Sunday, September 18, 2005


I read that a foetus will always start out to be a female. And when it reaches the 2nd or 3rd month, the XY or XX or something will start morphing and determine the sex of the foetus. Well, I'm not that good with all these biology stuff la... but seriously... don't you ever wonder why there are men who behaves like women... and women who behaves like men??

Take my family for instance... my brother is HAIRLESS (damn him)... whereas me and my sister are... well... not THAT hairless. I talk and think like a man, whereas my brother is more emotional (altho he hides it well, but we ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL know). And deep down inside, I know somehow he secretly fantasies about guys (OPPS!!!!!!!!!! hahahahhaha... if you're reading this, I'm sorry BRO). Not to mention, how many women actually look good pouting??? Well, my brother does... *see below*...

<--- "awwwwwwwwwwww... isn't that simply ADORABLE?!"... And then, just few days ago, I got off work and was waiting at the bus stop when I saw a really good-looking guy. But he cannot just contain the girly'ness in him and I was like, "GOOD HOLY MOTHER OF ALL NATURE!!!"

<--- ... right... realllll sexy, Mr Lopez...

<--- uh huh... don't let those balls fall out and hang loose...

So you see, the production of men these days are either...
(a) girly
(b) fat
(c) shorter than me
(d) momma's boy and refuses to move OUT of the house after marriage
(e) all of the above

So... THERE... call me a Man-Hater!