Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I haven't been blogging recently.

There is 1 correct answer out of the 4.

You can make a guess.

I haven't been blogging much because...

a) I have better things to do now
b) there is nothing in my life to be blogging about
c) I don't feel like using the internet anymore
d) I am in one of my seasonal hibernation period

And I will be absent for some time.

You can still contact me via email or hp.


Monday, January 22, 2007

Baby Names

My colleague, Eugene, is having a baby boy soon. The little squirt will be due next month. Therefore, my help is needed to give suggestions for really cool names for boys.

And since I'm really really helpful, I agreed.

The following is an extract of our conversation on the office phone.


Eugene: Wat do you think of Wayne?

Me: Wayne?

Eugene: Yeah... Wayne. W-H-Y-N-E.

Me: ... ... ... W-H-Y-N-E???? That's not Wayne. That's pronounced as WHINE. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! forget it forget it... you cannot even spell the name. The correct spelling is W-A-Y-N-E. AHAHHAHAHAHAA!!

Eugene: ... oh is it?! HAHAHA... then any other suggestions.

Me thinks long and hard: ... ... how about Sid?

Eugene: How to spell that??

Me: S-I-D. You know, the sloth in Ice Age is called Sid.

Eugene: ... ... ohhhh.


Eugene: ... na bei lah you...

Me: WHAT?!?! I give suggestions, you still scold me.

Eugene: Be serious lah.

Me: What?? i AM serious. Ok ok... how about Ash?

Eugene: ... ka na sai lah!!! I dun wan to talk to you already! Ask you for help and you give this kind of stupid names.

Me: Where got stupid?! It's so unique and creative.

Eugene: yah yah... add on to my surname, it's VERRRRRYYYYYY unique and creative.

Me: Exactly! Very memorable wat. Confirm nobody will forget your son's name.

Eugene: BYE BYE!



It doesn't pay to be kind & helpful. All I get is hostility as a reward.

Eugene's surname is Ho.

... Sid Ho...

... Ash Ho...

The names are unique and creative wat, right?!?!