Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Very Belated Birthday Celebration

Actually, it's not even considered as a celebration. Cuz it's just me and my good friend, John.

My birthday is 1 week overdue, man. Serve me right for spraining my back from trying to reach for a TV remote control and not getting off the damn chair to get it. Damn, I was practically bedridden for a week. AND IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY! DAMMIT!



Yesterday, we went out to Paragon at Orchard Road. Ate Spaggetties (ok... I know I got the spelling wrong... I think). I love that Oriental Spicy Chicken Salad (or something like that). It has this really SPICY hot thai sauce... it's like... sweet, yet sour, yet salty and did I mention super spicy?? And you know how I cannot take spicy stuff... but I still went ahead and tortured myself with that sauce. Yes. It was painful but damn heavenly at the same time.

After that we went to East Coast and sat at McCafe. I guess it was nice. Just me and my good friend. Cuz ever since he got married, we hardly meet up. We were even talking about our ex-schoolmates and all the funny stuff that has happened. I'm glad that I have friends who stick by my good times & bad times.

It got me to thinking... that me and my friends do not usually meet up to hang out. I even remembered how John and me only meet up ONCE in a year, but we still remained good friends no matter what. That is a nice feeling. It just means that our friendship is strong and stable.

Well... unlike me and another gal friend of mine. She went to Sweden with her husband and suddenly, everything changed when she returned to Singapore. I still think of her every now and then. But I guess... ... some friendships are not as solid as others.

Whether it was a birthday celebration or a normal outing, the only important thing is who you're out with. I can be surrounded by a big group of people, but if John or Melson wasn't around, I'm pretty sure I'll still be bored.

Thank you, Someone-Up-There for giving me the friendship that I have learnt to treasure over these years.