Sunday, October 15, 2006


Yes, you can be envious of me now.

Omg... ok... let's call this guy - WM.

WM is tall and handsome! And maybe not so muscular, but that's ok... cuz you know how successful middle-aged men don't usually have time for gym and stuff.

Not to mention, he's SMART... ... and I am simply turned on by intelligent men.

But yet, he has a tinge of bad ass in him... ... which is good. Cuz I find goody-two-shoes too boring. And men who listen to their mothers are idiots and should marry their mothers, so they can have a son and a brother at the same time. Same for those guys who worship their friends... they should just move in with their friends and just suck each other's dicks all day.

omg... i better watch my language... no wonder i'm unmarried till this day...

Although me & WM only meet up once a week, but that's ok. I can wait. It's like... waiting for 6 days before you can open the present. And when you finally open it, you just want to devour savour it.

Well, I know he doesn't read my blog... ... so I'm just going to blog shamelessly about him.

Sorry, I will not post his pictures here cuz he's MINE. And also there is a risk that if you know him, you might tell him how infactuated I am. But then again... ... ... it's good that he knows too... then at least he will be aware that he should see me more often.

... ... oh well... ...

I guess I'll just show you what GOOD taste I have in men.

Here he is...

... heck... since I'm so kind and generous, I'll even tell you his name.


Wentworth Miller!!!

Seriously, the new television series - Prison Break - is TOO GOOD!!! And it helps that Wentworth Miller is so gorgeous.

Ok... I know.

I just turned 27 and I'm acting like 17... BUT I DON'T CARE!!!

Where have Wentworth Miller been all this time? He should go into SERIOUS acting! And have MORE MOVIES.

Oh... by the way, just to sidetrack a bit. Everybody should watch Talledega Nights. You know... the Ricky Bobby movie? Damn... I laughed until I had asthma. That movie is TOO FUNNY. At first, I thought it was a stupid lame unoriginal film. But I was so wrong. And the movie is so good.

Anywayz, if anybody sees Wentworth Miller... please tell him to marry me.


And right below are his pictures:

Here's him looking like Eminem!!! My OTHER favourite guy!

And he's looking intensely into my eyes here...

Here's him having an orgasm... with me...

Here's him hugging some black dude... (wait a minute... that orgasm wasn't with me?!)...

Ok... I know something's bothering him....

I think I know what...

He's frustrated that he's only got ONE expression...

The frowning... brooding... scrowling expression.

That's ok, Wentworth... I like you cuz you look like unhappy all the time.

*frowns / broods / scrowls somemore*...

Woooooo... that's sooooo sexy, Wentworth...

Hmmmm.... I think he's TRYING to smile.

Or maybe he just smelt something bad....

Here's him at the Oscars. I think he's trying to tell us something with his secret hand pose.

OKAY.... ... he's DEFINATELY trying to tell us something.

We just have to figure out what...

Here's Wentworth Miller trying to shoot his own fingers off with a toy gun becuz he realized that he did not translate his message across with the secret hand pose.

Wow.... ok... I have a thing for geeky badass intelligent men. He looks good even when he's trying to become Clark Kent (minus the super gelled hair with the twirly piece of lock hanging down his forehead).

And here we have.

Another reason why Wentworth Miller should just look unhappy for the rest of his life.

Cuz he just looks so weird when he smiles.

So I guess when me & Wentworth are together, I just have to keep him unhappy all the time.