Monday, October 23, 2006


I was totally grounded at home during the Deepavali weekend and I didn't even try and get out of the house.

Mummy was punishing me for being such a naughty girl cuz she thought I wore her bra.

... geez mom... wat makes you think i wanna wear your bra... it's not Victoria Secrets, man...


Just kidding.

But 10 years ago, mummy really did ask me if I took her bra.


I was doing a movie marathon on Sunday. I watched like... 3 movies straight.

The 1st was Tristan & Isolde.

2nd was Murderball.

Lastly, it was this korean flick called My Girl & I.

All 3 movies made me ALMOST want to cry. But, I didn't cuz it would be so hurtful to my pride if I actually shed a tear during a movie. That's my lifelong challenge. To not cry during sad movies.

Tristan & Isolde were so in love. But it's like the Romeo & Juliet story. They came from a family of rivals. And then, in the end, Tristan had to die.

DAMN IT! Why can't the old hag of a princess die instead?! Tristan was so hot!

Murderball is basically about a group of semi-paralysed guys playing wheelchair rugby and challenging other semi-paralysed guys from other countries. Some of the guys were actually cute! But it's all about bad accidents and sickness at a young age that bound them in a wheelchair.

So sad.

But these people never gave up.

They even had hot-looking girlfriends... and they have kids. Yes. They can still erect, ladies & gentlemen. Although they are semi-paralysed in wheelchairs, they can still function 'down there'. And in this documentary, there is even a VIDEO that shows you how these disabled men have sex. Holy shite, man. I will be traumatised for a long long time.

However, it is their never-dying spirit that is very enlighting. You see people committing suicides just becuz they cannot take the life that they are having... but you look at these disabled men, and they are still having so much fun... and so much fighting spirit that it actually puts a normal able-bodied person to shame.

My Girl & I is such a sad, sweet korean love story. It's about this dumb, but cute guy (the actor from My Sassy Girl) who fell in love with his pretty bombastic classmate (the chick from Full House). Then this pretty girl went ahead and asked him out for a date, which is shocking becuz he's like... err... how do I say this... ... .... DUMB?! But they got along very well... and he was really sweet and innocent and pure. But then this girl suddenly had leukemia and was going to die. And the process of these 2 young kids going thru the death was so... ... SAD. Then 10 years AFTER her death, the guy is still in love with her... and still thinking about her.

It's so moronic.

OK! I GET IT! She's a hot babe. But get over it, man! 10 years is WAY TOO LONG.

For me, I only allow myself to be sad for a month. MAXIMUM a month. Life is too short to be too sad for anything. The world still moves on without you. Nobody will care if you're still moping around in misery.

My logic is... ... Time WILL heal all wounds. And since it's going to heal, why not sooner rather than later, right? It's going to heal anywayz... so might as well get better sooner.

However, if I end up like those guys in wheelchairs... ... ... errmm... sorry, I'm not that mentally strong. I think if I ever wake up and find myself paralysed, I will just... roll me and my useless legs into the sea and just die.

... ... wait a minute... ... ok, maybe not into the sea... ... cuz I think drowning is a terrible way to die. I can't even hold my breath for like... 30 seconds.

Maybe I'll roll myself in front of a moving bus and just let it run over me...

... ... or maybe not. I don't want to end up being even MORE paralysed... ... cuz then, I won't be able to move to kill myself again.

I think I'll just... go into a deep sleep by using car exhaust fumes.


You see how affected I am by watching sad sad movies?!?!

However, my sister is such a freak. After watching My Girl & I, she went into the room and sort of reminisce over the film in her sick little mind.

I actually saw her lying on my bed... and then I was like, "why? not feeling well ah?"

Then she was having this dreamy-eyed look and she replied, "the movie is so nice lah!".

And I was like, "wat the fark?! It's a sad sad movie! It made me feel like shit now. I hate it!"

And she was SMILING and said, "noooo... it was such a nice movie. I like it".

Omg... she seriously needs to see some kind of psychologist.

Either that, or she needs somebody to torture her REAL BAD.

Anywayz, an old woman came to my house that afternoon too. She bought like this vegetable pancakes for us. I didn't want to put it in my mouth cuz I think she might have poisoned it.

I had always believed that...