Thursday, June 15, 2006

a Pixar film - CARS

(... a bunch of scrap metal...)

Is anyone actually excited over this movie?


I was in the theatre... watching movies like:

Huge Blockbusters
Mission Impossible III

Superbly Funny Cartoons
Over the Hedge

Brainless Goofy Movies
The Benchwarmers (just cuz I love Adam Sandler)

B-grade Movies
Slither (it turned out to be amazingly entertaining)

Chilling Movies that turned out to be funny
The Omen (we're so bored, we cracked jokes abt it throughout the movie)

While waiting for the main feature, I keep seeing the trailer for Cars. But I don't feel the urge to watch it.

Melson (my past life brother) watched Xmen, Slither & The Omen with me... which had the trailer for Cars.

And on all three different occasions, he said to me, "Owen Wilson has a really sexy voice".

*looks @ his pants*...

Alright, Melicious... I get it.

But it was during The Omen, when he actually said, "I really don't get this movie... how can cars be cute?"

(... hell I'm cuter... the Edison Chen lookalike...)


That's right! Exactly my sentiments... ... just that he found the words... and put it into words.

How can cars be cute to watch?

Sure, Pixar is God of Animation. They created Finding Nemo... A Bug's Life... The Incredibles... and Toy Story... and Monsters Inc.

But... Cars?


I might be wrong... ... ...

... ... ... I'm still wondering if I should pay that kill-ass price for a movie ticket to catch Cars.

And don't even get me started on the price of our movie tickets in Singapore.

Becuz I am DEFINITELY pissed about it.


Gni says: ... cool... now I can spell DEFINITELY correctly. Thanks to Jingle... a passerby reader! We DEFINITELY learn something new everyday. Now, time to check on those work reports and see if I made any of those mistakes in there.

Those ppl who are responsible for the incredulous increase of movie ticket prices are like... like... ... like... SNAILS.

They put prices like 5 bucks a movie.

Then they sliently.... and... slowwwlllyyyyy crawl. Leaving a trail of their slimy'ness aka evil intentions. And before you know it, you step on their icky shell... *crunch*... and the ticket prices shoot up to about 10 bucks a movie.


Soon, you'll see.... ... we'll be paying $15 for a movie. And when that day comes, the movie better be 5 hours long... with breaks in between for pee pee and stretching.

Until then...


*sprinkles salt on snails and gleefully watch them melt & burn away*

Gni says: Dun ask me why salt... I just read it somewhere that salt on snails are like... acid on human flesh...