Friday, June 08, 2007

Xiaxue Says

I really got to hand it to this girl.

She has a way with words. And not only that... ... ... FINALLY I FIND SOMEONE WHO SUPPORTS THE SAME CAUSE AS I DO!!!!!!!

I have these FEMALE friends who feel so nonchalent about prostitutes and bar girls. And I even know a few who just let their bfs / husbands go to those nightclubs & sleazy massage parlours.

When I asked them how can they not mind their men going to those kind of dirty places, their replies were,

"if he wants to play, i can play too"
"as long as he don't let me catch him red-handed"
"just make sure that if he want to cheat on me, he don't let me find out"
"becuz i love him"
"he wants to fool around, then let him. i don't care anymore."


The lame stupid excuses.

I just want to lock up all these people in a cage and burn them alive. Then dance around the cage, clapping gleefully.

I keep having this constant bickering / debates / arguments with this particular guy about cheap sluts and whores and men who likes the company of these cheap sluts and whores.

It's becuz this guy happen to hang around with men who pays for the company of these cheap sluts and whores.

It's like I keep trying to get him to understand why it is so utterly GROSS for him to hang out with stupid men like that. And I'M hanging out with HIM. It's like... I'm hanging around with a guy who hangs around with dirty chee ko pey's who touches filthy cheap whores.


In fact, I have this queer habit. I hardly share food with people. Especially with those whom I am SURE they go to those dirty filthy smelly diseased places. Never ever share food & drinks with them. Never.

It's like... the feeling I have towards these people is so ultimately REPLUSIVE that I don't even want to TOUCH them. They totally disgust the living shit out of me.

I don't read Xiaxue's blogs all that often.

... just cuz she's so full of anger and vulgar languages... and I just need to have more positive influences in my life... *meditates*... hummmmmm...

But on a day like today... *SUPER DUPER BORED*... I had the time to surf around. And I stumbled onto one of her posts. Read the whole story here.

She basically ripped the words right out of my mouth and even expressed it out much better than I can.

Xiaxue says,
"It has come to the point where if I see a guy with a girl who looks like she is, well, I can't find any other word for it but "cheap", I feel so disgusted with the guy, I wanna go over and kick him on the balls."

Holy crap.

I totally understand how she feels. On top of that, I sometimes feel like seriously abusing these cheap filthy whores for damaging the reputation of the womankind.

*cuts out their breasts*

*slashes their faces*

*sticks a knife into their big loose diseased vaginas*

*forcefully shoves a durian up her smelly replusive bunghole*

Xiaxue says,
"When I told Gillian and Joan that men don't look down on other men who fucks cheap sluts, Gillian was totally nonplussed and she went like, "Hiyah, you know why? Coz all men have sex with prostitutes la!""


I just don't get why men can behave in such a disgusting manner.

I know men who have wives who wait for them to come home, but instead, these husbands go to those smelly bars to have a drink and to grab those filthy cheap sluts who work there. And the worst thing is, they even bring other men to these disgusting places!

Talk about bad influences.

What Xiaxue said is true...
"I am getting increasingly disgusted by the male population!!!
I know it's all natural to want sex and all, but EW!
To pay for sex is SOOOOO loserish!"

And I hate the idea that after these bastards had their fun with those filthy bitches, they go home to their wives / gfs and fucked them and infect them with whatever dieseases they got from those cheap sluts.

Some men even go to those stupid massage places and get EXTRA services. Fark them. I pray to God that they contract some EXTRA germs too.

If I had a choice, I would go around like Night Rider and torture these assholes.



Xiaxue questions,
"Wouldn't you lose all respect for your father if you found out he fucks prostitutes on a regular basis?"

I cannot imagine if that were to happen to me. I think I will help my mother to slice his dick off.

I cannot imagine if I were to marry a guy who visits prostitutes / massage sluts / working whores. How to face my own children??? Everytime I look at my children, I will be reminded of... ... ...

... .... ... ....

... ... .... ... .. ...

... ... ... .... ...

FILTHY sperm.

I think I will feel very grossed out by my own kids.

I will dunk them into a pail of Dettol... and use a hard bristle brush and SCRUB and SCRUB and SCRUB them hard. I will flush their throats with detergent to cleanse their bodies.

... sorry, hai zi (children)... papa was such a filthy man. I have to make sure you are clean...


Last but not least, Xiaxue says,
"p/s: No I won't pity cheap sluts for their situation. It's like pitying murderers for being violent in nature. Who did these sluts harm? Only decent wives and innocent children! Fuck that."

Amen to that.

And in the midst of hate and anger, she loses her mind.
She throws her composure out.
She throws her rationale out.
She throws her children out the window.
Blinded by the vengence in her heart, for the husband who cheated on her.
She takes a carving knife out of the kitchen drawer and stabs him in the groin.
Right in front of his eyes, she sets herself on fire.
Before she was consumed by flames, she spoke these very last words,
"The very sight you will never forget.
For the sin you have foolishly commited.
One moment of weakness will bring you a lifetime of pain."


Ok ok.

Do I sound scary?

I think I sound scary.

I sound so crazy, I'm scaring myself.