Saturday, July 08, 2006

Temporary Suspension of PalliativeDrug

I don't feel very funny these past 2 weeks. I guess you can tell from my previous few entries.

I'm serious.

And boring.

And unentertaining.

I apologize.

I haven't been feeling myself lately.


Becuz of a few reasons... like:


I'm having the worst case of PMS. That explains the evil thoughts in my previous blog entry - Demons Living in my Shadows .

(... *hissssss*.... (say this with demonic voice):- "I feel like a Chucky"...)


My Samsung HP and its partner-in-crime (the PC software) have decided to go on strike by rendering themselves incompatible with each other.

My patience is starting to run out.

I feel like they are really asking for it - a terrible beating.

I am thisssss |---| close to smashing them against the wall and watch the fractured components burst out of its body... ... and lie twitching on my cold, hard floor.

Due to a gadget-malfunction, I have to apologize again... for not having an abundance of graphically repulsive nor goofy pictures in my blog.



My days at work are crawling like the world is on a snail.

It first started when I WANT TO APPEAL !!! Then it led to my FREEDOM . But alas, freedom will only be mine after I serve my 1 month's notice.

Now, every waking moment is a torture cuz I still have to do brainless, unfulfilling work for 3 more weeks. I feel like my brains are turning to mush in this company. I hardly use any brain power at work. My job is so... simple. There is no need for urgency... no need to run around like a mad woman. It's just boring.

I want my company to just torture me. Just give me something that allows me to use my brain and think!

Why can't the company just make me work like a cow?! Just squeeze my milk dry!!! Tug at my nipples until they are sore & achy... till they can produce no more milk!!!

(... yum yum... is it me or is the weather HOT HOT HOT???)

*sigh*... anywayz...

No challenges = No job satisfaction = Do not look forward to go to work = Come home feeling like an aimless Zombie = end up being a boring & humourless blogger (or in my case, I also tend to become evil & sadistic).

Melson said that my psychotic behaviour is due to my lack of boyfriend.


He told me that I need to get myself a boyfriend.... FAST.


*looks @ him*

I totally agree.

At least when I feel like I wanna smack somebody... ... or turn around & bitch slap somebody, I can just... ... play with my boyfriend, so that I will not turn into a physically abusive person.

Hmm. Since I don't have a boyfriend now, I guess I have to start thinking of several kinky ways to play with him. For now, my imaginary boyfriend will be called Mackie (until I find a real one).

Example of Kinky Play:

When I feel bored, I shall go visit Mackie at his work place. And I will bring a bottle of freshly-squeezed orange juice for him.

(awwwwwwwwwwwwwww... so sweet of me..)

I will lovingly crush some LSD tablets into powder form & put it into this bottle of juice.

And I'll make him drink it.

Then 10 mins later, I shall watch gleefully as he sits on the office photocopier machine to photostate himself naked.



Anywayz... the purpose of this blog entry is to tell everyone who reads my blog, that I will not be blogging for some time.

I thank all of you who actually gives a damn about reading my life which I have mindlessly put it in my blog for all to read.

I have decided to admit myself into an asylum & receive proper treatment for my psychotic nature that is becoming more & more disturbing these past 2 weeks.

I'll see you all again next week.

... *pause*...

... which is like... 2 days later.

... *waves*... I'll see you soon. Dun forget about me. Becuz I won't.

I'm going to take an afternoon nap now...

... and dream about more kinky ways to torture*cough*... I mean, play.... with Mackie.

("ohhhhhhhhhh... Mackieeeeee. You wan a glass of milk? It's freeeeshhhh"... *snickers evily*...)