Thursday, June 22, 2006

IT Master in the Making

Just last week, I got conned by Mr Knows-Nothing into doing some stuff for my blog. Please... feel free to read abt him HERE .


But... eventually, I still managed to find my way around and got my Flickr to start... and the Technorati thing to work properly.

Thanks to my guy pal's wife - Wenn . She gave me some links and taught me how to get myself started.

And thanks to my sister - InsanelySane . She helped me with my HTMLs... hehehe... and she's like.. 10 years younger than me.

P.S. to Baby Sis - But you DO know that when I tell others about it, I'm going to say that I was the one who taught you, right? ... unless they are reading this blog...

Anywayz... I just have to say this again.

It's always interesting to learn new stuff!!!


Time is of the essence... and most of the time, I do not have time for myself. Even though I surf the internet all the time, but learning all about IT is definately in the least priority... cuz they come in text form most of the time and I just dislike reading... hahaha...

... that is... unless somebody comes out with a video clip that I can watch...

Then again, when I am coped up at home for 2 week and I can't get out of the house, I seem to take the time to reorganize myself... and put some attention to the things that I hardly care abt.

Right now, I'm having a hard time trying to download and install the driver for my Samsung HP.


But I'll figure it out somehow... either that... or I'll just buy a new phone (not Samsung, cuz the software is so not user friendly!). I know I know... I'm taking the illogical easy way out.

Or maybe I'll just get a bluetooth dongle... and ask my friend how to transfer data from hp to bluetooth dongle that connects to PC. Now, THIS would be more efficient... and also the easy way out.

Dear god...

... give me strength...

OH fug it.

I'll just figure it out tmw.