Friday, June 29, 2007


Melson is weird.

He puts up a blog and then he doesn't blog.

Only 1 post.

Read it here.

Plus, I bet he doesn't read the comments that ppl left him.

I'm never ever going to visit his blog again.



I hate it when ppl touch me.

Especially when I know that they are pretending to talk about my clothes, but deep down inside, it's just an excuse to touch me.

Some men are irritating creatures!!!

Want to comment about my clothes, then just use your bloody stinko MOUTH and TALK. Why must point point and stroke stroke.

I feel like I need to take 100 showers now. To cleanse myself.




If he looks like Takeshi Kaneshiro, I might still consider giving myself to him.

What?? You mean, you WON'T meh?

Takeshi Kaneshiro leh.

*dreamy love-shaped eyes*



Disgusting fella. Gross me out.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Things that go 'creak' in the Night

Caution: I'm on a roll. Once I get started on eerie stuff, I can't stop.

I just finished that last blog post - What If.

But I thought to myself, "why stop there". Cuz now I have so many other eerie imaginations that I freak myself out with.

Now, I'm going to happily blog about the Top 10 eerie stuff (not in any order) that freaks me out.

Number 1
Late at night, while you're sleeping, you get woken up by a female voice under your bed. She is whispering, "Help me... help me".

p.s - this really happened to me and it literally scared the SHIT out of me... *teary eyes*

Number 2
You take the lift and you know that you're the only one inside, but suddenly... ... you hear a pitiful voice going, "excuse me... excuse me... excuse me...". Then you ignore the voice cuz you're about to piss your pants, but the voice started to sound louder and angrier, "... excuse me... Excuse Me... EXCUSE ME! I AM TALKING TO YOU!!!".


Anyway, I've asked a number of my friends what they would do if this was to happen to them.

Gwen said - "Pretend cannot hear but I will keep praying in my heart."

Grace said - "I will start to cry and hope that the lift will reach my floor faster!"

John said - "Pretend cannot hear and light a cigarette. When it sounds angry, then ask what she want and tell her not to disturb."

Melson said - "When hear angry voice, then ask, "what?". And see what the ghost say. But if see the ghost, then I will beat it."

Gina said - ... ... ... *tears already start to form around the eyes while she's imagining it*...

Number 3
While you're taking a shower and you look at your own reflection, there's SOMETHING else. And worse... it's NAKED WITH YOU!!!


Number 4
You sleep over at a friend's place. And then you see a granny with a long face, with extremely dry wrinkled skin, white frizzy shoulder-length hair, no eyes, wearing a purple flowery-patterned outfit... and she facing you... then she lifts one hand up to try and touch you.

Then you wake up. And the next morning, you tell your friend about it and you describe the granny's appearance and he said that it's his grandmother. And the purple flowery-patterned outfit was what she was wearing when they buried her.

p.s - this happened to me too!!!

Number 5
You're sleeping at night and a half-bodied creature with intestines is crawling towards you.

Number 6

Hotel rooms are scary. And I don't need to say more.

Number 7
You go out and party one night and you meet a sexy gorgeous guy / girl. Being the horny person that you are, you spend the night with him / her. And he / she turns out to be a pontianak.

Ok... fine. The way I described it is not that scary.

But what if he / she has a disease??? Isn't that scary?

Number 8
Working alone in the office.

And when you look underneath your desk, a white kid is crouching under the table (aka the pale-looking kid in Ju-On).

... ok... I'm starting to lose my attention in talking about eerie stuff + I'm getting tired...

Number 9
You're driving and when you look at the rear-view mirror, you see SOMEONE sitting in the back seat. But you know you're supposed to be alone.

Note the increasing diminishing words. Forgive me. I'm really tired of thinking. Aiyaaaaa... just read it... and use your own imagination lah.

Number 10
... ...

... ... ... heck with Number 10 lah.

Dunno why but I suddenly lost interest in blogging about this topic.

Maybe cuz I'm really distracted by... the smell that's emitting from my feet.


You know how they say that you won't know that you are smelly becuz you cant really detect bad smells from yourself? But I'm pretty sure that when you can smell yourself, it means that you are REALLY smelly.

I need to buy new sandals.

It's like... my current ones have been soaked in too much rain water + never been able to dry properly = Super Duper Stinko.

Anywayz, I'm just going to end my blog abruptly now.

What If

Caution: Do not read on if you are afraid of the dark / being alone / easily terrified.

At times, the lift at my block acts a bit weird.

Sometimes, you get in the lift and you press the number of the floor you want to get to and you hit the 'Close Door' button. But sometimes, just when the lift door is about to shut completely, it bounces back open. Then you have to press the 'Close Door' button again. And sometimes, it repeats a few more times before it finally closes completely and goes to the floor that you stay on.

LOGICALLY, it would mean that the lift is slightly malfunctioned.

But this morning, when I was on my way to work, it happened again.

I pressed '1'. Then the 'Close Door' button. And the doors started to close, but halfway, it just bounced back open. So I had to hit the 'Close Door' button again.

This is not the first time it has happened. And usually, I'm not afraid. But this morning, I was sleepy and grumpy and I was thinking to myself, "stupid lah... why this lift always spoil one".

And suddenly...

*bing!!!... ... lightbulb flashes above my head*

... what if... ...

... ... the reason the lift door bounces back open is becuz... ... SOMEONE also stepped in?

*hears the theme song to Twilight Zone*

... what if... ... SOMEONE wanted to take the lift too? And becuz you couldn't see ANYONE, you closed the lift door, but SOMEONE squeezed in between the lift doors just as it was about to close?????


Why must I terrify myself like this??????

Now, I'm afraid to take the lift.

And I know that after my sister reads this post, she will need some reassurance as well.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Lose a Friend

I was just reminiscing about the past.

How fun it was in secondary school. The group of us going out to play and make fun of each other. Of course, there were some who were closer to each other than the rest.

Back in the 1990s, it was John, Yueyun & Me.

The 3 of us had so much fun together that we didn't even have time to study.

The 3 of us spent so much time studying together, but of course there was also time for play... ... LOTS and LOTS of time for play.



The 3 of us didn't do so well in our O levels. I guess we studied the wrong things during our study sessions.



John went to ITE to study automobile repairs or something. Yueyun and me went to bum around for a year then she went to ITE to study a 1-yr course, while I joined the same ITE to study a 2-yr course.

After John graduated from ITE, he worked as a mechanic at BMW. And with a lot of luck & his creativity & dedication to his job, he got recognised by the director of BMW. And the director actually gave him a small role in designing BMW cars. Which now, John is earning like 100K a year.



But wouldn't it be so cool if that really happened?

The real story is that John helped out his dad's parquet business. After about 7 or 8 years, he now owns his own company. And has like a group of Bangladesh workers who has cute names like Mushroom & Ah-Shiok.


As for Yueyun, she got married soon after her ITE graduation. Then she & her Navy husband went to Sweden for like... 4 years.

However, the sad thing is that the 3 of us are no more best of friends. Yueyun is no longer in contact with us. Me & John are still in contact, but of course we don't go out that often anymore.

John got married. He & Wenn (you can view her blog under one of my links) are living with 5 cats. Yes. FIVE cats. They go for holidays quite often. The next one will be to Egypt.

EGYPT, OKAY?!?!?!?!??!



... and yes... ... ... somehow... somewhere... something happened among the 3 of us and our friendship just broke up and never got back together. Which is really sad. Cuz if you think about all that we have been through in our younger years, you would have thought that the 3 of us would be friends for ever and ever and ever.

During my ITE years, John started seeing Wenn (who was his gf at that time). Then the frustrations from Yueyun started to show. Perhaps Yueyun felt like he was no longer a part of us. Or maybe she was jealous that John had a gf and no longer have time to go out with his friends.

At that time, I tried to get Yueyun to understand that we should let John build a fulfilling relationship with his gf. It's logical to spend more time in a relationship especially when it's still new. And I'm sure that once John has time, he will come out and meet up with us. But I guess she couldn't get used to the idea that John was attached.

Soon, she had her own relationship. And then she disappeared from my life too. I hardly hear from her. Hardly see her around. And the next thing I know, she told me that she's getting married and going to Sweden.


We shouldn't lose friends over small matters.

If only there was more tolerance & more understanding, things will be better.

If Yueyun could have given a little more understanding to John's new relationship, we'll still be friends.

If John had given a little tolerance to Yueyun's behaviour, we might still be friends.

If I had been more powerful & persistent mediator, everything would still be intact.

I miss my childhood.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Painful Frustrations

My right shoulder hurts extra (x100) bad today.

Damn this deskbound job.

Makes me just wanna lie down all day and not move a muscle.

Even the damn pills doesn't work anymore.

The pain got so bad that I feel like throwing up the whole day.

To make it worse, I got my right foot stuck under the office door this morning. Dun ask me how I manage to do that. But all my toes got shoved under the small space between the bottom of the door & the floor.

When I finally managed to free my foot from under the door, I had to count if I still have all my toes... ... twice.

Really can't wait to get myself home and overdose on more muscle relaxants.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Blogging just to Fill Up My Time
Melson's Blog

I never knew that looking for something to do can be so frustrating.

It's like... I need to keep myself occupied, but at the same time, it has to be something that I like to do or at least it has to be interesting and also, something that doesn't need too much effort cuz I'm lazy.

Therefore, I decided to blog. Mainly becuz it doesn't take up too much energy to type nonsense with the keyboard.

Melson has a blog! Finally!

You can link to him from my links on the right. His nick is anoMELy.

But there's nothing there yet.

... cheyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...

Plus, it has been 3 days already and he hasn't even written anything. Well, actually he did. But he ACCIDENTALLY deleted it.

... whether or not he REALLY deleted it accidentaly is another question...



Just yesterday, we were chatting on the phone and he mentioned that he hardly sees me on MSN anymore. So I told him that I have outgrown MSN and Friendster and things like that. He then said sheepishly, "I'm a slow developer. It's like everyone is bored of MSN then I start to get hook on it. Now everyone blog until they sian already, then only I just start blogging."

hahahahahhaha... it's ok. Better late than never.




It's like visiting a theme park with no rides.

Like going to a pub with no drinks.

Like going to a restaurant with no cooks.

And like having sex with no dick.
... can actually hear ND saying, "then that is called lesbianism".
... watever, wise ass...

Can't wait for Thursday.

Cuz I'm going out.

Can't wait for Friday.

Cuz I'm going out.

Can't wait for Saturday and Sunday. Cuz I'm still going to go out.

At least I have something to do. Time will pass faster.

But then again, I'm going to be super drained out in the beginning of next week.


And I can't wait to get my bonus.

... hehehehehe... secret evil plan...

Suddenly have this craving for the salmon at Sushi Tei.

Maybe I'll go there when I get my next Brazilian Wax.

...wooooo... nice...

Yeah watever, chee ko peh.


I'm going to watch Oceans 13 on Friday.

Still have to treat Melson. He demanded for a treat.

"Sure. Kopitiam. Chicken Rice. And I throw in Kopi-O. Dun say dun have."

"Cheyyy. So cheap skate. K lah K lah."

Kidding lah. Anything you want to eat, ok? Treat you eat good food lah, ok. Since you've been so nice to me all these while.


Ka na sai. Say good food only, you smile until so happy. I knew it. You 'gian peng' (greedy). Hahahhaha... KIDDING. I'm willing one lah. You should know I repay kindness with even MORE kindness. You 'heng' (lucky) ah you. Got such a nice friend like me.

... 'zi dao zi yan' (ownself direct ownself act)...

Maybe after we go out on Friday, Melson will have SOMETHING to blog about.


Caught in the Middle

Met up with some ppl for dinner yesterday.

But somehow I felt like I was as shiny as a lightbulb.

This girl was trying TOO HARD to get the attention of this guy.

And this guy was trying to avoid her by talking to me.

And this girl doesn't get the hint. She complimented that he looks like a model and some Hong Kong actor. (add a sleezy smile to her face with thick gooey saliva dripping from her lips)

And this guy was ignoring her and kept looking at me for help.

The whole outing was so wrong. The whole time I was like... ... *shifty eyes*... *AWKWARD*... *fidgets in seat*... *AWKWARD*... *mentally picturing myself gravitating away from the crime of unrequited passion*.

I finally know what it feels like to be claustrophobic... except that I'm in an open area.

It was the feeling of super restlessness + tighting of the chest + can't wait to get out and go somewhere else + thrashing arms & legs around like a mad person cuz you feel so trapped.


When I just cannot take it anymore, I just told them to enjoy their dinner and I left. On the way home, I bought some Mac takeaway.

Rather go home and eat and enjoy my dinner.

On an out-of-point topic...



Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Blog of Random Thoughts

I can't wait to go on some short trip.

Preferably with a beach and hot scorching sun.

SPA!!! =D


1 more hour to get home.

I hate work.

My back hurts so bad I just want to lie down all day.

It feels like a stretch is at the edge, but I just can't get there.

Why am I so damn tired all the time.

Maybe I need to go work out and exercise those lungs.

But then my back hurts. And I might worsen it.

I seriously need a massage.

A relaxing one.

Not the painful kind where the therapist use her brute force on your back and leave you feeling violently abused the next day.

Can't 2 weeks past by faster?!

So Sad. :-(

Having such bad PMS.

Feels like the whole world is against me.

My tummy hurts.

I think I'm suffering from extreme blood loss cuz I'm feeling a little woozy whenever I twirl myself around in little half circles.

I need to bring Twinkle to a vet.

He's shedding so much fur.

Something is wrong. :-(

Plus there's this patch of fur on his back that has turned darker.


Twinkle cannot die. He's too cute.

Maybe if I fill my 2 weeks with lots of activities, the days will pass faster.

*hugs myself in self-pity*


1/2 hour more to go!

I wonder if Melson will stop 'disappearing for a while' on Friday.

Monday, June 11, 2007


My mother was telling me that she was feeling dizzy the whole day. And I was like, "you sure or notttttt"... (cuz I know how she likes to exaggerate things).

Then she continued to tell me that a few days ago, she even fainted for a few hours. And I was shocked cuz NOBODY told me THAT!

So I asked her how come she was feeling so sick.

And here comes her unbelievable reply...

Mummy replied: ... I was also wondering why suddenly feel so sick. But then, today I finally found out the reason. It's becuz that time I bought Gina (my younger sis) some new panties, but she said very tight. Then I thought of not wasting the panties, so I take and wear. After that, then I started to feel giddy lah... sick lah... fainted lah. So today, I was suspecting whether is it the panties or not. So I take out lor. Then now, feel so much better already.

(O_O") <--- my expression after hearing the above...

Me: AIYOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! YOU already know you are XL-size then you still 'gay kiang' (act hero /act smart) go and wear S-size!!!

Mummy: *looks at me with a super duper sheepish expression*... ... is actually... ... ... ... *blink blink*... ... ... ... ... XS.

Me: ... XS ?!?!??!?!?!?!?!! That's even worse lor!!! Wear so tight for what. I so skinny also have to wear Medium ah. Your backside so big, can wear XS meh?!?! No wonder fainted lah! All the blood kenna block at the cheeby there... cannot move up to the brain.

Mummy: =D <--- showing me her act cute face

Right after that, I decided to go and spread this to all my friends whenever I meet up with them.

... yup... they sure had a good laugh...

To take it one step further, I have decided to blog about it today.

It's not becuz I'm evil.

But I just feel the need to warn ppl out there... ... of the consequences of wearing underwear that is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too tight for you.

Moral of the story:

Friday, June 08, 2007

Xiaxue Says

I really got to hand it to this girl.

She has a way with words. And not only that... ... ... FINALLY I FIND SOMEONE WHO SUPPORTS THE SAME CAUSE AS I DO!!!!!!!

I have these FEMALE friends who feel so nonchalent about prostitutes and bar girls. And I even know a few who just let their bfs / husbands go to those nightclubs & sleazy massage parlours.

When I asked them how can they not mind their men going to those kind of dirty places, their replies were,

"if he wants to play, i can play too"
"as long as he don't let me catch him red-handed"
"just make sure that if he want to cheat on me, he don't let me find out"
"becuz i love him"
"he wants to fool around, then let him. i don't care anymore."


The lame stupid excuses.

I just want to lock up all these people in a cage and burn them alive. Then dance around the cage, clapping gleefully.

I keep having this constant bickering / debates / arguments with this particular guy about cheap sluts and whores and men who likes the company of these cheap sluts and whores.

It's becuz this guy happen to hang around with men who pays for the company of these cheap sluts and whores.

It's like I keep trying to get him to understand why it is so utterly GROSS for him to hang out with stupid men like that. And I'M hanging out with HIM. It's like... I'm hanging around with a guy who hangs around with dirty chee ko pey's who touches filthy cheap whores.


In fact, I have this queer habit. I hardly share food with people. Especially with those whom I am SURE they go to those dirty filthy smelly diseased places. Never ever share food & drinks with them. Never.

It's like... the feeling I have towards these people is so ultimately REPLUSIVE that I don't even want to TOUCH them. They totally disgust the living shit out of me.

I don't read Xiaxue's blogs all that often.

... just cuz she's so full of anger and vulgar languages... and I just need to have more positive influences in my life... *meditates*... hummmmmm...

But on a day like today... *SUPER DUPER BORED*... I had the time to surf around. And I stumbled onto one of her posts. Read the whole story here.

She basically ripped the words right out of my mouth and even expressed it out much better than I can.

Xiaxue says,
"It has come to the point where if I see a guy with a girl who looks like she is, well, I can't find any other word for it but "cheap", I feel so disgusted with the guy, I wanna go over and kick him on the balls."

Holy crap.

I totally understand how she feels. On top of that, I sometimes feel like seriously abusing these cheap filthy whores for damaging the reputation of the womankind.

*cuts out their breasts*

*slashes their faces*

*sticks a knife into their big loose diseased vaginas*

*forcefully shoves a durian up her smelly replusive bunghole*

Xiaxue says,
"When I told Gillian and Joan that men don't look down on other men who fucks cheap sluts, Gillian was totally nonplussed and she went like, "Hiyah, you know why? Coz all men have sex with prostitutes la!""


I just don't get why men can behave in such a disgusting manner.

I know men who have wives who wait for them to come home, but instead, these husbands go to those smelly bars to have a drink and to grab those filthy cheap sluts who work there. And the worst thing is, they even bring other men to these disgusting places!

Talk about bad influences.

What Xiaxue said is true...
"I am getting increasingly disgusted by the male population!!!
I know it's all natural to want sex and all, but EW!
To pay for sex is SOOOOO loserish!"

And I hate the idea that after these bastards had their fun with those filthy bitches, they go home to their wives / gfs and fucked them and infect them with whatever dieseases they got from those cheap sluts.

Some men even go to those stupid massage places and get EXTRA services. Fark them. I pray to God that they contract some EXTRA germs too.

If I had a choice, I would go around like Night Rider and torture these assholes.



Xiaxue questions,
"Wouldn't you lose all respect for your father if you found out he fucks prostitutes on a regular basis?"

I cannot imagine if that were to happen to me. I think I will help my mother to slice his dick off.

I cannot imagine if I were to marry a guy who visits prostitutes / massage sluts / working whores. How to face my own children??? Everytime I look at my children, I will be reminded of... ... ...

... .... ... ....

... ... .... ... .. ...

... ... ... .... ...

FILTHY sperm.

I think I will feel very grossed out by my own kids.

I will dunk them into a pail of Dettol... and use a hard bristle brush and SCRUB and SCRUB and SCRUB them hard. I will flush their throats with detergent to cleanse their bodies.

... sorry, hai zi (children)... papa was such a filthy man. I have to make sure you are clean...


Last but not least, Xiaxue says,
"p/s: No I won't pity cheap sluts for their situation. It's like pitying murderers for being violent in nature. Who did these sluts harm? Only decent wives and innocent children! Fuck that."

Amen to that.

And in the midst of hate and anger, she loses her mind.
She throws her composure out.
She throws her rationale out.
She throws her children out the window.
Blinded by the vengence in her heart, for the husband who cheated on her.
She takes a carving knife out of the kitchen drawer and stabs him in the groin.
Right in front of his eyes, she sets herself on fire.
Before she was consumed by flames, she spoke these very last words,
"The very sight you will never forget.
For the sin you have foolishly commited.
One moment of weakness will bring you a lifetime of pain."


Ok ok.

Do I sound scary?

I think I sound scary.

I sound so crazy, I'm scaring myself.

Things People Do When They're Bored

1. Spend an entire morning on one's own mop of head, looking for wiggly strands of hair to cut away with a pair of scissors.

2. Sms friends and check if they want to meet up.

3. If they claim to be busy, beg shamelessly.

4. If begging fails, then weep in self-pity.

5. After loathing yourself for wallowing in self-pity, go back to grooming one's own hair.


I don't know why but I've been feeling so damn restless these days. Maybe it's PMS. Or the fact that there is absolutely nothing to do for such a long time.

I'm even thinking of what to do 6 hours later when I get off from work.

I don't want to go home. I don't want to watch TV. I just need to go out and hang around somebody in some place. ANY place.

I feel like a Sim now.

I think my Social bar is in the red zone.

I'm about to see Mr Bunny Costume trying to cheer me up from my depressive boredom.

... *happy tinkling music*... goo goo gaa gaa...

Where's that wishing well that can 'hocus pocus' some instant friends?


Or the control panel where you can type in the 'max motives' cheat code?

... *TA TA TA TAAAAAA*... Can go on all day & night...

Even the 'aspiration level 5' will be good for now.

... Lifetime needs are fulfilled. Now can sit back, relax & shake leg.

Heck lah... nothing can cure boredom better than 'motherlode'.

... *spend spend spend spend spend*...

*slums onto the ground*



I just feel like tearing my hair out.

I have straight hair, but why are there like... strands of hair that look like they've been fried or permed? A few even have knots in them. And some is bent in an almost right angle.

I'm going to cut all those little motherfuckers out!!!!!!!!!

*cut cut cut*



So frustrated right now.

*runs around screaming wildly, with hands up in the air*

... bored...

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Funnily Disgusting

Have you ever walked along a crowded area and then you spot this fat SWEATY bastard walking towards you? And you just KNOW that he's going to be smelly as well, so you try to hold your breath until he walks past. And you try and scoot further to the side so that he can walk past you without having his sweaty cold skin brush past your arm.

That's what happened to me.

Except that... ND was standing on my left and the sweaty pig was coming towards me on my right.

When I saw the fatty, it was like...

*red flashing siren*

*alarms ringing out loud*

And fatty was coming in FAST.

So I was thinking to myself, "scoot aside fast scoot aside fast before we touch each other skin to skin"...

But somehow, my escape route was obstructed... ... ... and then... ... ... *rrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuuubbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb*... EWWWWW!!!!!!! The fatty was REALLY wet!!!


I turned to ND and said sarcastically, "THANK YOU LAH!!! I keep pushing you aside and you refuse to move... .. now my hand rubbed past that fat sweaty guy."

Then I bring my hand up to his nose and said, "you smell you smell".

Guess wat.

He did not smell it.

He LICKED (the word deserves 'capital', 'bold' and 'largest font' just cuz it's so shocking) my hand!!!

I guess he didn't hear me correctly.

Just to make sure that he was aware of what he just did, I said to him, "you just licked the fatty guy's sweat".

And ND was like (O_O) <---- can't describe this expression... shocked or surprised... I don't know...

Then he said loudly, "WAH!!! SUI!!!"

Since he liked the taste so much and me being so kind, I offered my hand again and told him, "here.. lick it again".

And he licked it again.

You know what they say.

Do it once, it might be a mistake.
Do it twice... ... and ppl might think you really like it.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Pirates of the Carribean 3

Lame Lame Lame.

I was so bored throughout the movie.

The plot is so stupid. Not much action. Hardly any funny scenes.

In fact, the only scenes which I (slightly) snickered at were the ones with Jack. And I'm not talking about Jack Sparrow, but rather Jack the little monkey. Even the damn MONKEY is funnier than the pirates.

Something's really wrong with the entire movie. I feel so wrong after watching it.

Melson was like giving candid comments throughout the movie, but my face was like...

(-_-) <--- dead pan face

Then when he realized that I wasn't responding, he turned and looked at me. Then he laughed and said, "you really don't care anymore".

YES GODDAMMIT. I totally do not care about pirates going ARR ARR ARR anymore. I just wished the movie would end faster the whole entire 3 hours. I'd rather be watching some sappy bimbo movie.

Also, Melson said that the whole movie was so boring but ppl are still watching it becuz the effects and the scene set-ups are so WOW. And he said it like 3 times.

So wat if the effects are great and the ships are large and the pirates have black dirty teeth?! Where's the entertainment????????????????????????????????? I freakin paid almost $10 just to get bored sitting in that economy seat????????????????????????????? I HATE IT!!!!!!! Thank god I didn't pay $25 bucks for a Gold Class seat for this stupid Pirates movies. Or else I think I'll enjoy the damn popcorn more than the unsuccessful mumbo jumbo pirate'y hype.

I give this movie 5/5 ROTTEN POPCORNS!!!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Supposed to Be Somewhere Else
Shrek 3

I can't wait to get home from work.

Not becuz it's Friday.

ok fine... PARTLY becuz it IS friday...

But becuz I was supposed to be somewhere else instead of here. But plans were cancelled last minute. And I'm stuck working.

That sucks.

That really really sucks.

I still have 2 more hours to go before I'm FWEE FWEEEE FWEEEEEEEEE!!! *runs hysterically around the lobby*... but for now, I looking at the clock and waiting for time to pass...

HURRY UP, you stupid clock... MOVE FASTER!!! FASTER!!!

Today is one of those days where you look at the clock and you feel that it's PURPOSELY trying to tick like it has ran out of battery. So damn slow. And the seconds-hand is like *tiiiiiiiiicccccckkkkk... ... ... tiiiiiiiccccccckkkkkk... ... ... tiiiiiiiiccccccckkkkkk* in slow mo.


Somebody help me.

Buay tahan liao ahhhhhh...

Anywayz, I've watched Shrek 3 and somehow it is one big YAWN for me. All the funny parts were already shown in the trailers that you see on Channel 5. And the worse thing is that the funny parts were not even that funny.


Ok, or maybe, except for the *AHHHH AAHHHHH AAAAHHH AAAAAH AH* part from the creepy Snow White. It's the part where she was trying to distract the 2 evil enchanted trees who were guarding the front gate of the overthrown castle. Snow White was prancing around naked... singing at the top of her oprah'ish high-pitched voice. And then she attracted all the animals from the woods with her butt-naked moonlight voodoo dance & devilish ear-splitting chanting... ... ... which she then did the ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhhhh ah thing and all the animals started to chew on the 2 evil enchanted trees. Now, THAT. Was funny.

Oh oh... and the part where the Gingerbread man was on the verge of being eaten alive by Prince Charming, and and and... he had a flashback of his entire life... and and and... then he lost his mind due to... i dun know, maybe the fear of dying?... And then he went into this psychotic dreamy state and starting singing happy wonderland songs.


Ok. Talking about the movie now, makes me think that it's not that bad after all. But for me, only the 2 above-mentioned parts were funny. The rest of the movie was super lame.

p.s - the part about Snow White being naked was fake... ... if you actually believed that Dreamworks will create a naked animated Disney character to satisfy your weird fetishes, then all I can say is... ... ... ... ... you're weird. You're very very weird. Seek help. Now.