Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Updates on Alvin's Trip

As in my previous post, my brother has gone ahead and lost his viriginity to Philadelphia.

After a few days there, he managed to get internet hooked up at his gf's place and we chatted online.

He was ranting on his encounters when he was on the way to his gf's place.

"3 crimes in a night."
"On the way to 40th street."


Alvin said that there was a guy found dead in the car. Another guy dead on the street. And a robbery ongoing.

"There were cops everywhere."
"And a sky searcher."

A SKY SEARCHER?!?!?! Now that is something which you only can see in America!

I mean, I feel sorry for the people who suffered the consequences of crimes. But sometimes, it's important not to take things too hard. When you gotta go, you gotta go.

But then, my brother went ahead and told me:


Black men gathering around the sky searcher and... ... HIP HOP?!?!?!?!

Sometimes, you just gotta hand it to the Americans.

They ARE an interesting bunch of people.