Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Caught in the Middle

Met up with some ppl for dinner yesterday.

But somehow I felt like I was as shiny as a lightbulb.

This girl was trying TOO HARD to get the attention of this guy.

And this guy was trying to avoid her by talking to me.

And this girl doesn't get the hint. She complimented that he looks like a model and some Hong Kong actor. (add a sleezy smile to her face with thick gooey saliva dripping from her lips)

And this guy was ignoring her and kept looking at me for help.

The whole outing was so wrong. The whole time I was like... ... *shifty eyes*... *AWKWARD*... *fidgets in seat*... *AWKWARD*... *mentally picturing myself gravitating away from the crime of unrequited passion*.

I finally know what it feels like to be claustrophobic... except that I'm in an open area.

It was the feeling of super restlessness + tighting of the chest + can't wait to get out and go somewhere else + thrashing arms & legs around like a mad person cuz you feel so trapped.


When I just cannot take it anymore, I just told them to enjoy their dinner and I left. On the way home, I bought some Mac takeaway.

Rather go home and eat and enjoy my dinner.

On an out-of-point topic...