Saturday, June 24, 2006

Excursion with McMeller (Part I)
Scary Movie 4 & Our Journey to The Cathay

(The 4th sequel to the most spastic movie ever made in history)

I actually watched this movie with my sister becuz we got conned by the bits of trailers which were actually funny. But... I don't understand how can Melson put me thru the torture of watching it... AGAIN.

Yesterday, Friday 23 June, I must have been... The World's Most Accomodating Person.

I met Melson at Orchard Cineleisure and we were looking at the 9pm sessions... wondering what to watch.

Mel: I dunno why... but I want to watch Scary Movie.

Gni: WHAT?! I watched it already.. and it's very very stupid!

But did he listen?


To me, I was like...


Still, we watched it (and anyway, he offered to pay for it). I hate to say this, but some parts were still funny to me.

Anyway, I'm really bored today and I was indulging in my favorite pastime... which is... to stare at the sky again . I'm wondering about the sick sick reality that some humans actually take pleasure in really weird shit. And I don't care... but I'm going to use the screen shots from Scary Movie 4.

Example of Masochism:

Seriously, I can never get how some of us walking Planet Earth can actually LOVE receiving pain. You can read more about Sadism & Masochism HERE .

Other forms of 'pleasures' which I will never understand:

(shoving things up your arse)

(and ppl who think that crap is the most delicious dessert in the world)

And there's Bondage:

And also, Role-Playing:

... ... ...


After the movie, we were like... walking and walking from Somerset to Orchard. And then we took a train from Orchard mrt to Dhoby Ghaut.


In the first place, we could have just gone from Somerset to Dhoby Ghaut lorrr.... which is like... 1 stop. But we JUST HAD to walk to Orchard first... then take a train back to Somerset and then Dhoby Ghaut...

... we were so aimless.

We stopped at Cafe Cartel for supper and then hiked over to The Cathay to see what the new building looks like.

Basically, it's empty except for a few shops.

Then we went up to the cinema to take a look... and wow.

The place has a lounge and coffeehouse... and it's so spacious!

There's even this circular lobby just in front of the Box Office that, for some reason, made me very excited. I even have the urge to put my hands up in the air and twirl around the area... ... ... anywayz... ...

After our short tour around the place, we made our way home.

We just had to take the lift down... cuz it was just TOO RETRO!!! It was decorated in these big... round... metallic... dangling... thingy. And there's a small LCD inside the lift that shows advertisements and movie trailers and stuff.... ... I know I KNOW... ... it's so WHOOOAAAAAA!! or maybe it's just me...

When the lift door opened at the ground floor, Melson stepped out first while I was still engrossed with the LCD. Then Melson was like, "okay... let's go watch another movie"..



Then I stepped out of the lift and walked towards him...

*heavy rain*

Oh. Ok.

And AGAIN, we went up to the Box Office to see what movies there are to watch.

Mel: Hey... my gut instinct tells me that it's going to be Silent Hill.

Gni: omgwtf... I watched that already lor...

Mel: Can lah... let's watch Silent Hill.

Gni: But that's going to be the 2nd movie you're going to make me watch for the 2nd time. Pick something else. If you pick a movie that I've not watched yet, I'll pay for it.

Mel: But there's nothing else... Silent Hill lah.

... to be continued...