Sunday, June 25, 2006

Excursion with McMeller (Part II)
Silent Hill & My Discovery about Mel

In case you haven't read Part I, read it HERE .

And if you haven't guessed it already, Mel and I DID watch Silent Hill.

I've already watched the movie with my sister the first time round... and after the movie, we were like... (question mark question mark question mark question mark).

However, as I watched it again the SECOND time, I actually got a better idea of what the movie is about. Well, I've never played the game... and I doubt it will offer a better explanation. I think it helps to watch the movie with a more analytic mind (ya lah Melson.. talking about you lahhhh).

And hey, the 2nd time round was even better than the 1st, due to the following reasons:

(1) The Cathay smelled better than Yishun Golden Village.
(2) The seats were so comfy in The Cathay.
(3) Sound system was FABULOUS. Sharp & clear.

Gni says: Mel was so impressed with the place that he vowed to watch all future movies there.

(4) I was able to concentrate better (without my sister's endless clawing on my arms).
(5) I was able to notice other details instead of the very hot female deputy.

Now, I am confident to exclaim that...


It started with this little Sharon. Sleepwalking and standing at the edge of the cliff. Just about to jump. Screaming about wanting to go to Silent Hill.

Mother Rose rushed to her rescue before the little bitch jumps to her death.

And knowing that her daughter has serious psychotic issues, she chose not to take her to a psychiatrist... instead, Rose decided to bring her to Silent Hill to 'find her identity'.

But honestly, if your child draws scary Death pictures, sleepwalks and screams about Silent Hill, would you bring her there???

Anywayz, they arrived at Silent Hill. Got into an accident while hot policewoman chased them into the town. Rose blacked out. When she woke up, Sharon gone. (GOOD...)

Rose runs into Silent Hill, looking for her daughter.

(or maybe according to this screen shot, she kinda like... walked there leisurely)

Then just as Rose was sight-seeing around the town, there was this loud blast of siren.

Gni says: This is when shit happens...

Soon, hundreds of coal babies came from nowhere and demanded milk from Rose.

(Rose: but but but... I don't have enough to feed all of youuuuuu!!)

Then she blacked out again. When she woke up, no more coal babies.

Surprisingly, she didn't freak out and continued to sight-see around town until she met...

(Rose: damn... you look like Death)

(Stinky Woman: .. no.. I just smell like Death. Wahhh... you got big boobs... can I have some milk?)

Anywayz, Rose started to have a friendly conversation with stinky woman. But she started to freak out when stinky woman tried to snatch her necklace.

I guess burglary is always scarier than coal babies...

So, Rose ran back to car. Tried to start engine.

And this was when the really hot policewoman appeared.

(Blondie: You called for a hot cop?)


The Hot Cop.

She was so tough and sexy at the same time.

Actually she reminds me of those strippers who will dress in fantasy clothings... like nurses, doctors, students... and yes, hot cops included.

When you watch this movie, you cannot miss the Mummy Nurses. Nurses who looks like mummies... you know, the bandages and all.

They look like they're in MTV or something, man. The hour glass figures. The way they tap-danced in high heels and shake their booties. Yeooww... ssssexay...

Seriously, watch Silent Hill. It's a darn interesting movie with fantastic CG effects... not to mention, too many hot chics walking around (dead and alive). The storyline is great, if you understand it.

Anywayz, after the movie, Mel and I walked (yes, we WALKED some more) to this nearby 24hr Kopitiam to discuss more about the movie.

And this was when I made a discovery about Melson.



This is what Mel (aka McMeller aka Melicious) had in approximately every 2 hours:

1 Hotdog Sandwich + 1 Reg drink + 1 piece of Chicken while watching Scary Movie.

1 Hawaiian Pork Chop + 1 cup of Camomile Tea at Cafe Cartel Dhoby Ghaut.

1 Reg Popcorn + 1 Reg drink while watching Silent Hill.

1 bowl of Chicken Macaroni + 1 can of Jia Jia Herbal Tea at 24hr Kopitiam.

If you haven't noticed, he actually ate at every destination.

Every 2 hours.

OH...!!! I forgot one very impt thing.

I just have to add it in my blog.

Back when we were at the Box Office in The Cathay, there were these screens on the wall for advertisements.

And while Melson was looking at the movie sessions, I went closer to take a look. And on some of the screens, there was a sign saying,

"Tap Card Here"

And I was thinking to myself, "What card?"

So I went to tell Melson about it and he, too, went to take a closer look.

Then he asked, "What card?"

And after pondering for a while, he... ... ...

... ... ...

... ... ...

... ... took out his EZ Link card and tapped it on the screen.


I dunno whether to laugh or wat, man... .... ...

I can never ceased to be amazed with this guy.

He can be so intelligent on one hand.

But on the other hand, he can be so... (pls fill in the blanks).

Hahahahhaa... and there you have it...

Just another excursion with McMeller.