Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Twinkle is Sick

Twinkle has been sick for almost a month now.

I'm so worried.

He doesn't want to eat. He never even drink water. We keep having to force feed him liquid food and tons of medicine.

Plus, he lost a lot of weight. Twinkle was firm & muscular, but now, he's just bones.

Sometimes, I know he cries cuz he's feeling so weak and miserable, but yet, he doesn't know what is happening to him. He doesn't want to move around much anymore. And he's losing a lot of fur.

Poor poor Twinkle.

I hope he gets better soon. A cute innocent young rabbit should not be suffering like this. And the worst part is that he cannot express himself. He can't tell me that his tummy hurts... or he feels like throwing up... or each time he eats, his tummy will hurt like us humans having gastric.

Sometimes, I cry too. Whenever I think of Twinkle being so sick. It's like I can feel his pain. Hungry, but not eating. Thirsty, but not drinking.

Daddy said that Twinkle is going to die. He said that when pets get sick, they hardly get better. Mummy just said that we have already taken care of him properly, so when he goes to Rabbit Heaven, he will be happy.

But I miss Twinkle already.

Sometimes, I think he's better. But most of the days, he's just lying on the floor and he doesn't move for hours.

However, I will still hope for the best. But yet, I don't want him to suffer for too long... ... ... if you know what I mean. Of course I want him to be a healthy happy bunny again. But in case the illness is inevitable... ... then I hope he goes peacefully and without pain.