Saturday, June 17, 2006

NEW MUTANT for X-Men!!!

Nope. It's not X-Men IV.

Ok ok... I confess.

I was TOO bored. And as I was sitting in my recliner, staring at the gloomy sky... ...

(... just imagine this is me in 40 yrs time... gosh... I'll never let myself be this way! Now, we know how old ppl get senile.... .... .... THEY STARE AT THE SKY TOO MUCH!!!)

Anywayz, I was wondering about human beings... and how difficult it is to please us. It's like... we want EVERYTHING.

Me & my baby sis were at MacDonalds for lunch... and one of our topics was:

Is the perfect man so hard to find?

So, I thought about putting myself in a man's point of view and wonder if they are also looking for the perfect woman.


What will she be like?

The perfect woman for a man, will be a mutant.

I shall call her - The Trinity.

Gni says: ... whoaaaa... is it me... or do I actually hear holy music in the background??

The Trinity will be able to morph herself into 3 different types of beings. Each one with a different personality.

In science, we call this SCHIZOPHRENIC... it's like a psychological disease. A person with split personalities.

But wat the hell... I'm still doing the mutant thing.

(Galadriel in Lord of The Rings)

The Angel - pure & chaste... sugar & spice & everything nice. She cooks & cleans... and will never throw her hissy tantrums at you. She'll wait for you to come home from work... and gives you that angelic smile when you step thru that door. Looking at her is like a breath of fresh air.

(The Devil in Bedazzled)

The Devil - Can you say HOT?! She's fiesty & passionate. Brings out the inner beast in you. Looking at her, you want to hurt her bad. She is so rebellious that the devil may care. She gives you naughty little ideas... and tempts you with the poison apple. Yes... take a bite... you know you want to...

(Someone... Somewhere... in the unknown)

The Girl-Next-Door
- silly & goofy. She can be your best friend. The sister you wish you never had. You laugh and play and be yourself around her. Tell her secrets & talk about everything in the sun. She pouts & tugs at your sleeves when she wants her way... ... gives you a hug when you're feeling the blues. Yeah... you know you want to take her home.

That's for the men.

But you know women want the same thing too.

A good & responsible guy who can be bad, but doesn't cheat nor flirt with other women... someone you can share your life with. A simple, happy life.


That will be heaven.

Anyway, I know what you're thinking at this point...

You must be thinking...

I know you want to ask...


Gni says: ... ... the skies have given me a sign. Actually I see some shapes in the clouds.. and they're starting to form words & pictures for me... :-D

And I know you want to say to me...

"You must be either very brave or stupid to put your picture next to Cate Blanchett & Elizabeth Hurley. They're gorgeous and you're......................................... (fill in the blanks yourself)."

Gni says: ... ... err... charming?