Monday, June 19, 2006

OCD & Blogivitis

Today shall be the last day where I blog my life away.... well... almost.

In case you guys don't read my blog (cuz you don't love me and hardly feel the need to kiss my ass), these past 2 weeks I have been at home on hospitalization leave. This is due to my quest for X-ray vision, I have undergone satisfying pain on the the date of the Devil's number and have survived with minimal damage (gross pictures for you to gloat over my misfortune).

And in these 2 weeks, I have managed to self-develop an addiction to the internet & blogging.

At a young age, I was terribly excited whenever I watched Discovery Channel on cable (and sometimes, for the wrong reasons but... err... we don't wanna go there yet cuz I don't want ppl to think I was already sick at a young age).

But then daddy decided to cancel the subscription cuz his kids were starting to get weird.

Then as I grew older into teenagerhood, I was always curious about life sciences and psychological behaviors and practically everything else. It's like... sometimes I sit and stare at the sky , and I start wondering about things like:

... the formation of maggots by evolution of micro-organisms
... the Bermuda Triangle
... the sick bastard who farked a monkey and brought AIDS into the human civilization
... the way CSI uses science & technology to solve crimes
... do toys come alive at night?

The older I get, the more I crave for information and stories to excite the measly boring life that I have.

... and hell, the internet has always been a very very good friend...

It's always interesting to learn something new everyday...

... except that ever since I started on the working life, I hardly get the time to read or surf cuz of work & family & friends.

... so many things to do... so little time...

And then... I suddenly get 2 weeks to indulge in my OCD (Obsessive Complusive Disorder).

It's like... I feel that if I don't surf the internet for news or search for solutions or be in touch with the latest movies, the following will happen:

... the sky will fall
... Earth will be thrown out of its orbit
... the color PINK will no longer exist
... nobody will love me anymore
... everybody will laugh at how silly I am (if they're already not laughing at how I obsessed over the internet & blogging)

The beginning of OCD
& Blogivitis (my blogging disease)

And may I remind you that I had an operation on the right eye... and it's not completely healed yet (yes yes until this very day) cuz I'm still getting blurry vision and a chronic headache.

But nooooooo... it didn't stop me from staring at the computer screen 12 straight hours a day or more. Thus, discovering all the juicy & wonderful facts & fiction thru the internet.

... you see how serious my OCD is...???

But alas, all good things must eventually come to an end.

I shall be returning back to work tomorrow... and work with the spawns of Satan.

So, for those of you who actually reads my blog, I would like to thank you all for taking an interest to listen to my blogful of crap. I hope you enjoyed it. Really.

Did you??

... getting insecure here... which is another disorder of mine... but we'll leave that till the future blogs...

Editor's Note: What is wrong with this girl?! She needs to seek professional help.

However, I shall not blog as much as these past weeks... cuz...

Firstly, I have to slave away to aid Satan.

Secondly, friends & gym takes me away from my OCD.

And lastly, I somehow feel the addiction (and in all honesty, it's worse than quitting smoking)...

So, I have to eventually cure myself of OCD & Blogivitis (which in the first place, have inflicted upon myself).

The future Bionic Woman, with X-ray vision
(in the right eye only)...

... I'll be back...
(and no, I didn't steal the line from Mr Terminator, he paid me a lot of money to use it)