Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Mr Brown's Voice

My usual no-life entertainment at home is to either:

(a) Watch endless TV.
(b) Blog mindlessly.
(c) Surf for entertainment news.
(d) Read blogs.

Today, it was (d).

And I happened to be visiting Mr Brown. As we all know by now, Mr Brown is one of our very own famous bloggers in Singapore... besides, Xiaxue & Kenny Sia.

In Mr Brown, he has put up a post on a column which he had written in Today Newspaper on Friday 30 June, about the increasing standard of living for us Singaporeans. He had written it in his own point of view and it is hysterically funny to read about having a 'contactless cashcard chip embedded into your forehead'... and how we can 'just stand there and hear your income beeped away'.

However, when you peel off the layers of humor, you see certain truths in his column.

And you wonder,
"Is Mr Brown speaking up for those of us who choose to keep our heads bowed and voices soft?"

To make it more exciting than ER & CSI combined, Mr Brown's voice has actually received a reply on Monday 3 July in Today newspaper, by K BHAVANI the Press Secretary to the Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts.

Not that I'm taking any sides.

But Mr Brown IS entitled to his own opinion and views. And if he is to be questioned as to why he would write such a column, then my question will be, "why did Today print out the column in the first place?"

However, on the other hand, it is also understandable that people will respond to a person's opinions and views (eg. the government). It is fair to let the other party voice out their side of the story too, isn't it?

It's like I tell my sister that orange is an evil colour... and that the world should be built on a pink theme. Well, that's just my opinion.

But my sister is also entitled to rebutt back and tell me that orange is a sunny colour and it makes people happy. And that pink just makes people sick. Now, THAT is HER opinion against my opinion. And that is interaction, no?

So, now I'm wondering why people are taking it so hard on both sides.

To Mr Brown's readers, just read the opinions of the government and well, take it easy. I understand why the government is concerned with Mr Brown's voice. However, I do not wish to elaborate on this.

To the government & its supporters, I hope that you can put yourselves in us mere mortals' shoes and understand just how tough it is to slog our lives away for that measly sum of money which we call salary.

We do not get big fat paychecks. Some of us even work in companies that do not even pay out year-end bonuses. Every thing is increasing, except our bank accounts. And it is just HARD.

You want baby boom? Don't let working parents work too hard for their children's education. Seriously, even I do not want kids of my own. I can't even support myself comfortably. How can I bear to bring another human into this world to suffer with me?

Therefore, all we ask for... is some understanding on your part. And that 800 bucks from Progress Package? Well... how long is it going to last? If I work 5 days a week & spend $5 a day on food & transport, that'll be $100 a month. So this $800 from the Progress Package is going to help me for ONLY 8 months. And we're ONLY talking about food & transport. After these 8 months, can I get another $800 again?

Well, since we are already bringing out laundry out to sun. Why not have a forum where Singaporeans can post questions / opinions / views? And the government will reply to them.

On one hand, we get to voice out.

On the other, the government can put our doubts to rest.

Nevertheless, I am certain that this is not the end of the Mr Brown's Voice Story.