Friday, June 01, 2007

Supposed to Be Somewhere Else
Shrek 3

I can't wait to get home from work.

Not becuz it's Friday.

ok fine... PARTLY becuz it IS friday...

But becuz I was supposed to be somewhere else instead of here. But plans were cancelled last minute. And I'm stuck working.

That sucks.

That really really sucks.

I still have 2 more hours to go before I'm FWEE FWEEEE FWEEEEEEEEE!!! *runs hysterically around the lobby*... but for now, I looking at the clock and waiting for time to pass...

HURRY UP, you stupid clock... MOVE FASTER!!! FASTER!!!

Today is one of those days where you look at the clock and you feel that it's PURPOSELY trying to tick like it has ran out of battery. So damn slow. And the seconds-hand is like *tiiiiiiiiicccccckkkkk... ... ... tiiiiiiiccccccckkkkkk... ... ... tiiiiiiiiccccccckkkkkk* in slow mo.


Somebody help me.

Buay tahan liao ahhhhhh...

Anywayz, I've watched Shrek 3 and somehow it is one big YAWN for me. All the funny parts were already shown in the trailers that you see on Channel 5. And the worse thing is that the funny parts were not even that funny.


Ok, or maybe, except for the *AHHHH AAHHHHH AAAAHHH AAAAAH AH* part from the creepy Snow White. It's the part where she was trying to distract the 2 evil enchanted trees who were guarding the front gate of the overthrown castle. Snow White was prancing around naked... singing at the top of her oprah'ish high-pitched voice. And then she attracted all the animals from the woods with her butt-naked moonlight voodoo dance & devilish ear-splitting chanting... ... ... which she then did the ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhhhh ah thing and all the animals started to chew on the 2 evil enchanted trees. Now, THAT. Was funny.

Oh oh... and the part where the Gingerbread man was on the verge of being eaten alive by Prince Charming, and and and... he had a flashback of his entire life... and and and... then he lost his mind due to... i dun know, maybe the fear of dying?... And then he went into this psychotic dreamy state and starting singing happy wonderland songs.


Ok. Talking about the movie now, makes me think that it's not that bad after all. But for me, only the 2 above-mentioned parts were funny. The rest of the movie was super lame.

p.s - the part about Snow White being naked was fake... ... if you actually believed that Dreamworks will create a naked animated Disney character to satisfy your weird fetishes, then all I can say is... ... ... ... ... you're weird. You're very very weird. Seek help. Now.