Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Poor Twinkle

Mummy wants to give him away to some House Bunny person. Apparently, she read in the papers that there's this KIND person who absolutely LOVES bunnies. And there was a picture in the papers where this KIND person's house is FULL OF BUNNIES.


if you ask me, this might not be a very KIND person at all. If this person (let's call this KIND person, Alex) is really into bunnies, then Alex would only keep like... a few bunnies and not a whole house of bunnies. WHO KNOWS if Alex is actually reproducing the bunnies in masses, so that he can sell to other ppl and make a profit?! Correct or not?!?! And with so many bunnies, surely Alex has to look after them on a full-time basis, right??? And if Alex has a regular job, then who is doing the daily cleaning of the bunny cages??? And if not cleaned daily, then where is the hygiene??????

And and... what if Alex is this guy who just wants to make baby bunnies or create some special species of bunnies?? Then Twinkle will suffer from exhaustion becuz he's super duper cute!!! Alex will put Twinkle with a female bunny and then he will order Twinkle around, "FARK THAT BUNNY!!! FARK HER NOW!!! I COMMAND YOU TO IMPREGNATE HER!!!". Then Twinkle will be like *boink boink boink boink boink* in rabbit-lightning speed.... ... and when he cums in that bunny, Alex will put him with another female bunny and order him to impregnate her as well... and then another 10-20 bunnies. And the next day, this repeats itself again.

POOR TWINKLE!!! First he's a virgin, then suddenly, he turns into a gigolo. How can he take that kind of stress?!?!?!?!

And then my parents suggest to secretly drop him off in the zoo at the bunny farm. How to lor?! They wanted to sneak Twinkle in a bag... then go to the bunny farm and pretend to be interested in bunnies.... .... then *fling* Twinkle into the farm with the other bunnies.

SIAO IS IT?!?!?!

What if the bunny-caretaker takes the bunnies in for the day... and then, "eh? who's this???". And picks Twinkle up... then decides that this little bunny looks plump and healthy.... .... and then whack Twinkle on the head and while Twinkle is still dizzy, the bunny-caretaker feeds him to the wolves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????? And all these is becuz the zoo doesn't feel like taking care of an extra bunny due to economy recession!!!!!!!!!!!

CANNOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CANNOT TAKE TWINKLE TO THE ZOO!!!

Even if Twinkle is too cute to resist and the zoo decides to keep him, but what if one day he becomes old? I bet they will all make some yummy bunny meat for the other animals in the zoo. Why waste a good piece of bunny meat? Yum Yum.

(O_O) !!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I REFUSE!!!!!!

My bf offered to keep Twinkle at his house, but his mother is against the idea. She would rather Twinkle be given away as a gigolo or food.

Twinkle so poor thing.

I dun mind taking care of him and loving him till he dies.


Love you, Twinkle.