Friday, June 16, 2006

Virgin No More

... wat?


Virgin no more.

My little brother is officially no more a Singapore virgin.

He will be leaving the country for the VERY FIRST TIME (sibey exciting, mannnn)... flying off to USA Philadelphia at 6 the next morning. Going there to visit his gf.

Awww... isn't it sweet?

Except that we all know he'll be going there to have wild & crazy sex.


Alvin says: ... eehhh... shhhhhhhh... I told you not to blog about my sex life, dammit. And hasta la vista, baby... but I'll be back. Damn these shades are cool. Can I keep them, Sis?

Gni says: ... no, you cannot. I bought it. It's mine.

Alvin says: ... pleasssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeee... kissy kissy for you...

Gni says: Fark lah.... talk to the hand...

Alvin says: .... NOW i'm mad!!! I'm going to hunt you down & terrify you with my gnome faces!!!!!

Gni says: ... shit that's scary! But not if I camouflage myself first... *grins, feeling very happy about oneself*...

Mother says: OI!! How many times must I tell you not to smile like a cow whenever you put on facial mask?!

Gni says: ... sorry, mummy... :-(

Alvin says: ... *gloats*...

Anywayz, this is so exciting. And worrying at the same time.

I know I know... he's already 24 and there's no reason for me to worry anymore. But damn it lahhhh. He's still my baby brother.

I've been looking out for him ever since we were little kids. And it's just hard for me to get out of that habit. In fact, it's just hard for me to not look out for ppl whom I care for.

People like...

(Mommy & Daddy!!!!!!! I wuv you!!!)

(The Manly-Ah-Beng Big brother John... whom I've known for 14yrs. Responsible husband & doting father to 5 cats. Always caring towards his friends. Whenever I'm down, he'll cheer me up. Always fun to have around. Always someone I can count on. Always will be my best friend!!!)

(The Charming & Imaginative Past-Life Brother Melson... whom I've also known for 14yrs. Always full of wise cracks & goofiness to share. I miss those late night chats downstairs my block... can always count on you to solve mysteries & ponder over life with... ahhahaa... damn our hectic lifestyles, ya...)

(The craziest little Muslim girl you must have in your life! I've known her for 4yrs since Poly and you can never believe how funny she can be... becuz she comes across as this innocent, soft-spoken, Mickey Mouse girl... but the stuff that she says is SHOCKING... hahahaha... and yeah, we both love PINK. And I can't wait to see her in Australia!!!... hopefully, november, ya?)

As for my brother, I just fussed over his luggage.

Right after he packed his stuff in, I made him take them alllllllll out again. I just HAD to look thru what he packed... to make sure if he has got everything right. And to wat I expected, there were some boo boo's... so, we joked and laughed about the things he packed... and did not pack.

Gni says: ... wat the hell will he do without a sister like me... how can I let him go overseas on his own?!?!?!?!

Then I fussed about whether he got enough to spend.

And gave him some to spend... just in case. I know he was touched... and yeah, he knows I love and care for him.

In my next life... and my next next life... and my next next next life... and my next n.... alright alright you get the idea..., I would still love to keep my siblings.

(JAG - Jeanie Alvin & Gina. You know you love us.)

Sigh... I'll miss my brother. It'll be weird to be at home without him.

All his sarcasms...
All the horny jokes...
All those nights watching TV programs and cracking jokes about them...
All the talks we had at dinner time...

He'll be there for 2 months.

With his gf.

And as how we would say it...

May the juice be with you!!!!

*** ------------------------ ***