Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sexy Sexy Brandon Routh
(and I will say it again... he really deserves to have 2 sexy's)

... if you do not who he is by now... ... ...


... I have done a little intro on him in my previous blog here .

Now... ...

Drool over the NEW SUPERMAN!!!

And lick your lips...

And fantasize...

And swoon some more...

And then wish that you were that girl he's hugging...

(Hi I'm Rachel and he's my sexy sexy bf... so don't you bitches even THINK about it! He's MINE! MINE! ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL MINE!!! We've been together for 2 and a half years already... and that's becuz I give him good sex!)

Seriously... how can a hot guy like that... be with a girl who looks so... err... plain???

Gni says: YES!! There is hope for us geeks!!!

So does this mean that Brandon Routh is not a superficial guy who goes for sexy hot females with supermodel bodies??

Wow... I love him more now.

Maybe he could be my Superman.

*dream on Gni dream on*

Anyway... as you know, women love bad men... like Wolverine in X-men.

Superman is no bad ass.

He's like the goody-2-shoes with that dorky streak. But it helps that Brandon Routh is Superman. Cuz he's SEXAYYYY... and it does make the movie.... you know, not so dull.

Gni says: Did you know that Nicholas Cage was supposed to take the part as Superman?? I mean... that... half-balding old guy?? No offence. I love his acting and he's a GREAT actor. But... Nicholas Cage as SUPERMAN?!?!?! I really cannot imagine. But thank God, Bryan Singer has the brains to change and pick Brandon instead.

Let's hope we see more of Brandon Routh (also known as BJ - by the way, why BJ?? doesn't that mean... err... nevermind - to his friends) in other movies.


This is such a bimbotic blog entry.