Thursday, August 31, 2006

My New Life

... ... is no life.

Work, sleep, work, sleep, work, sleep. No time & energy for entertainment. I don't even have time to play my Sims. No energy to stay awake and watch TV.

But still... I have a feeling that I'm going to like this new workplace. I can get used to waking up at 6am and sleeping at 8pm (or the latest at 11pm, but very rarely).

I have a boss who isn't like my previous bosses... so far. Well, I always take things with a pinch of salt... ... cuz I always believe that good things don't last forever. People will change... and so will the environment.

My colleagues are cool... so far.

The scope of my job... well... I kinda like it. Becuz it keeps me busy... and time passes faster. However, I do hope that more guidance is given... cuz now I feel like I'm just picking bits & pieces of things from all over the place.

The only regret I have is... ... that I haven't been 100% at work yet.

lazy say lazy lahhh...


... or maybe just a little lazy.

No wait... I'm not lazy. I'm just super sleepy & un-recharged... so it just LOOKS like I'm being lazy, but I'm not.

I used to give it my best in my job, but recently, I have not been feeling the drive. Probably I'm burned out... no more juices left in this twiggy little body of mine (or am I getting older?). I've been careless and tired and forgetful, but I'm trying not to go into the deep end.

I blame my previous companies... cuz they brainwashed me into believing that hard work doesn't pay. I worked my ass off for my previous 2 companies, but did they appreciate it?!

Nooooooooooooooooo... of course not! Instead, they promoted all the Ass-kissers... and increased the pay of the Backstabbers.

*sigh*... I have to try and get my engines pumping like they used to.

But how?


*thinks of nothing brilliant*...

I don't feel very funny anymore. Even my blog posts are getting boring. Sorry... but I'm just too sleepy to be funny. I just want to sit on a comfy recliner, look up into the sky & daydream my life away.


I'm not brilliant anymore...

I'm not funny...

I'm dreamy...

My worst nightmare is going to come true...

I'm just going to turn into this boring, cranky, left-on-the-shelf, skinny, hairy bitch...

And you know what h... p.... ac... ... a... w.... ahhhhhh forget it... I don't feeling like blogging anymore...

I'm going to bed.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Say AYE to Genital Mutilation

Those in favor of Genital Mutilation, please say 'Aye'.

But dun worry.

We're not talking about slicing the dick into half and make it look like a two-headed snake.

Nor are we implying that we want to stretch the pussy and make it look like a gigantic mouth with seaweeds.

The topic here today is... ...


And for this, I support the notion.

BUT... only for the males.

Yup. I strongly believe that circumcision is only meant for the boys.

Cut away their foreskin. It'll be more hygenic for them.

The reason being that... the foreskin 'traps' a lot of urine residue and sweat... and whatever that can be trapped beneath the skin... ...

... ... which in turn, will cause bacteria build-up.

And if a guy is a dirty little fella who doesn't wash before having sex, then he will... ... err... .... 'pump' these bacteria into the girl's vaginal... which will go up into her urinary tract and give her an infection... like a bladder infection that will causes pain when she pee & in some serious cases, she will pee blood.


Also, for the guy... if bacteria build-up is constant, then he will also give himself an infection in his wee wee.


Therefore, I encourage newborn sons to go for a circumcision.... which I intend to do for my future son (if I ever have one).

As it seems, even GIRLS are being circumcised.

gosh... cut where sia...

I also don't know. But I do think it is NOT right for girls to be circumcised! I mean... it has nothing to do with health.... it's not as if UNcircumcised girls will cause bacteria build-up like the males. In contrary, it will causes them health problems, and in some cases, even death!!!

Click here for the article to find out why girls should NOT be circumcised.

For those of you who plan on circumcising your girls, DON'T DO IT !!!!

For those of you who have already done it.... then.... .... well... ... ... may the force be with you, your daughter and her nether regions.

Anyway, back at home...

Alvin is a circumcised little boy!!!

hiack hiack hiack hiack...

Usually, circumcision is done at child birth.... but for Alvin... ... nooooooooooooo... it was done when he was about 2 or 3 yrs old.

The story to his circumcision is becuz of the bacteria build-up in the foreskin.

For some reason, his foreskin is so tight that he can't pull it backwards to wash the pee pee residue out. So, over time, the bacteria gave him an infection. Thus, our parents brought him to slice out his foreskin.

... don't say already... ... I can still remember the pain.
By the way, it's not becuz the foreskin is too tight... it's becuz my dick grew too big...

Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... ... right.

*looks @ Gina*...

Oi ?????

Gina!!! YOU TOO???!?!?!??!!

... no lah... I just woke up... I want to pee...


Oh well... so here's a little bit of info from Gni's blog-a-doo-doo.

... did i just say blog-a-doo-doo?!?! god... i must be really bored at work...


Friday, August 25, 2006

Video Blog
... yes you've heard it...
... we have decided to go crazy with our homemade videos...

You better believe it.

Me and my sister were playing around... and we've decided to set up a mindless video blog.

It's still new.

But it will contain clips from practically anything that is video format... hahahaha...

Watch this space:

I know some of the videos are confusing... so you will either get it or you don't...

... hiack hiack hiack hiack hiack...

PISS... opps... i mean... PEACE OUT...

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Wat a Guy again!!!

Remember this post about my ex-poly schoolmate?

We went out last weekend.

When we were in a cab on our way home, he started talking about people with big noses and big mouths (literally). He said,

"you realize that people who has big noses and big mouths are all very rich? You don't believe me... you think about the Hollywood actors & actresses... all those who can make it big, have big mouths."

And I was silent for a moment while I tried to think of an actress who DOES NOT have a big mouth.

... ... *thinks*... ...

... shit... how come I can only think of Angelina Jolie and Julia Roberts???

Just as I was still pondering about it, he said,

"you see my mouth also very big"

I laughed, knowing that he's trying to be thick-skinned again & implying that he will make it big in life too... ...

Me: HAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAA!!! Your mouth big meh???

Friend: Ya.

Me: *scrutinizes his mouth for a moment*... not big wat...

Friend replies in dead serious tone & gestures to his mouth: ... my mouth is inside big... outside small...

HAHAHAHHAA... ... like that also can?!?!

He's a damn funny guy... our lives will be so boring if we do not have friends like him.

I think I'm blessed cuz I'm surrounded by funny people... like my brother, my sister... Melson... John... Grace... Gwen... and many others. My life is never boring... but that also means that I hardly get a chance to grow up maturely... hahaha... I like it.

Anyway, I finally did his Superman pic.

And I have to say... that I've done a pretty good job. In fact, he looks damn funny lah! hahahahaha... too bad the picture quality wasn't that clear, but other than that... it's cute.

Below are the original pictures that he MMS'ed to me:-

This first pic was taken at a slightly wrong angle...

So I told him to take the picture with more side view... and also to look down instead of staring ahead...

And then he sent this...

Ahhh... much better to work on!

And now... here is the Superman pic...

Are you ready???

Are you REALLY ready?????


Leon Similan & Kate Bosworth
Starring in
Superman Returns for a Haircut

Ok ok... I confess.

I cheated a bit on the hair and gave him a sideburn.

By the way... is it me or does it look like he's staring at her boobs???

Saturday, August 19, 2006


I know today is Saturday.

But I'm still working half day at work till 12.30pm. And basically, I'm done with my work... so I'm blogging.

Very good life, right? I know you're jealous now.

I was just reading the previous issue of The Straits Times (17 Aug, Thurs) when I saw the headlines beaming at me:

Rise in Sex Infections Hastens Need To Educate The Young

And you know that these kind of headlines just captures the readers' (or maybe it's just me) interest. So I read further and the sub-heading reads:


10 years old?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I mean... TEN years old?!?!??!!


Ok. I have to admit... I'm still in a state of shock.

I even said it out aloud, "wat the fug... ... 10?!?!"

So, it's lucky that my boss is not workin on the same Saturday as me (we work alt Sats) and as long as she doesn't find out that I'm a vulgar little bitch, then everything will be fine.

Anyway, back to the HIV topic...

I can't believe that more than 40 Singaporeans have been diagnosed HIV-positive last year!!! And they are aged 10 - 19 years old. So young... so foolish.

This actually makes me wonder about Gina... she will be 17 this year...


The world is so unsafe.

Judging by the numbers of infected ppl in Singapore, in 5 yrs' time, half the population will be HIV-positive. And I will marry an 8yr old kid just to be sure that he is disease-free.

I'll be 32 by then. Wow... I have to wait another 10 years for him to be legal... and then I'll be 42.

Ohhhh... the taste of sweet young innocent flesh...

Come boy boy... jie jie give you sweet... yum yum... come get it...

*slurps ti-ko'ly*

In the meantime, you people out there better stop having casual sex!!! You're endangering all the other human species, for God's sake!!! And if I ever find out who's the moron who farked that AIDS infected monkey in Africa, I'll burn your penis!!!



Thursday, August 17, 2006

Updates on My New Job
As you all know (but if you don't know, then I'm hurt), I have landed myself in a new job... in a far and forsaken land called Gul Circle (which is even further than Jurong)... hahahaha...

It's not an easy job.

But someone's gotta sacrifice and go to Hell.

"hiack hiack hiack hiack"
- I dunno why, but these days I've been delibrately laughing like this. I think it must be from working unsocially at work.

I've got a nice (body parts included) lady boss. She's friendly and cute... and she doesn't look like she's bitchy nor a politics player. Or at least, that's how it seems... for the time being.

I've been on this job for 2 weeks already. So far, there's only 1 annoying auntie in Accounts who pisses me off. She's such a rude person. Sometimes, I'm just amazed at how someone can be rude to another person even when they just met.

But is it me... or are people in the Accounts generally foul-tempered??

I need to wake up at 6am every morning for work, so I usually sleep at 8 or 9pm... latest at 10 at night.

I know. So early.

And for the first time in my 26 years, I have to bring a lunch box to work (thank god, mummy cooks well).

There is absolutely nowhere to eat around this Gul area... unlike Orchard or Balestier or every other place. So the rest of the staff will either bring a lunch box or order from this nearby coffeeshop that doesn't serve tasty food.

I practically work, eat, surf internet & (add in other activities) at my desk.

All the departments are so far from each other. So people hardly get to talk to anyone.

And my department only has my lady boss & me.
(p.s - she is seriously a serious worker... therefore, hardly chit-chat)

Plus, our BIG BIG boss is just one door away.

So I'm bored. Thus, the working unsocially at work... which indirectly leads to me to think of silly ways to entertain myself (and currently, it's the hiack hiack laugh).

Everyday, I get home and I feel the need to irritate my sister... but she's been taking the abuse like a good little girl. *pat pat*... ... dun look at me like that... I just need to increase my Social and Fun bar (if you play The Sims, you will understand what I mean. If you don't, then I'm sure you're so smart, you'll be able to guess lah).

However, I've been kept pretty busy at work... and loving it. So many things to learn... and best of all, I only take instructions from ONE nice person (lady boss)... instead of serving many other imbeciles like my previous companies.

On top of that, I think my skin complexion is improving from all the sleeping early and waking up early... but soon, I will be trying out that indoor tanning salon and thus, damaging my skin... yeahhhh...

Till next time!!!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Bits & Pieces of Random'ness

First... I want to kao bey about my haloscan... or my internet... or something! I can't seem to leave a comment in my own blog and my friends' blogs!!!

Evan - If you read this, I was wondering if you got my comment on your National Day blog post (a rather long one)... cuz I left a comment, but until now, I don't see it on your haloscan... or maybe... YOU REJECTED IT!!! SOB!!!

Cat (meow mee) - If you see this, I actually replied to your comment (abt Alvin licking Fiona Xie's boobs) on my blog... but somehow, it just doesn't show.

... ... sigh ... ...

Is it me... or do I feel a higher power going against me???

And now, as I'm blogging this post... I realized that my Blogger toolbar is farked up too!!! It only shows 'Bold' and 'Italic' and the 'Insert Picture' icon.


Like the 'Font Size' and other stuff???

Second set of random'ness... ...

I got the whole family to pose for a group picture.


My new Sony Ericsson K800i has a self-timer mode.

How cool is that???

There is even a ticking sound to let you know how much time you have before it takes the picture!!!






*tick tick tick tick tick*


Alvin looks smug (as usual).

Daddy Lau looks like Al Pacino.

Mummy Lau looks like she's having fun.

Gina looks like she's pretending to have fun.

And I look like I'm on drugs.

Anywayz, here is a picture of Alvin when he was walking out of the toilet. Looks like he's scratching his head and balls... ... ... hmmmm... ... and do I see a little sense of satisfaction on his face... or is it just me?

Third piece of random'ness... ... well, the Lau (Addams) Family went out to Toa Payoh for lunch and also, to sell off our extra hp's.

I got $150 for my Samsung D500...
And my brother got $140 for his Nokia 6250...

Today must have been Flag Day. There were LOTS of pesky students roaming around the MRTs and Bus Interchanges.... terrorized the country's citizens for donations.

Mummy Lau decided to ward them off by donating to one of them and then taking one of those stickers. She stuck it on Daddy Lau's shirt. But for some reasons, they STILL kept asking us for donations.


Then Alvin suddenly said,

"you can stick it on my T-shirt"

We turned and looked at him...

He looks like he's desperately seeking for attention.

Damn... even with that desperate look on his face, he still managed to look handsome. Thus, me & Gina were so freakin jealous of our own brother.

And we looked closer at his Tee.

Now THAT... is a provocative T-shirt.


*gives head*


AWwwwwwwwww... how CUTE!!!


I love my siblings.

Other pictures from today's Lau Family outing:

Alvin & Gina analyzing Gina's (new) Sony Ericsson W810i.

Both of them are little cuties, aren't they?

Alvin weeps, while Gina gloats... ... cuz she's got the new HP.... and Alvin took over her hand-me-down Panasonic VS6.

No, that's not a love bite on my neck. It's my birth mark.

Believe it or not... ... Alvin got the EXACT same one on the RIGHT side of his neck.


Do you think I look androgynous? Honestly?

Cuz there was once when I was sitting at a coffeeshop... and these 2 guys walked past me. One of them turned and looked at me, then he turned to his friend and said something. So, the friend turned and looked at me, then I heard him say,

"yeah.. she looks very androgynous"

(O_O) <--- starts getting insecure...

Why does Alvin & Gina get to look cute... while I look half-man half-woman?!?!?!



Here is a pic of me and Alvin in Bishan MRT...

Damn it lah!

He can look cute even when he looks blur...


*beats my brother up*

Last group pics of random'ness:

Went out to meet my ex-colleagues for dinner on Thursday.

I MISS THEM!!!! They're such a FUN FUN FUN bunch!!!

Elroy and Temmie!!! The sales team!!!

Elroy is the vegetarian who can eat 8 slices of bread at one shot!!! And he can eat a large pizza on his own!!! This guy can REALLY eat, siaaaa...

Temmie and her famous cleavage... AHHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!! She's a cool and funny person... so fun to be with.

Me & Gwen (the Shy & Decent Accountant, but not so shy & decent after she met me & Grace)...

I love my jade ring!!!

And Gwen is forever sweet... :-p !!!

There were 2 other ex-colleagues too... Grace & Anna. But some ppl are just so camera shy... ... hahahhahahaha... so I didn't manage to take a proper shot of them... ... it's either they turn their head away... or they cover their faces with their hair.


Alright... I gotta go out for some Saturday fun now.


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Singapore Idol Fever

Yes. I got it.

I got the fever.

But before I go on, I have to apologize for going blog-crazy today.


What can I say?

I'm patriotic!

Or maybe I'm just super bored.

Anywayz, right after the screening of National Day Parade on Channel 5 (which my whole family didn't watch), there was....

(which my whole family watched)

Yeah yeah... I know the contestants are bad.

But that's the whole point.

To watch something really bad and laugh about it.

And I took pictures of them... from the TV from my hp camera... hahahaha... the quality is not bad, I should say.

Personally, I think Gurmit Singh is TERRIBLE as the Singapore Idol host.

No offense to Gurmit. He's a funny man.

Somehow... I believe Adrian Pang would do much better on SI.

Then this season, we also have Daniel Ong who co-hosts with Gurmit...

And when their powers combine.... .... we get... ...


We also have a weird panel of judges.

First is DICK LEE...

What's up with this man???

He loves all things cute and cuddly (with bouncy cleavages) and he isn't very kind to fat ugly ppl.

My favourite judge has got to be FLORENCE LIAN !!!!!

Lian ah Lian... you're the sweetest and most intelligent judge.

Plus, she has a mind of her own. And her comments are always interesting and quirky!

Thirdly, we have Jacintha who makes no sense.

The typical kind of girls whom you will brand as a bimbo.

All boobs and no brains.

And no, I'm not saying this cuz I'm jealous of her boobies.

She's always lost for words... and she doesn't know what to say. And she says out of the blue stuff that nobody knows what the hell she's talking about.

Ja said something like,

"I am proud of you... becuz... errr... you have sort of... reach this... synthesis with yourself... ... ... watever that means."


Can you believe this woman?!?!?!

What the hell does THAT mean???????

Even Ken Lim can't stand her.

Yup. Ken Lim.

He's like a Simon Cowell.

Only more uncle-looking.

I salute this man for being so in-your-face and he just tells people that they're UGLY on national television!!!

Soooooooooooooo... ...are you ready for the show???

First in line!!!

We haveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....

*drum rolls*

RAHIMAH RAHIM !!!!!!!!!!!!!
(lots of exclamation marks for her just cuz I'm screaming in fear)

Does she look really scary or is it just me?

She looks like she's going to beat me up for not having scary hair like her...

(O_O) SCARY!!!

And that voice of hers... oh my god... it's so low and forceful and (have I mentioned) scary???

Next up!!!

We haveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

Sweetie Pie who looks like a cabbage & cauliflower (according to Dick Lee).

Let's welcome with soft fluffy pillows & pink banners.......................


Sorry lil Miss Cutesy... ... you can't scream your way to the finals until you sleep with lots of underage boys and get them to spend their lunch money on you.

Just do us a favor and go home and play with your Cabbage Patch Kids.

And here we have the boring unentertaining shrieky voiced...

(note that I didn't put as many exclaimation marks for her)




Very photogenic young little 17yr old Korean-Indian boy...

JOAKIM GOMEZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Although he can't sing for nutz, but he's still good to look at.

So he gets TWO screenshots here!!!

And he can groooovvvveeee and mooovvvveeeeeee his little tight buns on the dance floor (oh god, I'm going to jail for having dirty thots on juveniles).

And here we have Miss Powerhouse...

MATHILDA DE SILVA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She's fat and doesn't have X-factor (according to Ken Lim).

But she deserves 2 screenshots too... just cuz she has a REALLY good voice.

DAMN this woman can sing!!!

Ok, Singapore.

Take deep breaths now.

Cuz here is.... .... ...

HADY MIRZA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(scream scream scream!!!!!!!)

He is one of my favourites!!!!

Gosh... he really got THE VOICE.

Ok. He's not EXACTLY handsome... but he's charming... and he's lovable and cute.

Now here are my top 2 favourites...

(fark the exclamation marks!!! helloooooo COLOURS!!!!!)

Below, we have a video of Jonathan!

Ok... not very good quality... cuz it's off the TV and recorded by my hp. And you can hear my family talking in the background (even though I keep telling them to lower their voices, but do they listen?? NoooooOOOooooo...).

But make do with it lah!!! Stop being so demanding!!! I'm trying my best here!!!

You know I held that hp up for so long... trying to get a good shot... my arms were shaking like crazy... and now, my right arm feels so damn toned achy.

And here is Paul's video.

Dun mind the bad distorted quality... yadah yadah yadah... you get the point.

My 8 Days Magazine Fetish

Yup... I'm addicted to 8 days.

Maybe cuz I love watching tv... so I bought the mag for the sake of the TV schedule.


There are also other reasons why I love 8 days.




After almost 2 months, my bro is back from his adventures in Philadelphia!!! Read about his mini (and funny) adventure here !!

My brother came home from USA on National Day (not that we're patriots or anything)!!!

We called Alvin and told him to take a cab from Changi Airport to Bishan Junction 8 cuz we can't wait to see him (and have MacDonald's breakfast).

As me and Gina were walking towards Junction 8, we passed by the Community Centre and there were these group of ppl all dressed in our country's national colours (red shirt & white pants).

Then we were like laughing at them... and we were making fun of how SILLY they looked... when all of the sudden... ... ... ... I noticed something...

"Gina!!! Look at us!!!"


For some subconscious reason, WE were in the national colours too!!!!

Sigh... WHY OH WHY!!!!

Alvin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Gina so cute. Alvin looks manly with his new tan. And gosh... I just look like a geek)

Hate to say this... but we actually miss his sarcastic jokes.

It was fun fun fun having him back!!!

It was like 10am and we were definately looking forward to MacDonald's breakfast!!!



There were SO MANY PPL!!!!

Alvin started to get pissed... cuz he was carrying around some BIG HEAVY luggage (see below)!!!

(and Gina so kind... she's helping him to carry his laptop)

Therefore, he decided to take it out on Ronald MacDonald.

But... ...

WHO'S THAT?!?!?!

Out of the blue... this little boy runs towards Ronald MacDonald (probably trying to see if Ronald still has his nuts).


Lucky for us BISHANians, we have TWO MacDonald's!!! One in Junction 8 and another one just beside the Bishan Bus Interchange!!!

BUT (again)!!!

It was CROWDED with people too!!!


And you know what's worse?!?!

I actually saw this empty table (finally)... and as I was walking towards it, this little boy RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN and plops himself onto that table!!! Then he turns around and SMILES at his fat mother and stupid-looking brother (like he's all galiant and proud to SNATCH up that ONLY empty table).


NOW, I'm MAD!!!

It's bad enough that I just started on my 1st day of period...!!!

I got BAD CRAMPS, ok?!??!

But does ANYBODY care?!?!?!

NOoooooooooOOOOOoooooOOOOOO... nobody gives a shit!!!

Then I have to walk so much!!! And there are so many freakin ppl around... I know it's National Day and stuff... but COME ON, PEOPLE!!! Stop pretending that you love Singapore!!!!

And this friggin kid has to SNATCH the ONLY seat in Mac!!!

And all these stupid teenagers sitting around... hogging all those seats.... and STUDYING?!?! FARK LAH!!!! Don't you have void decks or homes to study in?!?! Don't act as if you're studious, you stupid ugly smart ppl!!!

In the end, the Lau Siblings got no choice but to settle with takeaway.


And so we stood in the (long line) queue.

For some reason, the counter crew took a bloody long time (altho I forgive him a little cuz he looks kinda cute)!!!

Just when it's (yay!!!) my turn, I saw this boy dash right in front of the counter and started ordering (wat the fark)!!!

And wait a minute... ... ...

... ... isn't that... ... ...

Isn't that the stupid-looking brother of that kid who snatch my empty table?!?!

THAT'S IT !!!!!!

*volcano erupts... or more like... ... blood squirts out like nobody's business from down under*

I mean...


Is this the Pick On Bleeding Gni Day?!?!

So I just tapped on the boy's shoulder... and said,

"eh boy... you cut queue ah you"

And the boy turned around and said innocently,

"oh... you were in the queue ah?"

Ok ok... so the innocence part ALMOST got to me cuz I'm a soft-hearted bitch, but no way in Hell am I going to be kind today... especially after what his younger brother did (by snatching my table), so I said affirmatively,


So he quietly gravitates away... looking slightly embarrassed. And I gotta admit that I really ALMOST said sorry to him, but due to Pride and Ego (i really didn't mean to be a bully), I just turned to the cute counter crew and started to order. And strangely, at the corner of my eye, I see Gina and Alvin giggling for some reason.

What the hell is so funny?!?!

Anyway, the cute counter crew was EXTREMELY efficient in serving me (he got my order ready in less than 1 min, compared to the 5 mins which he took with the previous customer).

And he was super polite... maybe cuz he was afraid to pissed off

The Bitch.

... ... but but... ... I'm actually really nice and funny and sweet!!! I swear it!!! It's just my PMS!!! Ohhhhh plsssss... forgive me for being in pain, bleeding and cranky!!!




Back to the 8 Days topic.

After that incident at Mac, we went back home to eat our takeaway.

And then, I showed Alvin my current issue.

Hey Ah Bing!!! Lookie wat I have here!!!

It's Fiona Xie and Adrain Pang on the cover!!!

And boy, is he happy to see Fiona Xie on the 8 Days issue no. 825!!!

So, he licks her tits...

And I think it's the hormones, but I couldn't resist a lick too.

Is she HAWT or is she HAWT?!?!?!?!

Whether it's her tits or armpits... she's the Ultimate Sex Goddess ever created in history.

Ok. Enuff about raging hormones and cranky PMS'es.

Here are some other pictures we took just cuz we miss ALVIN!!!

P.S -
Check out his candid poses & extremely photogenic face. I HATE HIM LARRRR!!! SO HANDSOME FOR WAT?!?!?!?!

*punches him for having so much fun in Philadelphia & without me around*

And Gina showing him the luvvvvvvvvvvvvvv...