Saturday, July 15, 2006

Daggers in my Back


Don't touch my back. It hurts from all the daggers in me.

As you have read from my previous post , I have to work every single saturdays instead of alternate saturdays.

Now, we have a mini meeting every saturday... which is full of crap and useless information.

In a small little company, I have to say that it has the worst case of backstabbing.

It is like... the battle between the boss & her pet.... against the rest of the company.

Pet tells boss about gossips and rumors (irregardless whether they are true or false).

Boss listens and believes the Pet.

Boss & Pet slowly try and get back at everyone.

Everyone starts to feel resentful.

Pet is super lazy & she doesn't take responsiblities for her own actions. She makes everyone do things for her, then she presents the results to Boss. Boss sees results. Likes Pet more. Thinks that Pet is the rock of the company.

But Boss doesn't know that Pet is incompetent.

Boss continues to trust the Pet.

Now, everyone dislikes Pet but still pretends to be her friend becuz they don't want to be backstabbed by Pet.

I guess it doesn't pay to be competent at work.

What's important is the ability to kiss some serious ass... and lick the boss's boots until it's nice & shiny.

Sorry I have to say this... but it really is a dog eat dog world out there. Everyone is just running around... clawing at faces... trying to be Number 1.

I just want to complete my remaining 2 weeks in this hell hole. And I can gain my freedom back. And I get my life started in another job. And I can go back to being a cow ... then I can be happy and fulfilled again.

I used to be a workaholic. I aimed to be the best in everything (cuz I'm such a perfectionist). Used to be responsible & diligent.

But after a year in this company, I slacked off so so much. I became so so lazy... just like the Pet. But the only difference between me & her, is that I still do my work & I do not take ppl's credit. However, I tend to do my work slowly now. And I do not offer my help around anymore.

I feel that there is absolutely no motivation to do that. There is just so much grievances that I have, but I shall not spill it out here... ... cuz I'm tired of feeling that injustice has been done.

My Sibey Sian Face