Monday, October 16, 2006

Fun-Filled Be-Belate-lated Birthday

In case you're wondering (from my subject-heading) if I'm starting to stutter, I'm NOT.

... although I do tend to stutter when I'm sleepy AND excited at the same time... ...

I went out with Melson to celebrate my be-belate-lated birthday last SUNDAY!

I know... it been 2 weeks since my birthday has PASSED. But it's so nice of my friends to still remember to celebrate it with me!

:-D <--- super super super happy face!!!

Well, I could put up a picture of me being super happy, but I think I'd rather not.

Cuz then I'll just look like a stupid smiling cow.

Plus, my farked-up teeth has always been bothering me since my milk teeth unleashed itself from my gums. And actually my teeth have been a big issue for me... ESPECIALLY these days. I think I'm getting more vain as I get older.

I used to think that my dracula teeth are unique.

But now, I just want to get veneers. However, 1 veneer costs like $500 - $800. And I think I'll need like.... 10 of them.

holy shite, man!!! it's too expensive to look good these days...

It'll be nice if the Tooth Fairy can actually pay up. Cuz when I was younger, I charged her $300 for a milk tooth and until now, she hasn't given me a single cent. I firmly believe that all fairies are liars now.

Anywayz, Melson and I went to the all-new VIVOCITY!!!!

Well, just in case you have no idea where Vivocity is.... *looks @ my brother with disapproving eyes*... ... it's at Habourfront.

I tell you... it's a DAMN BIG SHOPPING CENTRE.

I felt like I was in KLCC cuz there were too many shops and too many people.

We went to eat at Earle's Swensons (which in short, it's Swensons, only better).

And the food that is SUPER YUMMY!

Sorry, no pictures. We were so excited and overwhelmed by Vivocity that we forgot to take pictures.

... but I think I can still remember what I ordered.

I love the drink - Lychee 'something'... ... ... hahahaha... ok, I'm not too good at remembering things, but as long as you see a Lychee 'something', it's THAT drink. And Melson drank like... 4 glasses of water cuz he claimed that he was so parched from thirst.

And then, there's the sourdough bread that is SUPER delicious. I know... it's just bread, but if I say bread is good. Then it's REALLY good.

I also had the WHAM! BAM! YAM! ice-cream (YES! I can remember this one).

But Melson ordered some coconut ice-cream with pineapple stuff and that was icky for me. Don't ask me why he wanted that, he's just weird that way.

For food, there is that steak thingy that Melson ordered and he made me break my oath of not eating cows cuz he convinced me that it was REALLY REALLY good. So I looked at the piece of cow (i think it was rib-eye or something), and decided to put the replusive dark meat into my mouth... ... ... and... ... ...

MMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!! can I say this again... BOY IS IT YUMMY!!!!

... hmm... i'm starting to think that i have a limited vocabulary when it comes to describing delicious food... ...

And from this, you MUST know that it is REALLY REALLY good... becuz I don't like to eat beef. One reason is becuz I think that cows look kind... especially when they are chewing grass in their sloppy wet lips and cute round teeth.

Whereas other edible animals like chickens and fish and crabs... ... ... are like... ... errmm... ... well, chickens look stupid. Fishes look like they don't care about you, so it's ok to eat them. And crabs just look delicious.

Oh! And I don't eat lambs cuz I was born in that year. So, I believe it's barbaric to eat your own kind. On top of that, lambs have stinky meat.


Suddenly, I feel compelled to clarify that I'm not stinky.

... anywayz...

Another animal which I hardly eat will be pigs. Becuz they look sweaty. And I think it's their noses too. It's like... HUGE. And you can see into their nostrils... which is so bad... cuz we all know what kind of DIRTS are in nostrils.

Hmm... I'm drifting away from the topic.

Ok... so after lunch at Earle's Swensen, we walked around the Vivocity and there were TOO many things to see. And I have a feeling of shopping addiction creeping in me again! NO! This is bad. NO MORE SHOPPING TILL NEXT MONTH!

Then we sat down at Starbucks and I have to say that the Mango Frappacino is SO YUMMY!!! Melson had some boring black coffee and a tiny shot of water.

... that's it... if i mention the word YUMMY again, i have to go back to school...

Then all hell broke loose cuz the sole of Mel's shoe came off. So we had to go find him some SUPER GLUE!!! Good thing there was a Vivo Mart that consists of some natural-product marketplace and Guardian Pharmacy and Giant Supermart... wow.... yes, it was impressive.

Supa Glue rescued Mel's shoe.

We then bought 2 mineral water from the marketplace that sells natural products... cuz Mel was complaining that he was PARCHED from thirst again.

... wat is WRONG with this guy?! He seriously needs to see a doctor...

Then we dragged ourselves over to Golden Village for our movie. And there, Melson bought like... Green Tea (cuz he was SO VERY THIRSTY) and some sugar nuts... and a jumbo hotdog.

The movie Scoop was... very normal and there were too many loopholes. It was like... Woody Allen decided to write the story using boobs (as in Scarlet Johanssen) and no brains. But yet, it was entertaining at the same time. Maybe becuz Scarlet Johanssen has a goddamn huge bouncy chest... and Hugh Jackman was so sexily tall.

After that, Melson sent me home (how sweet of my dear dear friend... cuz male chivalry is dead in these modern times).

On the walk home, we JUST HAD to stop by the 7-11 near my home, and he bought yet another bottle of drink (cuz he was so damn parched from thirst... i wonder why...).

When I reached home, I took a shower and believe it or not, my thick bushel of hair dried in 10mins in front of a blowing fan. That process usually takes about 40mins.


The weather must be too warm.

... ahhhhhhh... NO WONDER Melson was so thirsty...
... ladies and gentlemen, the PARCHED mystery has been solved...

That night in bed, I told my sister of my big plans to buy over the whole of East Coast Park and turn it into a huge entertainment stretch.

This biz will be co-owned by a group of my friends too.

And how we will contribute to Singapore by giving the government money to buy reclaimed land.

And how our East Coast Park will have a hospital built on our plot of land cuz we support awareness in sexually transmitted diseases.

And that my entertainment biz will have extremely good staff welfare... cuz the top 10 earners will be given branded products, like LV and Gucci and Prada.

All the management team will be getting a 5-figure salary, with all expenses paid for.

Also, once a month, we will get the team of cosmetic surgeons from Extreme Makeover to come down and give our staff a makeover (but must make bookings cuz we can anticipate that it will be a very HOT and POPULAR trend).

But I guess my sister was too JEALOUS to listen to my hopes & dreams... cuz she told me to shuddup and go to sleep.

yeah... what kind of sister is that... so uninterested in her big sister's aspirations... i'm so hurt...

She better don't kiss my ass when I finally become the owner of East Coast Park. Cuz I'm not very forgiving when it comes to SIBLING JEALOUSLY that is directed towards me.

Anyway, I think she was punished by my master (Big Boss Satan)... cuz this morning, she told me that she had gotten a rash in her armpits a week ago.

I know I know... ... she dissed me last night, but was punished a week ago. It doesn't make sense.

But do NOT underestimate the powers of Mr Satan... ... sometimes, he just works in mysterious ways. He likes to punish people first, just in case they make a mistake in making his spawns (aka me) unhappy. And my sister just received her well-deserved punishment before she made the mistake. If you think about this logic, it actually makes perfect sense.

But since she's so cute and she is so damn entertaining at home, I have sent my minions to our master and requested him to take away the rash (another reason also being that I was so traumatized after seeing the huge ugly rash ((trust me, it's dark brownish red... it's so gross))... and plus, I'm sleeping beside her every night).

Ok... I guess that's the end of the longest-lasting birthday ever.

I'm so happy that my parent bought me a new BenQ 17" LCD monitor for our computer at home... ... well, though the rest of the family is actually utilising it more than me (especially my sarcastically cute brother, cuz he's always on the computer).

My brother gave me a clock which he won in some game or contest and he didn't even know it was a clock until I tore open the wrapper and told him it was a clock... hahahahahaha... but that's ok... cuz this means that he will feel guilty about it and give me an even better birthday present once he graduate from university and is earning his own money.


As for Gina the little irritatingly adorable brat sister of mine, I don't even remember her wishing me happy birthday and instead, she blogged about my birthday and called me OLD.

... first she calls me old... and then she insults my hopes and dreams...
... wat kind of sister has God given me?!

Oh well... I guess that's what I get for having an Addams Family.

And I love them all the same cuz it makes my life so goddamn interesting.