Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Visit to the Eye Clinic

The charming Dr JT has said that my eye is recovering really well. In fact, I look normal now.

... all the better to see you with, Doctor...

And he's such a witty man! I think I'm in luvvvv...

Here's part of our conversation:

Dr JT: ... here take a seat right here and put your chin on this...

*does exactly as I'm told*
*Dr JT looks thru this telescope thingy*

Dr JT: ... wow... looks very good... you're recovering very fast. Beautiful... ... *turns and looks at me*... if I don't say so myself... *laughs sheepishly*...

Gni: ... *laffs*... Well, you really did an excellent job.

Gosh. Is it me... or is he extra charming today?? I always love humourous ppl... makes me laugh and makes me happy.

So I guess I shall be making plans soon! Time to indulge in pure entertainment! I'm feeling so claustrophobic the past 2 weeks... coped up at home. Sob.

I also found out that my ex-classmate - Vanessa - actually had the same doctor when she went for lasik!!! How small is this world?!

Annur and I had this msn conversation. Here's a snippet of it:

So you see... I wasn't kidding when I said Dr JT is charming and sexy.

By the way, there is no 'something' standing near the lift.


But I got you staring at that area for some time, didn't I?


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