Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Music and Lyrics

I just rented this movie.

And I honestly really dislike the British accent. (I HAPPEN TO THINK THE BRITISH ACCENT IS SO SEXY! AND THEY'RE SO WITTY! BRITISH PEOPLE ARE SO WITTY AND CHARMING AND SEXY AND YOU CAN'T DENY IT! - invasion of my bratty little sister who typed this while I went to play with Twinkle). I tried to watch like About A Boy, Love Actually and Bridget Jones Diary... and 5 mins of British accent was all I could take. After that 5 mins, I just wanted to physically abuse my television.

BUT, after watching Music and Lyrics... ... it's so... ... (i can't believe i'm going to say this)...


... seriously, it's funny. And romantic. And the soundtrack is SUPER catchy.

Come on lah... even my daddy was laughing along with the movie. And he HATES mushy romantic non-action stuff.

So trust me. It's THAT good.

Even the British accent didn't even irritate me one bit. Or maybe Hugh Grant tried not to talk too British'ly.


I've been sick for almost 5 days now. I have been having the milky-colored shit, with green specks. That is not normal shit. How can shit be milky color. Maybe I've been somehow abducted by aliens and I've been probed and somehow they have managed to manipulate my shit. Honestly speaking, if my shit was actually chocolate or some kind of desert, it will look quite delicious.

Apart from that, I have lost weight. I can't believe that I actually still can lose weight, seeing that I'm already so frail looking. I'm beginning to think that I'm subconsciously anorexic.

Ever since I started my new job, I've been falling sick quite often. It's probably the food, or the air or the water in that place.

But funnily, I actually like working there. I like my manager cuz she's just great and understanding. Plus, I guess what is important is that she actually recognizes the effort that I put in. But I really wish I wouldn't get sick so often cuz it doesn't look too good on me (i know, it's like, my big ego & pride thing).

Anywayz, back to the movie... ... ...

I really think that it is so romantic & sweet for Hugh Grant to actually write a song for Drew Barrymore... and it was related to his feelings towards her and the certain cutey sweety things that happened between them.

*heart flutters*

I'm going to like... watch this a zillion times.

It's such an honest feel-good brainless movie.