Saturday, July 01, 2006

What is This World Turning Into?!?!

At work, most of the ppl just fend for themselves... with the never-ending backstabbing & bullshitting & ass-kissing.

Outside from work, ... well... I don't even want to talk about it.

Why does it feel like I'm the only person in the world who actually help others without expecting anything back in return?

Why must everybody else be so damn calculative?!

I'm not saying EVERYBODY is like that.

But definately 95% of the human population has this mentality:

"The other person must treat me nice first. The other person got to do things for me first. THEN only I will 'measure' whether it is worth it to help you or not."

What the hell is wrong with mankind?!

Whatever happened to humanity? And people-to-people relationships? Or trying to build bonds among one another?

This world might as well be built on a giant calculator, where profits are made. Let everything be some sort of a business transaction. Cold and meticulous.

I admit that at times, I can be selfish when it comes to certain things and situations. For example:

Sorry, but I will not share my man with any other bitches.

I will not spend money & time on people whom I dislike.

I do not entertain & help people who only want to take advantage of others.

I will not buy tissue paper from the elderly who curses death upon people who do not buy from them. I don't care if you're old & dying, but it's a matter of principles and pls remain polite & gracious throughout your remaining life.

So, I was thinking... ...

Why must human make each other miserable & helpless?

Surprisingly, the answer to my question... ... actually lies in an episode of Criminal Minds (Channel 5 - Every Tuesday - 11pm).

This is the very enlightening conversation between these 2 behavioural experts:

Dr Spencer Reid:
"How does a serial killer actually find so many ways to kill his victims??"

Jason Gideon:
"By the simple fact that humans are born to hurt each other."

Well... wat can I say... except... *applauds*...

Sometimes, we learn the darndest thing from television.