Wednesday, September 28, 2005


After reading Annur's (you can see her link - AnnurBubbles - from my page, if you're interested) blog , I was wondering to myself, "How do you people actually think of stuff to write on your posts???" Cuz I have this blog for already a month and there are like... only TWO posts (well, three now... if you include this one). And I hate to say this, but some of the posts that I have read, are actually... ya la ya la... it's good la (Ah Nur, you know I'm talking about yours). Some are funny... and some just makes you feel sad.

*P.S - InsanelySane (Gina Lau, my little sister), don't hate me cuz I don't read your blog... well... give me the credibility that I already listen to your 'wee nee wee nee whiny whiny' at home.

But seriously... when you're typing a post like this, doesn't it feel like you're ACTUALLY TALKING TO YOURSELF?!?! Well... Now, I have a theory about predicting how a person is going to be like when they're old, grey and wrinkled....

Have you ever waited at a bus-stop and suddenly the old man beside you just... ..., "NA BEI CHEE BYEEEEE!!! KA NI NAAAAA!!!" And you're like, "whoaaaaaaaaaa, fierce sia"... :-O

Or maybe you're eating at a kopitiam and you hear a very agitated conversation, but when you turn around... ... you only see an ah pek talking to his KOPI-OH?!?!?! :-/

Well... my theory is... if you find yourself like my dear friend John, who will NA BEI CHEE BY KA NI NA in every sentence, then you will probably end up being like... ... ... *pls see above for Old Man @ Bus-Stop*...

And those of you sad lonely people who keeps blogging (sorry Ah Nur & Gina Lau Zhen Na, that's you two again), well... ... ... when you're older, greyer and more wrinkled... ... ...

... ... ... whatever you do, DON'T ORDER KOPI-OH!!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2005


I read that a foetus will always start out to be a female. And when it reaches the 2nd or 3rd month, the XY or XX or something will start morphing and determine the sex of the foetus. Well, I'm not that good with all these biology stuff la... but seriously... don't you ever wonder why there are men who behaves like women... and women who behaves like men??

Take my family for instance... my brother is HAIRLESS (damn him)... whereas me and my sister are... well... not THAT hairless. I talk and think like a man, whereas my brother is more emotional (altho he hides it well, but we ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL know). And deep down inside, I know somehow he secretly fantasies about guys (OPPS!!!!!!!!!! hahahahhaha... if you're reading this, I'm sorry BRO). Not to mention, how many women actually look good pouting??? Well, my brother does... *see below*...

<--- "awwwwwwwwwwww... isn't that simply ADORABLE?!"... And then, just few days ago, I got off work and was waiting at the bus stop when I saw a really good-looking guy. But he cannot just contain the girly'ness in him and I was like, "GOOD HOLY MOTHER OF ALL NATURE!!!"

<--- ... right... realllll sexy, Mr Lopez...

<--- uh huh... don't let those balls fall out and hang loose...

So you see, the production of men these days are either...
(a) girly
(b) fat
(c) shorter than me
(d) momma's boy and refuses to move OUT of the house after marriage
(e) all of the above

So... THERE... call me a Man-Hater!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


I am so sleepy... I think I woke up at like 2am in the morning and couldn't get back to sleep.

I just had the weirdest dream...

You know the state when you're about to wake up... and you're in this stage when you're JUST beginning to feel your body and mind? Yup... that was when I heard a female voice telling me, "pls... pls... pls..." in my right ear. IMMEDIATELY, I opened my eyes and I swear I still felt my ear tingling and there were shivers down my spine... *brrrr*... is it cold in here or is it just me?

I swear there were nights when I felt like there's SOMETHING in my room. But usually, my mind is stronger than my body. I'll make myself daydream of something else and keep thinking to myself, "there is NOTHING there... I'm just imagining things". Then soon, I'll fall asleep.

ALSO, it really doesn't help when my brother keeps telling me that he has seen some freaky stuff in my room (and I don't mean my vibrator... *opps*... anywayz)... and well, my brother has always seem to be able to see 'shadows' ever since he was young. And I don't mean to be paranoid, but I do believe him... cuz of certain situations that had happened and it just seemed too much of a coincidence.

But like I said... the mind is always stronger than the body. And whenever I feel scared... I'll just imagine that Jay Chou or Lin Jun Jie is hugging me in their arms... (HOLY CRAP did I just say that?! Stop that, Jeanie... you're turning 26 in October)... ...

... ... am I really getting old?... ...

... speaking of Jay Chou and Lin Jun Jie... ... oh nevermind... I'll leave that topic to my next blog...

Monday, September 12, 2005


I have to be honest with you... in order to create the username for my blog, I had to flip thru the dictionary. Had to search for something that describes what I was feeling... and *wham bam thank you ma'am*... I found the perfect word - Palliative.

"Giving temporary or partial relief"

The word immediately hit a nerve... cuz the reason why I'm blogging is cuz I have too much free time... and I get seriously bored & restless. So I need to find something where I can fill up the empty gap... a temporary or partial relief.

I guess that everyone needs a Palliative Drug once in a while. When we're feeling down, we need a hug. When we're lonely, we hang out with people. When we're heartbroken, we go on rebounds (altho it's not the right thing to do) or we cry for relief from pain. When we're stressed out, we go for movies/sports/listen to music. And the weird thing about the human mind, is that it subconciously knows wat the soul needs (or rather it applies to me). Recently, it seems like my mind knows something's going on... and it has been giving me these feel good dreams (and I know what you're thinking, but NO, they're not wet dreams.. sorry to disappoint). And I wake up feeling good... but after a while, I fall back into that empty state again. So yeah... that's why I feel that Palliative is the perfect word for not only myself, but all of us. We just do things to temporary or partially relief ourselves from an emotion. Like after a break up, you do things to keep yourself occupied... you cry, you hang out with people, you curse, you swear, maybe drink and dance and party the night away... and for a moment, you feel better... but when you get home, you realize that a night out in town is not going to wash away the tears inside.

For me... I'm just bored. And I see my 16 yr old sister blogging... and I thought to myself, "eh.. tat's a good idea of filling up my time"...

... but like I said... it's only Palliative.