Thursday, June 29, 2006

(and my lil sister - The Guru)

Yes. Today will be known as my Freedom Day.

I have officially resigned due to extreme du lan'ness.

Please read my previous blog entry (here) to know what I'm talking abt.

And today, Satan pissed me off again. Asking me to do his personal stuff. He wanted to look for a flat and asked me to print a "FLAT WANTED" notice for him.

As I was rushing my ACTUAL work, he asked me to do his personal stuff... and worse, he asked me to amend and amend and amend AND AMEND the notice over and over and over and over for him.

I really want to tell Satan:

Please lahhh... this is just a stupid flyer. You think people will look at it so closely meh?? And do you think that if somebody wants to sell you their flat, they will observe the font size and the colour and how EQUAL the left, right, up, down margins are????

Do you think they will think... "oh I hate this colour, it's too striking. Actually I want to sell my flat, but I don't want to sell it to this guy who uses bright blue."

Do you think they will use a ruler and measure the left and right margins and think, "damn this is not the perfect flyer, it's more to the left. I don't want to sell my flat to him. Humph."

(@_@) *ROLLS EYES*

Just a simple flyer and Satan wants to make it until like some kind of designer brochure.

Really oh my god lor.

So I just simply cannot tolerate this anymore. BUAY TAHAN LIAOOOO!!!

Me. A Poly Graduate. Intelligent. Street-Smart. Responsible. Initiative. Fast-Worker. Team-Player. Creative. Cute. Independent. Witty. Skinny and Hairy.

How can I be reduced to working in this brainless and illogical working enviornment?

How can I contribute fully and show off my greatest potential for the world?

Therefore, I just resigned.

I believe there is a more productive place out there for me. Some other place where efficiency is seen. And people can grow and learn more things.... develop new skills... and make this world a better place.

By the way, my sister is The Guru.

She actually taught me this method of rebutting people. And I used it today on Satan.

Here is what happened:

Satan: So did you print out the "Flat Wanted" notice for me?

Gni: No. I have other work to rush out. The architects are already chasing me for the quotations.

Satan: No. This is no good. Printing only takes a matter of few seconds.

Gni: Ya. But after printing out, you want me to cut it for you also right? So it'll take more than a few seconds lor.

(Satan wants to print on A3 paper. Each A3 paper has 21 pieces of notices. He wants 4 sheets of A3. So that's like... 21 x 4 = ... err.. you do the maths yourself.)

Satan: No no... do it now.

Gni thinks to herself: What the fark for? I got proper work to do and he's asking me to do his personal shit. Fine. Just do it and get it over with. Fark. Must cut those individual pieces NICELY and NEATLY somemore... or else he's going to ask me to redo. Siao. Stupid flyer but machiam want to make it like some designer brochure. Bo liao. Fark! Waste my bloody time.

(After printing and cutting the notices CAREFULLY and EVENLY and EQUALLY, 10mins gone liao.)

(Gni goes into Satan's office and hands him the neatly cut stack of paper.)

Satan looks accusingly at Gni and says: So you actually FORGOT to print the flyers, right.

Gni thinks: No, I didn't forget. I just didn't want to do your stupid shit.

Gni says: Ya. I forgot.

Satan: ... ... ... *speechless*... ... ... o.. ok, go out and do your work.

So... yeah... if somebody you dislike, accuses you of something... or they just want to pick a fight, just let them win. Just admit everything and let them win. Cuz they actually expect you to defend yourself or argue back. But when you just admit it, they will not know what else to say back.

My sister is really The Guru... in being sibey guai lan.

I must learn more from her.


The Guru says:

Oh my god.

That last picture really deserves a terrible beating....