Monday, July 10, 2006


(Leftie so lonely without the Rightie)

Seriously, wat kind of crap did I get myself into?!?!

And I really mean... literally. What. Kind. Of. Crap. Did. I. Get. Myself. Into.

Is it a cat's? Or does it belong to a dog?

I was on my way home... and out of nowhere... there is this piece of crap in the middle of the road.

And I just stepped right into it.

I know I know... you must be thinking, "you stupid bitch... don't you see where you're walking?!"


i DON'T. Okay?! Happy now?!

Give me the benefit of the doubt that I'm blind, alright? Or at least, still 20% blind in the Right Eye .

Besides, I like to daydream when I'm alone. And that includes:

1. Lying in bed before I sleep (pls dun think dirty thoughts)
2. Staring at the sky
3. In the bus / mrt / taxi
4. Driving (opps, shouldn't be saying this)
5. Showering (again, pls dun think dirty thoughts)
6. Walking
7. (to insert everything else that I do alone)

No wait.

*thinks carefully*

Oh. I made a mistake. I wasn't 100% daydreaming (forgive me for I am aging and getting closer to senility).

I was actually reading my new issue of First magazine which I bought earlier on. And right in the last page (titled The Lust Page), was a picture of the sexy sexy hot hot Brandon Routh aka Mr Superman.

I was in the midst of lusting at him when I stepped into the incriminating piece of crap.

I have a feeling that it is God's subtle way of telling me that I should leave my fantasies behind closed doors.

*ponders about it for awhile*


*takes the magazine into my room & throws it on the bed*... now wait there for me, Superman.

(see how delicious he is by just lying there in my bed? Watch & grovel, girls. He's mine for tonight.)

Anywayz.... for now, please grief with me.

This is the 2nd item that was ruined and it was indirectly linked to work (cuz I was on my way home from the workplace). I'm telling you... that piece of stubborn shit was really Mission Impossible to clean. In the end, I just threw the sandals away. Plus it really stinks.

The 1st item destroyed was my Beloved Pair of Jeans , which was ruined at work too.

I'm sad.

The workplace is not a very happy place for me.

I will have to go Charles & Keith tomorrow to get myself a new pair of sandals.

And when I find the cat / dog that left the piece of smelly & stubborn crap in the middle of the road... ... ... ... I am going to... .... buy a big bag of food for it.

Cuz it could be a car that run me over instead of that piece of shit.

Mental Note to Self: No more daydreaming (or fantasizing) while walking on roads.