to sleep.

yeah... what kind of sister is that... so uninterested in her big sister's aspirations... i'm so hurt...

She better don't kiss my ass when I finally become the owner of East Coast Park. Cuz I'm not very forgiving when it comes to SIBLING JEALOUSLY that is directed towards me.

Anyway, I think she was punished by my master (Big Boss Satan)... cuz this morning, she told me that she had gotten a rash in her armpits a week ago.

I know I know... ... she dissed me last night, but was punished a week ago. It doesn't make sense.

But do NOT underestimate the powers of Mr Satan... ... sometimes, he just works in mysterious ways. He likes to punish people first, just in case they make a mistake in making his spawns (aka me) unhappy. And my sister just received her well-deserved punishment before she made the mistake. If you think about this logic, it actually makes perfect sense.

But since she's so cute and she is so damn entertaining at home, I have sent my minions to our master and requested him to take away the rash (another reason also being that I was so traumatized after seeing the huge ugly rash ((trust me, it's dark brownish red... it's so gross))... and plus, I'm sleeping beside her every night).

Ok... I guess that's the end of the longest-lasting birthday ever.

I'm so happy that my parent bought me a new BenQ 17" LCD monitor for our computer at home... ... well, though the rest of the family is actually utilising it more than me (especially my sarcastically cute brother, cuz he's always on the computer).

My brother gave me a clock which he won in some game or contest and he didn't even know it was a clock until I tore open the wrapper and told him it was a clock... hahahahahaha... but that's ok... cuz this means that he will feel guilty about it and give me an even better birthday present once he graduate from university and is earning his own money.


As for Gina the little irritatingly adorable brat sister of mine, I don't even remember her wishing me happy birthday and instead, she blogged about my birthday and called me OLD.

... first she calls me old... and then she insults my hopes and dreams...
... wat kind of sister has God given me?!

Oh well... I guess that's what I get for having an Addams Family.

And I love them all the same cuz it makes my life so goddamn interesting.

Sunday, October 15, 2006


Yes, you can be envious of me now.

Omg... ok... let's call this guy - WM.

WM is tall and handsome! And maybe not so muscular, but that's ok... cuz you know how successful middle-aged men don't usually have time for gym and stuff.

Not to mention, he's SMART... ... and I am simply turned on by intelligent men.

But yet, he has a tinge of bad ass in him... ... which is good. Cuz I find goody-two-shoes too boring. And men who listen to their mothers are idiots and should marry their mothers, so they can have a son and a brother at the same time. Same for those guys who worship their friends... they should just move in with their friends and just suck each other's dicks all day.

omg... i better watch my language... no wonder i'm unmarried till this day...

Although me & WM only meet up once a week, but that's ok. I can wait. It's like... waiting for 6 days before you can open the present. And when you finally open it, you just want to devour savour it.

Well, I know he doesn't read my blog... ... so I'm just going to blog shamelessly about him.

Sorry, I will not post his pictures here cuz he's MINE. And also there is a risk that if you know him, you might tell him how infactuated I am. But then again... ... ... it's good that he knows too... then at least he will be aware that he should see me more often.

... ... oh well... ...

I guess I'll just show you what GOOD taste I have in men.

Here he is...

... heck... since I'm so kind and generous, I'll even tell you his name.


Wentworth Miller!!!

Seriously, the new television series - Prison Break - is TOO GOOD!!! And it helps that Wentworth Miller is so gorgeous.

Ok... I know.

I just turned 27 and I'm acting like 17... BUT I DON'T CARE!!!

Where have Wentworth Miller been all this time? He should go into SERIOUS acting! And have MORE MOVIES.

Oh... by the way, just to sidetrack a bit. Everybody should watch Talledega Nights. You know... the Ricky Bobby movie? Damn... I laughed until I had asthma. That movie is TOO FUNNY. At first, I thought it was a stupid lame unoriginal film. But I was so wrong. And the movie is so good.

Anywayz, if anybody sees Wentworth Miller... please tell him to marry me.


And right below are his pictures:

Here's him looking like Eminem!!! My OTHER favourite guy!

And he's looking intensely into my eyes here...

Here's him having an orgasm... with me...

Here's him hugging some black dude... (wait a minute... that orgasm wasn't with me?!)...

Ok... I know something's bothering him....

I think I know what...

He's frustrated that he's only got ONE expression...

The frowning... brooding... scrowling expression.

That's ok, Wentworth... I like you cuz you look like unhappy all the time.

*frowns / broods / scrowls somemore*...

Woooooo... that's sooooo sexy, Wentworth...

Hmmmm.... I think he's TRYING to smile.

Or maybe he just smelt something bad....

Here's him at the Oscars. I think he's trying to tell us something with his secret hand pose.

OKAY.... ... he's DEFINATELY trying to tell us something.

We just have to figure out what...

Here's Wentworth Miller trying to shoot his own fingers off with a toy gun becuz he realized that he did not translate his message across with the secret hand pose.

Wow.... ok... I have a thing for geeky badass intelligent men. He looks good even when he's trying to become Clark Kent (minus the super gelled hair with the twirly piece of lock hanging down his forehead).

And here we have.

Another reason why Wentworth Miller should just look unhappy for the rest of his life.

Cuz he just looks so weird when he smiles.

So I guess when me & Wentworth are together, I just have to keep him unhappy all the time.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

"Feed a Starving Artist" Campaign

Ok... click HERE if you are at least a little bit curious.

I can't help but promote this becuz some of the artist's work is really nice. You can check out her art at the Deviant Art link in her blog.

And of course, if you feed her, you indirectly feed me... becuz I intend to leech some incentives out of this.... hiack hiack hiack hiack...



Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Very Belated Birthday Celebration

Actually, it's not even considered as a celebration. Cuz it's just me and my good friend, John.

My birthday is 1 week overdue, man. Serve me right for spraining my back from trying to reach for a TV remote control and not getting off the damn chair to get it. Damn, I was practically bedridden for a week. AND IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY! DAMMIT!



Yesterday, we went out to Paragon at Orchard Road. Ate Spaggetties (ok... I know I got the spelling wrong... I think). I love that Oriental Spicy Chicken Salad (or something like that). It has this really SPICY hot thai sauce... it's like... sweet, yet sour, yet salty and did I mention super spicy?? And you know how I cannot take spicy stuff... but I still went ahead and tortured myself with that sauce. Yes. It was painful but damn heavenly at the same time.

After that we went to East Coast and sat at McCafe. I guess it was nice. Just me and my good friend. Cuz ever since he got married, we hardly meet up. We were even talking about our ex-schoolmates and all the funny stuff that has happened. I'm glad that I have friends who stick by my good times & bad times.

It got me to thinking... that me and my friends do not usually meet up to hang out. I even remembered how John and me only meet up ONCE in a year, but we still remained good friends no matter what. That is a nice feeling. It just means that our friendship is strong and stable.

Well... unlike me and another gal friend of mine. She went to Sweden with her husband and suddenly, everything changed when she returned to Singapore. I still think of her every now and then. But I guess... ... some friendships are not as solid as others.

Whether it was a birthday celebration or a normal outing, the only important thing is who you're out with. I can be surrounded by a big group of people, but if John or Melson wasn't around, I'm pretty sure I'll still be bored.

Thank you, Someone-Up-There for giving me the friendship that I have learnt to treasure over these years.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Happy 27th Birthday to ME!!!

I can still remember my first birthday blog (read it HERE).

It was kinda sad and depressing. Probably becuz I was going thru a detachment period from an ended relationship.


What doesn't kill us, will make us stronger.

I still stand true to what I have said.

"I believe that this must be the actual reason why people should be happy when they celebrate birthdays. It's becuz every year, they know that they have improved themselves in a certain way... and have not walked around aimlessly as years pass them by. They celebrate becuz they are getting BETTER every year. And THAT is exactly what you should be happy about during your birthdays."

We may have aged a year older and we're definitely not getting any younger. So there is absolutely nothing to celebrate... ... except to know that you have grown a day wiser & have changed for the better.

I haven't been mistake-free since my 26th birthday. I have made some mistakes and I have done some nasty things, but it's all part of understanding who you are. And it's only human to slip into the darkness once in a while, knowing that you will emerge a better hero.

So there are people who have forgotten that 1st October is my birthday.

But does that bother me?

Well, I did think about how people are slowly forgetting that Gni exists, but it's only part & parcel of life. There are people who forgets you, and there are also people who remembers you. It only matters if the people whom you care about remembers you... becuz I sure as hell do not remember those who do not matter to me either.

Let's see... what have I morphed into in the past year?

... #1
The most distinctive change in me would be... ... that... ... I'm turning into a little pussy. I used to be mentally strong towards gross smells. You know, like a dirty smelly toilet or really terrible body odour. Hell, I can even watch a dog poopie while I'm putting food into my mouth.

But now, my tummy feels upset at the smell... and I actually will puke at the whiff or sight of anything disgusting.


Am I becoming a softie? Or am I finally becoming that girl that my mummy wants me to be? She used to always say that I behave like a man.

... #2
I'm becoming more and more materialistic. It's like I'm aiming to earn more money to upkeep myself. I used to be carefree, without worrying about my finances. But now, I'm starting to plan my money more carefully... and how to make my money grow for me instead of just sitting stupidly in the bank.

More money = More stuff to buy
More money = No worries of burdening others when I get sick
More money = Able to make my close ones happy

... #3
I make the effort to keep in touch with people who have touched my life significantly.

I have always been a sharp-tongued bitch with a soft heart. I can't stay mad at people for more than 10mins. However, that doesn't mean that I will let people talk down to me nor patronise me.

And I seem to appreciate the good things that people have done for me... no matter how trival they are. I always keep in mind this famous saying, "People will always remember the bad things that you have done, and never the good."

Therefore, I always make it a point to forgive & forget the bad... and remember the good.

... #4
Becoming more independant and self-reliant (in a way). I no longer depend on others to make me happy.

Becuz the only person that can make you happy, is you.

... #5
Being more focused on my goals and what I want in life. I will make up my mind to pursue my career in HR and will not change job scope again. Also, I know what I am looking for in the future and I will not settle for anything lesser.

And you know what?

Every year, I pray to look a little better and age a little slower. Hopefully, someday, I will look like them:

But my hopes are dashed.

I don't think even the Devil will help me achieve this. And God will not grant me my wish. Simply becuz I'm not evil enough for the Devil to be proud of me. And I'm not saintly enough for God to reward me.

Also, to remind me of my aging body... ... I had to pull a back muscle last week. It's been hurting like a mofo ever since. In fact, I've been on MC since Tuesday.

This is not good.

I'm not even 2 months in this new job and I'm taking unpaid leave.

I'm surprised that my boss hasn't given me the Get-The-Fuck-Out letter yet. In fact, she's been really kind and considerate.

After all bad things that have happened, it will only mean that things will start to look a little brighter in the future.

*hugs myself*