Monday, July 30, 2007

Visit to the Temple

I finally watched Transformers on Sunday morning.


Then after that, I went to keep my word on praying to Someone Up There.

But somehow, I dunno if I was sleepy & easily irritable... or some dark evil forces are preventing me from going to the temple. Cuz on the way to the temple... I kept losing my temper.

hey! that rhymes... on the way to the TEMPLE, I keep losing my TEMPER.

Anywayz, I got irritated at small little stuff... and I suddenly felt so drowsy & tired that I just wanted to give up and go home to sleep.

But being conscious of the fact that I am behaving strangely all of the sudden, I tried to keep my cool and press on with the journey.

At the temple, I tried my best to pray as earnestly as I can.

But I am really not joking when I say that I do feel uncomfortable. Perhaps some dark evil forces are REALLY determined to take over my life & therefore, preventing me from feeling at peace while at the temple.

hmmmmm... is that why Someone Up There has given me those 2 dreams??? To alert me that it's time for some divine protection from the invisible dark beings??

However, I still finished my rounds and went back home.

I remember when I was around 15 years old. I fell really sick for a whole week. I couldn't eat and couldn't drink. Imagine sipping a teaspoon of water & puking out gallons.

At the end of the week, my parents brought me to the hospital & I was admitted for another whole week. The doctor said I had water in the left lung.... ewwwwwwwww...

During my stay at the hospital, I had this dream that I was walking back home. And it was the Hungry Ghost Festival period. Then as I was walking, this burnt paper (which the Chinese use to burn for the dead) suddenly flew right under my feet and I stepped on it.

I told my mummy about this dream when she came to visit me at the hospital the next day. And she said that Someone Up There was trying to tell me how I managed to get so sick. I was so unwell for 2 WHOLE WEEKS.

Since that time, mummy disallowed me to travel or stay out late at night during the Hungry Ghost Festival. And she told me not to go to anyone's funeral becuz I always either:

(a) fall sick, or
(b) get myself into some bad situation, or
(c) dream about the dead, or
(d) sense something of the spiritual kind.

Even though I had encounters of the spooky kind, but until now, I still don't see myself as a superstitous person. Of course there are certain things which I avoid... ... like:

(a) keeping dolls (cuz I have been seriously traumatised by Chucky)
(b) stepping on joss sticks & paper (just cuz it's a form of respect for the dead)
(c) eating offerings for the dead (who in the right mind would do that)
(d) peeing on bushes / trees
(e) touching anything that looks like it belongs to the dead
(f) ... ... can't think of any more at this time

Well... I guess I will have to make a more conscious effort in regaining my faith in Someone.

Thinking back, I never know when I had started to lose it.

Perhaps it was during the time when I hit the bottom of the pit... and I told myself that ONLY I can change & control my own life... ... which is still true, but maybe it is time to have a little faith in others as well.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

'Someone Up There'... Again

That's it.

I dreamt of Someone last night again.

This time, I was visiting a medium. And I registered (hey... long queue mah. The medium is very accurate, thus, making him popular) my name with this short-haired girl.

But after waiting and waiting, it never got to my turn.

And yet, nobody else was consulting the medium.

So I asked the short-haired girl if it was my turn already. And she looked thru the LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG list of names & said that my name wasn't inside. And the medium ignored me like I wasn't there.

Therefore, in the dream, I came to the conclusion that I wasn't on the 'GOOD' list. Kinda like Santa Claus only visits those good little boys & girls. And those who were bad will not be on his list.

Big time :*-(

When I woke up in the morning, I told mummy about my 2 Someone Up There dreams.

And she said that she will bring me to the temple to pai pai (pray) becuz it might be Someone hinting that IT'S TIME.



I'm going this weekend.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

'Someone Up There'

Last night, I dreamt that I was in a marketplace.

And I was walking down the stairs.

But right at the end of the staircase, my left hand reached out for the railing but I missed and instead, it pressed down against a shelf... which sounded like I toppled something over.

Then I turned and looked to see what it was.

It was an altar of deities. And I spilled the oil with the candle floating inside the glass bottle, which also extinguished the candle flame.


*prays earnestly & apologizes for the mess*

Somehow, I felt this complusive urge that it was my responsibility to relight the candle again.

And then I woke up.

I think 'Someone Up There' is hinting something to me.

Maybe I haven't been a pious, religious person & maybe 'Someone Up There' is waiting for me to go visit, but I always never do.

Yes. Ok. I hear you.

Please don't send bolts of lightning down my head.

I will visit you soon.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Getting to Know Me

When friendship is still new...

Friend: Where you want to go?
Me: I dunno.

Friend: What you want to eat?
Me: Anything.

Friend: What you feel like doing?
Me: I dunno. Anything lor.


After getting to know me slightly better...

Friend: Where you want to go? *answers on my behalf*... I dunno.
Me: *grins*

Friend: What you want to eat? *answers on my behalf*... Anything.
Me: (O_O) !

Friend: What you feel like doing? *answers on my behalf*... I dunno. Anything.
Me: OI !!!! ENOUGH HOR!!! ARE YOU MOCKING ME?!?!?! *du lan (angry)*
After getting to me know very much better...
Friend: Where you want to go? *short pause without waiting for my reply*... We go to Orchard lah.
Me: ... ok.
Friend: What you want to eat? *short pause without waiting for my reply*... or we go and eat at Crystal Jade.
Me: ... orh.
Friend: What you feel like doing? *short pause without waiting for my reply*... I feel like going to watch Transformers.
Me: ... also can lor.
This is me.

Friday, July 13, 2007

PRC Workers

7 PRCs.



Who in Singapore can actually hold a decent conversation in perfect mandarin?!?! YOU TELL ME YOU TELL ME!!!

First, I have to introduce them to people.

Who knows how to say ''RECEPTIONIST'' in mandarin?!?! YOU TELL ME YOU TELL ME!!!

Then, I have to bring them around the premises and let them know what is what, and where is where... and what goes to where... and where puts what.

How to say "SECTION A & SECTION B" in mandarin?!?! And what is "forklift" in mandarin?!?! So stress... ... ... (-_-")

Plus, when they talk, it's like they are Ah-Mi-Nan (direct mandarin translation for Eminem). And they're rapping in mandarin. No comma, no fullstop. It's like they can talk in 2 whole paragraph without taking breaths.


2 of them were from the city. 5 were from the countryside (as in, they are farmers).

You can tell that the ones from the city are more tech-savvy. 1 of them even have a hand-held PDA English-Mandarin translation thingy. And the other one has the mentality that Every Man is For Himself.

Whereas the farmer boys were more unselfish. They were more obedient. And more willing to help. In fact, they had shown male chivalry.

I was actually impressed by one particular guy.

He was extremely pleasant and he could even hold a decent & polite conversation. And whenever I held something bulky / heavy in my hands, he would IMMEDIATELY come over & help me hold it.

Seriously impressed.

Some guys (make it MOST guys) won't even bother to hold my shopping bags. They don't even let you walk thru a door first. Nor hold the door for you.

Also, this particular guy would be so damn helpful to the rest. He would get water for all of them (and previously, one guy that came from the city actually had the stupidity to tell me that he'll fark care the rest & if they were thirsty, they can get the water themselves).

And when squeezing thru tight corners, he let me walk thru first & didn't stand too close to me. Whereas some of the others would stand REALLY close while talking.

He's such a nice nice fella. I hope all good things will be bestowed upon him. And may he never get bullied by others.

The cutest thing of all was that they'll actually STAND whenever the management steps into the room. Like what we used to do when we were in Primary School whenever the teacher enters the class.

HOW CUTE IS THAT?!?!?!?!?!

I mean... who taught them to stand in unison and greet the person??? I'm sure Singaporeans do not do that (cuz I don't).

And the minute you finish presenting the orientation slides to them or after someone finishes a very INFORMAL speech, they give a very WARM & HEARTY CLAP.


And when you ask a question, they all reply. So unlike Singaporeans... who keep very quiet and unresponsive.

Imagine. These are people from the farms. And they have such polite behaviors.

But of course, they still have the tendency to WANT to spit on the floor. And when they yawn, they just give a very big audible 'yawnnnnnnnnnnn'.

To some of us, we probably will think that they are being rude.

But to them, it's just a normal human thing.

It's nice to know that some guys out there are still sweet & innocent.

Or... maybe that's just the surface. But who knows. For now, this is my 1st impression of them.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Woman died of acute blood coagulation problem after giving birth

So sad...


Sometimes, I have also daydreamed about dying while giving birth to my baby.

And I think about how people will be saddened by my death.

Would my child think of me once in a while? That his / her mother died during child birth. And would my child feel guilty?

Would my husband have another woman?

Of course he will. Everyone needs sex.

Read the article here.

All I can say is, this is life.

It is cruel. And it is harsh.

Perhaps if you pray hard enough & do more good deeds + refrain from doing evil / bad karma things, maybe God will eventually take pity on you.

Eerie Eerie Dream

Since nothing much has been going on with my life (except for intensive amount of work & fatigue), I have decided to blog about the dreams.

Last night, I dreamt that I was with this Indonesian guy. Can't really remember what he looks like, but I think he's quite cute. And he likes me. Nice... .. cuz in the dream, I liked him too.

For some strange reason, we were in a hotel. And dun think dirty, cuz we're only there to look for rooms.... ... for HIM to stay cuz he's a foreigner. *tsk tsk*... filthy minds...

But the staff at the check-in counter told us that we'll have to wait cuz it's fully booked. So, me & this Indon guy went to walk around.

Just outside the hotel, there were these shophouses.

And outside one of these shophouses, there was a little boy. Standing in the middle of the pavement.

Then I carried this stranger boy cuz he's so cute.

And so, the 3 of us were walking to a coffeeshop to eat (dun ask me why, I also cannot explain why this part happened).

*here comes the eerie part*

Ok ok... so I was carrying this boy. And suddenly he was looking behind me... ... ... ... and he pointed to something behind me... ... ... ... and he said,

"... got ghost..."

Although it's only a dream, but I could feel the hairs on my back & neck standing. Plus, it was really cold.

And I almost threw the boy down onto the ground like a little rag doll & scream hysterically while running away flapping my twiggy arms crazily in the air.


I didn't.

After hearing what he said, I calmed myself down and I asked him to repeat what he just said.

The little boy replied,

"... got ghost behind... following us..."

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... scary lehhhhhh...

Then this image came to my mind... ... a pale-looking woman with long hair & white flowy dress (yeah, i know... stereotype female ghost)... and she was carrying a baby in her arms.

And she was floating... ... floating... ... floating behind us. Following closely.


A few insignificant other things happened in the dream, but as the dream goes on... ... somehow, I found out that the female ghost & her baby was actually following that Indon guy. Cuz he mistreated them and somehow they died. But their spirits were unable to rest, so she followed him everywhere.

Then some other stuff happened in the dream, and soon, I was jolted awake from the dream when it got too eerie. Like the part when she turned and looked at me. And she didn't have eyes.

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... vewy vewy scareddddddd...

=*( !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need a comfort hug now.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Q & A Time

Someone asked me these questions in an email.

1) What's your favourite song?
= I NEED A HERO by Frou Frou.

2) Which is your favourite band/singer?
= EMINEM... he's so bad, he's good.

3) What's your favourite movie?
= Gladiator (i can watch it a million times). I love tough rugged heroes.

4) Who's your favourite film-maker?
= James Wan (for the beauty of SAW I, II & III and the upcoming film - Dead Silence... if you haven't watch it, WATCH IT!!! YOU MUST!)

5) What's your favourite book/magazine?
= anything by Richard Laymon

6) What's your favourite quote?
= Life is unfair. Just kill yourself or get over it.

7) Which famous person inspires you?
= Adam Sandler. How did he get so funny??? Another person will be Jolin Chai... she inspires me to get silicon implants.

8) Where in Singapore would you like to stay?
= Central. Cuz............. it's the centre of everything.

9) What three things (not persons) can't you live without?
= HP, moisturizer, money (trust me, nobody can live without money unless they eat grass for food).

But I don't get it.

Why were there only NINE questions???

It's like... either you give 5 questions. Or 10 questions. Or 15. Or 20.

You know what I mean?

9 questions??? Why NINE lor?

It's like having sex... and ALMOST reaching orgasm, but... not yet.

Like watching a movie, but with no ending.

Like paying for something, but short of 10 cents.

I can't stand it.

I don't understand why it must be 9 questions. Add 1 more question will die meh????

This is really bugging me.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Cute Dream

I know some humans don't dream a lot.

Either that, or they don't remember what they dreamt about.

But for me, I dream a lot and I remember most of mine.

Last night, I dreamt that Twinkle was a dog. =D

He looks exactly the same, except that in my dream, Twinkle was bigger. And a dog.

Maybe it is my subconscious mind telling me that I needed security and loyalty. And of course, I also desire cuteness. =D

This morning, when I woke up, I just had to kiss Twinkle.

He's too cute. And comforting.

Rubbing his soft brown fur is actually therapeutic.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Public Toilet Etiquette

I really wonder how can a ladies toilet be so damn dirty.

Aren't ladies supposed to be cleaner than men?

I mean, we DO smell better.

For some strange reason, the ladies toilet in the company I work in... ... ... ... is SUPER DUPER DIRTY!!! I mean, how can lor? It's not even a toilet in a shopping centre where uneducated people may have gone in to mess it up. Everyone in this company is AT LEAST an O level graduate.... some are Diploma holders... and others are even Degree holders. Plus we're all working in a company as civilised adults.

For one, it STINKS. But I can blame that on poor ventilation (come on lah, I don't work in Fuji Xerox Tower where the toilets are air-conditioned, ok) since the building is like... older than me.

Secondly, around the sink, there's always water around the floor. What if someone slips and falls on her bum? You know how embarrassing it is to have a wet patch on your bum?!?!?!?!?!?!

Thirdly (and this is the thing that I can never ever figure out), HOW CAN THERE BE PEE ON THE TOILET SEAT COVER & ALL OVER THE FLOOR NEXT TO A SITTING TOILET BOWL?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?! Did a guy accidentally step into a ladies toilet and decide to pee standing up without lifting up the toilet seat?!?!?!?!?! And did his flow of pee split into 3 shooting streams instead of one?!?!?!?! Or did a lady colleague of mine have this secret fantasy of peeing standing up?????? FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!! IF YOU MUST PEE LIKE A MAN, THEN FOLLOW THE CODE OF TOILET LAW & LIFT THE DAMN TOILET SEAT UP!!! It's bad enough that I have to step into a puddle of yellow water everytime I have to do my business, but it's EXTRA UNCOOL to actually see SPLATTERS of pee around the toilet seat!!! URGH (x100000000000000)!!! And and and... ... what if I actually slip on that puddle of pee pee?!?!?! It's embarrassing enough to have a wet bum patch... ... ... ... but can you imagine if it is a SMELLY wet bum patch?!?!?!?!?!

Lastly, this applies to EVERYONE!!! If you do your poopie business, can you PLEASE have the decency to FLUSH the toilet every now and then????? Nobody wants to go in and gag on the stinky smell of rejected unprocessed food. You may like the smell of your own waste, but nobody else wants a whiff of it.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Poor Injured Twinkle

After 3 weeks of living like a hairy sweaty pig, Twinkle Lambabo was finally given a bath today.

Click on Twinkle to see his very 1st pictures!!! So adorable!!!

Then during his bath, seeing that he has been so motionless and still, I don't know what in the world possessed me to try and cut his nails. For the first time.

At first, all went well with the left paw, right hind leg and left hind leg. Until I started on his right paw, then... tragedy struck.

Just as I was lifting up his right paw, Gina came and was like, "huh... you cutting his nails ah?"

So I was like, "yeah... but have to be very careful becuz the flesh grows into half of the nail, so have to watch out for the flesh when cutting."

*snips the nail on the baby finger*






*plants a million kisses on his brown furry head*

After lots of cuddling and smooching (plus multiple attempts in trying to stop the bleeding), I put him back into his studio apartment.

Yup. Studio Apartment. I know all the other rabbits are soooooooo jealous. Twinkle actually has a nice decent space for running and hopping in the living room area. Click HERE (a portion of Gina's blog) to see his current pictures that were
taken in his studio apartment.

And then, my turn to take a shower just cuz giving Twinkle a bath is always a long, tedious process.

Firstly, he has got waterproof fur (I'M SERIOUS!!! It always takes me 15 mins to get 80% of the fur wet).

And secondly, I have to blow dry his windproof fur (I'M REALLY NOT KIDDING!!! You can try for 1 hour and his fur will STILL be wet).

Lastly, I have to constantly multi-task between holding the hair dryer on my left hand & untangling his fur with a rabbit comb on my right hand & comforting him while he's laying on the table (yeah... well... Twinkle is afraid of heights).

I felt sooooooooooooooooooo guilty for hurting Twinkle.

Thinking about it, Twinkle took the pain like a man. No struggling, no teary eyes, no pitiful licking of his injury, no whining...

When I came out from the shower, I went to give Twinkle more love.

But... ... ...

... ... all he wanted to do was hump my hand.



Twinkle must be into S&M. He must get turned on by pain.

Anywayz, after much consideration, I decided to let Twinkle hump my hand in a form of apology.

*sees Twinkle nodding his head excitedly*


AND BAD BAD BOY!!! tsk tsk tsk...

*Twinkle's face droop downwards, feeling slightly ashamed of himself for getting excited over a hand*

What am I? Sick?!?!?!

How possible I let a rabbit hump my hand. So gross.

But I bet some ppl out there would love to have animal sex (not sex like animals, but literally, sex WITH animals). Maybe I should find some sick perverted animal-worshipper and get them to give Twinkle a blow-job.

... ...

*long silent pause*


Ok lah ok lah... maybe I'll buy a female playmate for Twinkle.

*Twinkle's eyes twinkling*


Mummy will kill me if there is another animal in the house.

So... sorry, Twinkle.

Born a virgin, die a virgin.

But if anyone has a female virginal & clean bunny, please feel free to bring her over to have sex with my ultra-cute, alpha-male bunny.

Yes, I will be picky when it comes to finding a prospective gf for Twinkle.

She has to go thru a series of interviews and inspections first.

No cheap, dirty whore bunnies allowed.

No inter-species sex allowed (eg: cats, dogs, iguanas). Thank you for your kind offers, but I'll have to politely decline.